Full-time Boyfriend - Chapter 15

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Chapter 15:    Feels Like Three Years* ①

Translator: Aafkee

Proofreader: ChaiTea



(T/N*: The whole idiom goes like this: 一日不见,如隔三秋. Meaning, they have only not seen each other for one day, but it already felt like they have not met for three autumns, i.e. years. The original title of this chapter is the second part of the idiom: 如隔三秋.) Recently, everyone in the company had realised that Chairman Yan seemed to be in an exceptionally good mood. They were guessing that perhaps their boss had recently signed a big contract while others with discerning eyes guessed that perhaps, their boss was in a relationship. When Yan Yu walked out of his office, the employees immediately sat up properly and stopped their gossiping in an instant. Since Yan Yu was a superior who was especially close to his subordinates, there was someone who plucked up their courage and asked, “Boss, did something good happen to you recently?” Yan Yu smiled, “Why do you ask?” “Boss, it seems like you couldn’t stop smiling recently.” Yan Yu shrugged, “Oh… that... It’s nothing special. I just got into a relationship.” The whole office became quiet for a split second because everyone was dying to know who Yan Yu’s partner was but no one dared to directly ask him. In the end, the same brave soul asked again, “Boss, who is it?” Yan Yu felt a bit pleased with himself in his heart, but he resisted showing it and tried to maintain his strict demeanour in front of his subordinates, “Why are you concerning yourself with this for? Do your work properly.” But they wouldn’t be diverted so easily. “Boss, why don’t you introduce the lady boss to us if we reach our monthly target this month?” “We can talk about it after you guys have actually reached the target,” Yan Yu dodged. At that moment, Chen Yifei pushed open the office door and shouted, “Boss, phone call.” Yan Yu gave him an affirmation before he walked over, looking very pleased with himself, and answered the phone. Seeing Chen Yifei organising his files and documents on his desk, he was a bit too beside himself with joy that he could not control himself but to close his eyes and leaned in, wanting to give Chen Yifei a kiss. Chen Yifei creased his brows, lifting a file to block Yan Yu’s face and said, “We’re in the office.” “But there’s no one else here.” Chen Yifei refused to back down, “It is still the office.” Yan Yu understood why Chen Yifei wanted to keep their distance in the office. He knew that Chen Yifei was only worried for his life and reputation if their relationship was found out by the others, but Yan Yu had always been the type to want to share his joy with the whole world whenever something good happened to him. Yan Yu could only drop the subject and said, “Then you need to make it up to me when we’re home.” “Such topics are forbidden in the office too.” Chen Yifei returned to his own office after saying that, leaving a gloomy Yan Yu behind, his lips pursed. In fact, it wasn’t that Chen Yifei was unwilling to get more intimate with Yan Yu, but he was very strict with himself since he did not want to be distracted by any other things during work, nor did he want his private life to be disturbed by their work. Besides, Chen Yifei wanted to become Yan Yu’s most competent assistant. There was still plenty for him to learn and improve as an assistant, so he could not afford to relax at work. After work, Yan Yu could not wait to take Chen Yifei out for dinner and even asked Guo Shengxing to join them. After all, Guo Shengxing did give him some constructive advice and he wanted to thank him properly by treating him to dinner. The two arrived at the Chinese restaurant and met up with Guo Shengxing, the latter not knowing that his good friend had already gotten together with their Class President. For a moment, Guo Shengxing did not know where to look when he saw Chen Yifei. Chen Yifei went to the toilet as soon as he arrived at the restaurant, while Yan Yu smiled generously and patted Guo Shengxing’s shoulders, “My treat today, as my thanks for your advice last time.” Guo Shengxing was surprised, “You two… don’t tell me…” Yan Yu grinned, “It’s done.” Guo Shengxing’s eyes widened, “Damn… Really?” Yan Yu nodded, “Since half a month ago. So, not that long.” Guo Shengxing stared at the toilet door, which was tightly shut, “You actually won Class President Chen over. That’s too amazing. But, don’t even let Liu Xiaoli know about this or she’s gonna question her life.” “I want her to