Recarnation Novels

Death… And MeChapter 988
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You died...Death came...Death says you have to reincarnate...But you don't want to...Death forces you...Well, he shouldn't have done that...

Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A SystemChapter 338
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A young man that was always cautious with his life ended up dying in the most random way possible, buried by an avalanche.As he died, within his last moments, he heard several mechanical voices resonating inside of his head, and he was granted many w

HP: A Magical JourneyChapter 196
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[A Harry Potter Fanfiction]Follow Quinn West, who finds himself in the world of Harry Potter, but are things as they seem, is the world he has landed in the same as the one he once read about.Will Quinn able to find his way in this new world? Will he

Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild MasterChapter 246
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In 2100 at the turn of the century the first full dive VMMORPG game 'Omega' was releasedWith its breathtaking graphics and possible adventures many players flocked to the game,but it all changed when the fun game currency had equated a real life valu

Hero of DarknessChapter 172
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Elric lived a traumatic life since childhood. Being bullied, detested by his family & having no one who cared whether he lived or died. The accumulated loneliness & suffering puts him through severe depression & he decides to take his life's final de

To Love You AgainChapter 775
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Xiong Zhi ran away from her unwanted marriage.That day, Linfeng, her aide, died while protecting her. The man who she held dearly in her heart died in her arms.In her last breath, she uttered,"Never again to be weak...Never again wasted our precious

Physics The Greatest MagicChapter 335
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Our 14 year old protagonist John has lived his life in an honest manner. After losing his parents, he strives to become a man that they would be proud of. After an accident he is reincarnated into another world as an orphan.Having started off with li

A Tale After Four LivesChapter 100
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My name is Alex Wolf. After school I joined the military a mistake I will never regret. It got me killed.Now you might, 'How can this idiot not regret this", well the answer is easy, I got a second chance or more like chances.I met with a God, that's

When Blood Runs ColdChapter 280
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[MATURE CONTENT]A vampire's love is a dangerous thing. Beautiful and fiery, dangerous and domineering. A perfect lover, and, a perfect killer...'A vampire is the world's perfect predator,' I was once told. 'Seduce you with a smile, a wink, a caress o