Tragedy Novels

Everlasting Immortal Firmament
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The world is like a chessboard and all living beings are the pieces on it!I do not want to be treated as a chess piece by the players!Defeat in this chess is tantamount to the destruction of my body and I'll thoroughly disappear! Victory in this ches

Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come HereChapter 1077
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After signing the share transfer of the Bai company, Bai Weiwei who had a congenital heart disease got betrayed by her adopted sister she always loved along with her trusted bodyguard.Shocked, betrayed, and worried for her father made her unwilling t

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In his waking moments, he is the hunter, and as he returns to slumber, he becomes the hunted. Xu Yangyi is a morose youth, barely old enough to be called a man, with a dark, tumultuous past. In an age where the sciences and cultivation could be consi

The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, ExChapter 1438
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"Married rich for three years with no child born. Just when she was finally cured of infertility and ready to give him a child, he brought home his pregnant mistress in high profile.""Get lost if you can't get knocked up. Or do you want my son to be

Aim the Deepest Part of the Different World Labyrinth
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Kanami, a young man that strayed into another world and suddenly awoke in a dark corridor is nearly killed by a demon and humans. Then preferring to use the status and skill systems Kanami aims for the deepest part of the Labyrinth.The skill [ confus

The King of Special Warfare
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He rose from abjection and achieved eternity in glory.He embraced the prettiest beauties and killed the strongest opponents.He was able to shift the clouds into rain and cover the sky with one hand.He could overrun the entire world and go anywhere as

Return of the SwallowChapter 566.2
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"If it's a barbarian you want, then it's a barbarian you'll get!"Reclaimed by her noble family after being swapped at birth, Qin Yining is bestowed a hellish family instead. Just as she turns her situation around and gains acceptance, her country is

Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi
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The story begins 3 years after MC has been summoned. Together with his companions, he defeated the demonlord.He begins planning to build an organization to prevent a demon lord crisis from happening again. He plans to build an Adventurers Guild.He al

No. 6
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The year is 2013, and it's the city of No. 6: a stringently controlled, diligently maintained megalopolis that embodies the highest ideals of humankind. Sion has lived under close supervision as a "high-ranking elite and therefore one of the city's a

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War of the Holy Grail Pursuing the power of the "Holy Grail" which grants a miracle, this is a contest in which seven magi summon seven Heroic Spirits to compete for it. In that battle whose conclusion was postponed three times, now, the fourth war

Glory to Earth Magic
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The protagonist suddenly reincarnates into another world when he notices.In this world, there are inherent attributes and their respective magics.There are attributes such as Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Light, and Dark.In that world, flashy magic is equa

Tower of Karma
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Al is a slave born of a prostitute. His only family is his older sister and his only friend is a fellow slave and a thief. Constantly bullied and degraded, Al's life is hard but as long as his sister is with him, he feels like he can withstand anythi

Interested in the One-Eyed Female General So I Joined the White Wolf Knight Order, but It Turned into a Harem?!
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The wind-manipulating female general Ortasia is an extremely cruel person. Just saying her name would cause even those from her own country to tremble in fear. Then came a day that the invincible Ortasia had to finally pay for her sins on. Her comrad

Isekai Taneuma
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After the whole class was summoned to another world it was not fantasy that awaited them. What awaited them was a cruel dark fantasy where humanity on the brink of destruction by the outbreak of monsters everywhere.What is awaiting the MC in this wor

I was Born as The King’s Daughter
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Kim Soo Hee, an not so ordinary office lady, died on the way home to her ordinary husband Jin Soo. She was stabbed by her crazy stalker. Before she lost conciousness all she thought was about how she regretted for taking Jun Soo for granted and how s

Honoo no Mirage
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Honoo no Mirage (Mirage of Blaze) is a complexly-plotted novel which incorporates a large number of elements, including romantic melodrama, historical politics and supernatural fantasy. Japanese history predominates the heavily structured story-line,

Leading an Explosive Revolution in Another World!
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A guy slips into another world and is picked up by a young mistress. All he wants is to live happily with her but fate has more in store for him.