know,” Yan Yu confessed. Chen Yifei returned from the toilet and met Guo Shengxing’s eyes, the latter seemingly unable to meet his eyes due to embarrassment. Chen Yifei could tell, immediately that Yan Yu had spilt the beans. Guo Shengxing laughed awkwardly, “You guys sure are close, huh?” Yan Yu snorted, “Of course that’s what I want, but someone refuses to accept a kiss despite having no one else around.” Chen Yifei replied, “I think it’s pretty good this way.” Guo Shengxing could only keep his mouth shut and drink his alcohol. Seemed like their relationship was, indeed, not bad. Thinking about that, he felt a bit pensive as he reflected on his own life. He was usually very busy with work, and his wife even more so. He could only work or take care of his son every day, there was not much time left for him and his wife to go out or spend some quality time together. Yan Yu and Chen Yifei were both quite well off and they didn’t have the burden of having to take care of their children, which Guo Shengxing felt envious of. However, Guo Shengxing knew that they had bigger problems to deal with compared to him. Guo Shengxing raised his glass, “Come, cheers!” After finally having a proper conversation, Guo Shengxing realised that Class President Chen was not as strict and cold as how others had thought him to be. Quite the opposite, actually. He was especially gentle and extremely charming. Guo Shengxing was insensible when he was younger and had once hated Chen Yifei because of how the girl he liked back then had always lingered around him in class. Now that he thought of it, Guo Shengxing admitted to his complete defeat. Guo Shengxing asked, “Ah, right, Yan Yu, how are your preparations for your new branch?” “It has been going pretty well,” Yan Yu replied. “We should be able to start running our business in May.” “You’re gonna get busy real soon.” Yan Yu smiled, “Busy earning money isn’t busy at all.” After returning home, the two went at it for a round or two. Chen Yifei wanted to take a shower, but the already satisfied Yan Yu was too lazy to move. He hooked Chen Yifei’s leg, not letting him go while mumbling to him to go wash up tomorrow, instead. Chen Yifei let out a sigh and lay down beside Yan Yu and accompanied him. Yan Yu’s branch office was opening soon. All the preparations were done and human resources were all arranged, except for one problem -- Yan Yu could not find a temporary supervisor. Yan Yu needed an experienced person who had a very good understanding of the company’s various business flows and processes to supervise the new branch for about two months. Since it was in a different city, they needed to make sure to adapt the branch’s system and operation to best suit the location. Since this involved the branch company’s long-term operations, this temporary supervisor was extremely important so Yan Yu could not just choose a random person to take up this responsibility. Yan Yu was distressed. The only person that fit all the conditions was the smart and outstanding Chen Yifei. But Yan Yu did not want to send him away, even if it was only for a month. Who would be here to help him with his work if Chen Yifei was not here? Who would be here to fetch him to and from work? And most importantly, Yan Yu did not want to be separated from Chen Yifei. One month? Impossible! It was already hard for Yan Yu to bear, both mentally and physically, when Chen Yifei had to take a 2-day leave to take care of the elderly back home not long ago. Yan Yu knew that once he mentioned it, Chen Yifei would definitely go no matter what. Chen Yifei seemed to have such intentions as well, so Yan Yu chose to not mention it at all instead. Despite that, Chen Yifei initiated that conversation on their way to work the next day. While driving, Chen Yifei suddenly asked, “Have you decided on who to send over to the new branch?” Yan Yu choked on his words, replying vaguely, “Hmm… More or less…” Chen Yifei asked, “Who?” Yan Yu refused to answer. “You have not decided yet, have you?” Chen Yifei asked. Yan Yu pouted and sighed, “No, it just doesn’t seem suitable no matter who I send.” Chen Yifei offered, “Send me.” Yan Yu turned gloomy, “I knew you’d say that.” Chen Yifei reasoned, “I’m the most suitable candidate after you…” Yan Yu interjected, “You don’t have to say it, I know. Of course I have considered sending you…” Chen Yifei prodded, “And?” Yan Yu shook his head. “Why not?” “Who’d be my assistant, then?” Yan Yu argued. “Weren’t you fine before you hired me?” Chen Yifei’s lips lifted slightly, “Besides, it’s