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Super Great Fortune TellerChapter 3238
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A little Taoist was forced to leave Taoist Temple. Fortunately, he found a cheat book and went into the city to start his own spiritual journey. At firsthe got a lot of money from a boss of a big company to help him complete his practice more smoothl

Rebirth: City TyrantChapter 950 (END)
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His girlfriend betrayed him and hooked up with his cousin. He was framed by his cousin for several times. In the end, he died in an car accident, then he swore that he was going to return to that life. After many attempts, he finally reborn to the ea

Become Top Student In A SecondChapter 3798
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"Do you want to become a straight-A student?""No, I want to become a rich man!""When you become a bookworm and stand at the pinnacle of human knowledge, do you still want to be a rich man?""No, I want to become a bookworm."He obtained the super bookw

Her Mysterious HusbandChapter 1360
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*After three years of marriage, she finally succeeded in getting pregnant, yet she had never expected to see her own husband with another woman in the obstetrical department, not to mention that the woman was actually her half sister! Scolded by her

The Seeming Mediocre ManChapter 962
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He looks like a very ordinary person, but in fact he is the last immortal in the human world. He looks like a poor man with little money, but he is actually very rich. He does not seem to be the kind of backer, but in fact he is the king of the hell,

Strongest Personal Male SecretaryChapter 628
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The him of five years ago had risen up overnight and became the Yellow Springs of the mercenary world. The him of five years later, just as he was about to become the champion of Mercenary World, he suddenly disappeared from the battlefield. He retur