The Wolf Lord’s Lady
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The previous lords have committed as many atrocities as possible to fill their bellies. I, the only daughter of that house, had discovered that my servant and lover was a spy.And as the people wanted, my life ended with my execution.However, with the

Remarry, No Way!
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Married for four years, there was no love in the life of Su Ran and Song Ting Yu. They were forced to marry because of Su Ran's pregnancy. Ting Yu thought Su Ran was a foxy woman that tricked him with a purpose to enter the Song household, that's why

The General’s Genius Daughter
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In her previous life, the woman that her husband cheated on dug out her beautiful eyes, told her that her child was not her husband's and then tortured her to death. Her six year old son, Tiantian, was harmed by the adulterer while her parents were b

Ame no Hi no Iris
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The story is centred around a cute android who initially had a happy life with her master who dearly loved her. But she was then struck by a series of misfortunes and ended up in a robot-equivalent of concentration camp. Through experiencing and witn

Nirvana In Fire
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The East River Alliance is the world's biggest clan. Its chief, Mei Changsu, arrived at the royal capital Jinling under the alias of Su Zhe. He brought with him storms of disturbances and fogs of mysteries.A noble young master with dual identities, a

Unfathomable DoomsdayChapter 255
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First of all, this really isn't a story about how to seek survival in the Doomsday! It's rather about how to set the end of the world, to play the world into applause. To raise a zombie spree! Guide the Devil into invasion! Lead the descent of Zerg!

Eastern Palace
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She is the much loved and spoilt ninth princess of Xi Liang country. She embarked on the road to Central Plains (Zhongyuan) for an arranged marriage. He is the almighty and powerful crown prince. Because of a political marriage, he is forced to marry

Kami-sama no Memochou
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Revolves around a student who happens to intrude upon a NEET detective and becomes her assistant.

Black Butterfly, Where Does the Black Butterfly Go Drink WaterChapter 80
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Jude Green caught a serial killer that put New York into a big panic. The serial killer name was Alvin Johns. Alvin looked normal like a regular salary man, but underneath his basement, there were many bodies tortured and killed. It became a big issu

Ore Dake Kaereru Kurasu TeniChapter 59
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One day, Hanebashi Yukinari was summoned to another world together with his classmates. His abilityTeleportation was written on a slate inside a deep forest and it was an ability that can make things move. Classmates that had awakened their abilities

Wiro Sableng
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Wiro Sableng or Pendekar 212 is a novel series written by Bastian Tito.Wiro is born with the name Wira Saksana whom since he was a baby, is brought up by his teacher who is famous in the world of silat as Sinto Gendeng. Wiro is a pendekar with his we

My Dead Husband
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Grandma arranged a ghost wedding for me, they let me have this kind of life.From now on, I will take a different path to any ordinary person.Although my "Dead Husband" help us again and again with our predicament.But still, who would just stand alone

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This is a record about Black Eggs, a small Monster, who is raised by his Uncle Ji Huan and his grandfather in a small rural village.Black Eggs loves green so vegetables are da da da king !Uncle is Mean! He gave Black an injection! Black Eggs becomes

Soul of NegaryChapter 455
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Heed my call! O' Dragon of Eternal Sin, the Progressive Disaster, the Forerunner, the Land of Eternal Peace, the Flames of Soul Burning, He Who Owns The Deep Soul, the Sound of Origin, the First Cause of All Things, the Principle of Circles o' great

Shirokuma Tensei: You became the Guardian God of the Forest Legend
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After dying in a mountain climbing accident, a 28-year-old man finds that he is reincarnated in an alternate world AS A POLAR BEAR. After taking a PAWS to get acquainted with his new body, the MC soon learns that he can fight better than aKUMA from S

Hako no Naka
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Douno has been falsely convicted of molesting a woman on a train. He serves time in a group cell in prison, surrounded by inmates who are all suspicious in some way. Just as Douno's distrust of people reaches its peak, he is saved by the innocent kin

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Summary provided by dramasbooksandtea from shushengbar:The first time they met, he was a downtrodden prince everybody bullied whilst she was a small palace maid responsible for washing the clothes of the people in the palace.Twenty years of companion

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"Musketeer Code no all for one, just one for all."Gibbs, Ray, KJ and Troll a group of the most popular male students that had the best relationship in an elite boarding school. The four created the Musketeer Code the rule that did not allow anyone

Apartment From Hell
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To become the actors of a real life horror movie. To struggle for survival in this world straight from a scary film.Entering this apartment is equivalent to stepping on a road of no return.Only the ones that the apartment choose will be able to see i