just the beginning for the branch. There can’t be any problems. You’ll be more at ease, too, if I go.” Yan Yu paused and finally confessed honestly, “But I don’t want to be separated from you for so long.” “It’s only for a month.” “Only?” Yan Yu was unhappy. “That’s too long.” Chen Yifei smiled helplessly, “It’s not like I’ll run away. Why are you so worried?” “It’s not that I’m worri- I’m worried too! Besides, I’ll miss you!” Yan Yu let out. Chen Yifei felt pretty happy when he heard that Yan Yu would miss him when he was not with him, but Chen Yifei had always put Yan Yu’s business as his priority. Chen Yifei said, “Do you not care even if your branch faces problems?” Yan Yu argued, “You’re more important.” Chen Yifei replied helplessly, “I would rather you put your work before me.” “How could I?!” Yan Yu’s only complaint about Chen Yifei was the fact that he was such a workaholic. “The branch will be yours, too, sooner or later.” Chen Yifei reasoned again, “I have no comments on you wanting to make it a family business, but I’m not part of your family.” “You’re my boyfriend,” Yan Yu pointed out. Chen Yifei personally thought that the road from being a “boyfriend” to being a “family member” was extremely long. He did not think he was at that point yet. Chen Yifei replied, “Yes, but I don’t have the last name ‘Yan’.” Yan Yu squinted his eyes, “Don’t you want to become my family?” To be honest, Chen Yifei had not thought that far yet. He had only realised how he had yet to seriously think about what he wanted to do with his future with Yan Yu after his sudden question. They had only been together for less than a month. To say the word ‘family’ now -- it was not that Chen Yifei didn’t want to, but he was also a practical person. Yan Yu called in a few vice presidents for a meeting once they arrived at the office, most likely to discuss who to send to the new branch. Chen Yifei did not attend the meeting this time, but he heard from the notetaker of the meeting that most of the attendees agreed to send him to the new branch. It was not only Yan Yu’s decision, after all. Seeing Yan Yu’s depressed expression, Chen Yifei could pretty much guess what was discussed in the meeting. He was most likely going on a business trip soon. Chen Yifei was scheduled to travel to the new branch in late April, just a week before the official opening. Yan Yu could not bear to leave Chen Yifei’s side since the decision was made. The thought of Chen Yifei having to stay away for so long, Yan Yu felt especially reluctant to see Chen Yifei go. On the night Chen Yifei was packing his luggage, Yan Yu could not stop reminding him to be careful and to call him when he boarded or alighted the plane. Chen Yifei was nearly thirty years old, he would normally think such naggings to be annoying, but he felt surprisingly satisfied. Yan Yu helped Chen Yifei check his travel documents and said, “You’re representing me when you go over there. If anyone at the branch office refuses to listen to you, tell me; I’ll fire him immediately.” “I will.” “If the new client’s demands are too harsh, you need to tell me, too. I’ll discuss it with them,” Yan Yu instructed. “I will,” Chen Yifei confirmed. “Also, those new departmental managers…” Chen Yifei interrupted, resignedly, “Alright, alright, I have been doing this for a while now, I know what to be careful of.” Yan Yu paused, “Remember to call me.” “I’ll remember.” The next day, Yan Yu sent Chen Yifei to the airport. He was unwilling to leave even after they arrived at the security gate. Seeing Yan Yu’s face filled with unwillingness, Chen Yifei could not help but feel warmth in his heart and kissed him on Yan Yu’s cheek. Chen Yifei whispered, “Bye-bye.” Chen Yifei went through the security gates and saw Yan Yu still standing there through the glass door. Resigned, Chen Yifei tried to tell him to go home by mouthing the words. Yan Yu only left grudgingly after there was no sign of Chen Yifei anymore. Dejected, Yan Yu drove away and recalled what Chen Yifei told him earlier -- hoping that he would prioritise his work over him. Yan Yu knew Chen Yifei to be that type of person, but he was the complete opposite. No matter what, the people he cared about would always be his priority. Perhaps, the reason why Chen Yifei said that was because Yan Yu was not yet considered to be part of his family, yet. Although they had only been together for a short while, Yan Yu had already completely accepted Chen Yifei as part of his family.

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