Seinen Novels

Kingdom’s Bloodline
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A lowly child beggar, a noble prince, a monster viewed as the enemy of the entire world. If you possess all three identities at the same time, which identity would you choose to help you earn a better ending?Thales did not have the answer.He only kne

You Cannot Afford To Offend My WomanChapter 314
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He is an undead who is devoid of all humanity, he is the one and only supreme overlord, he is a man who has severe mysophobia.There are many people who try to act cool in front of him, whatever soldier king, assassin, system user, transmigrator, rein

Rakuin no Monshou
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The countries of Mephius and Garbera have been waging a war for ten years and are trying to put an end to this long fight through a political marriage between the two royal families. Orba, who was driven from his home because of the war and was force

To Be a Power in the Shadows!
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Just like how everyone adored heroes in their childhood, a certain young man adored those powers hidden in shadows. After hiding his strength and living the mediocre life of a mob character by day while undergoing frenzied training by night, he final

I Who Is a Loner, Using Cheats Adapts to the Dungeon
Views: 114,591

I who have no friends was transported to the weird place with my classmates.God who suddenly appeared in front of us said "You all must complete the Dungeon!"Protagonist who was given a cheat, starts his adaptation to the dungeon

Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha
Views: 107,182

"Hey, you said you wanted a little sister, right?"First year highschool student, Toujo Basara, was suddenly asked this question by his father, and he fell into a state of panic. On top of that, the eccentric father told him that he will be getting re

Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka
Views: 107,159

Is it wrong to face the perils of Dungeon alone, in a single-member guild blessed by a failed goddess? Maybe. Is it wrong to dream of playing hero to hapless maidens in Dungeon? Maybe not. After one misguided adventure, Bell quickly discovers that an

Ankoku Kishi Monogatari ~Yuusha wo Taosu Tameni Maou ni Shoukansaremashita~
Views: 106,894

This is a tale of the protagonist who was being summoned to protect the demon king from the hero.Kuroki who's suddenly summoned to another world. The one who summoned him is the demon king, Modes. And, the territory which currently ruled by the demon

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy
Views: 106,844

Taking place after the main events of Mushoku Tensei, these side stories focus on slice of life and Rudeus' day to day activities after the main work. Side stories of Mushoku Tensei that tell stories prior to the epilogue of the main series.

Ero Manga Sensei
Views: 106,073

The "new sibling romantic comedy" revolves around Masamune Izumi, a light novel author in high school. Masamune's little sister is Sagiri, a shut-in girl who hasn't left her room for an entire year. She even forces her brother to make and bring her m

Sairin Yuusha no Fukushuu Hanashi
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Golden Time
Views: 97,712

Tada Banri, a newly admitted student at a private law school in Tokyo, found himself completely lost after the opening ceremony, trying to find his way to the freshman orientation. At that moment, he ran into another lost freshman from the same schoo

Hagure Yuusha no Kichiku Bigaku
Views: 97,622

Summoned into an alternate world of Alayzard, Ousawa Akatsuki helps defeat the demon lord, brings harmony back into the world and, under the demon lord's last request, takes the demon's only daughter back into Akatsuki's own world. It turns out that

Gate – Jietai Kare no Chi nite, Kaku Tatakeri
Views: 95,941

In August of 20XX, a portal to a parallel world, known as the "Gate", suddenly appeared in Ginza, Tokyo. Monsters and troops poured out of the portal, turning the shopping district into a bloody inferno. The Japan Ground-Self Defence Force immediatel

Womanizing True Immortal
Views: 95,156

Half-Immortal Yang Tian faced off against 9 Half-Immortals for his vengeance. While he succeeded, he sustained critical injuries and returned to Earth for his final resting place. However he managed to break through to True Immortal and his temperame

SSS-Class Suicide HunterChapter 162
Views: 92,168

I want an S-Rank skill too! I want it so badly, I could die for it![You have awakened an S-Rank skill.] [But, you die if you use this skill.]But it's not like I will really die because it says that, right? RIGHT?

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (LN)
Views: 90,314

Naofumi Iwatani, an uncharismatic Otaku who spends his days on games and manga, suddenly finds himself summoned to a parallel universe! He discovers he is one of four heroes equipped with legendary weapons and tasked with saving the world from its pr

Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari
Views: 89,243

An unfortunate high school student who died from an accident, Misasagi Ryou (). With God's whim, what he got from reincarnating to a different world, was one old booktaking in all kinds of books, it was the Unlimited Summoning Book that is said to be

Cheat Majutsu de Unmei wo Nejifuseru
Views: 89,127

Summoned from a different world, Souji was the strongest magician. This is because all the magic theory that he developed in-game became "real". Furthermore Souji knew the "events" that were going to happen from now on. This world is moving according

The Girl Who Ate a Death God
Views: 86,644

What happens when one eats Death?Personally, I don't really know. What I do know is merely one thing.I'm hungry.Therefore, I'll take the heads of these guys and deliver them to my superiors.Surely, I'll be able to eat delicious food.Come, if preparat

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special
Views: 85,572

"Now that I'm back, I won't allow my loved ones to die again!"The Shadow Labyrinth the most catastrophic existence humanity has faced in history.Desir Arman is one of the six remaining survivors of mankind.The six attempted to clear the final level

Kore wa Zombie desu ka?
Views: 80,637

Ayumu Aikawa is a zombie resurrected by a necromancer named Eucliwood Hellscythe after being killed by a serial killer. As he tries to make the best of his undead life, he encounters a Mas-Shjo (?, lit. Magical Garment Girl, a pun on "mah shjo", magi

I Know EverythingChapter 571
Views: 79,320

If heavens will not acknowledge Shen Huan, there will be millennia of darkness.This is a novel about a transmigrator that desires to achieve ultimate freedom, acquiring an unreliable System with a humorous effect.

Evil Dragon Reincarnation ~Even If I Am Reincarnated into the Other World I Am I~
Views: 78,728

There was a nameless man who worked as a corporate slave, one day he died miserably in an accident. But when he woke up he became an evil dragon in a different world. The man thinks. "Hmm, then this means I don't need to work, do I?"He became the str

One Sword to Immortality
Views: 77,531

Tempered by raging infernos and thunder, ten years were exchanged for the cold radiance of a single sword.A hundred and one hidden fangs and concealed claws had been endured, all for the sake of ascending into heaven at this very moment!One Sword to

House Dad’s Literary LifeChapter 174
Views: 77,030

"Da-da!" Right after transmigrating into a parallel world, Yang Yi was a bit stupefied upon seeing a adorable little girl calling him father. Fine, Xixi is 100% my daughter, but my child's mother is actually an aloof, absolute beauty who's a famous s

Aim the Deepest Part of the Different World Labyrinth
Views: 76,052

Kanami, a young man that strayed into another world and suddenly awoke in a dark corridor is nearly killed by a demon and humans. Then preferring to use the status and skill systems Kanami aims for the deepest part of the Labyrinth.The skill [ confus

Isekai Izakaya Nobu
Views: 75,431

Imagine there is a bar with many weird kind of food and drink that might bring you to another world! The bar, so-called "Nobu" is located in a alley of the old city Aiteria. At the very first step, diners feels like falling into another completely co

Views: 71,351

Oreki Houtarou is a self-proclaimed "energy-saver" that is, he will not actively waste energy doing things that aren't necessary. Though he had no interest whatsoever in joining any clubs upon entering Kamiyama High School, he was commanded by his o

Solo Clear
Views: 69,088

"I am my own Lord throughout heaven and earth"This is the story of a man whose goal is to succeed in life all alone.

The Kind Death God
Views: 68,102

Growing up in a thief's den, Ah Dai remained innocent and kind. During one of his thieving runs, he was caught by a powerful alchemist, Ge Li Si, who took him along for his own reasons. Ah Dai's life was forever changed.Fate lead him to save the numb

Cooking with Wild Game (LN)
Views: 64,293

Main protagonist is Tsurumi Asuta. 17 yrs old, 2nd year high schooler.He was working as an apprentice cook at [Tsurumi-ya], managed by his father.One day a fire broke out in [Tsurumi-ya], for the sake of his father's cherished knife [Santoku Houchou

As the Spirit-sama Says
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Next Life
Views: 62,151

Yamada Takashi lost his life in the snowy mountains that is what he thought, but he then appeared in an unknown place; another world that looked like the game he played. Moreover there are many things that he doesn't know. While puzzled, he still re

Nejimaki Seirei Senki – Tenkyou no Alderamin
Views: 61,202

The Katjvarna Empire, in a state of war with the adjacent Kioka Republic. In that region, due to certain circumstances, there was a certain youth unwillingly preparing to take the High Grade Military Officer Exam. His name, Ikta. Disliker of war, laz

The Lazy King
Views: 61,166

My name is Leigie of the Slaughterdolls. I forgot whatever name I had in Japan long ago. Once upon a time, on Earth's Japan, I was a Salary Man who dedicated his hours to a company, and now, I'm just a poor, ordinary Demon Lord in service to some Gre