Full-time Boyfriend - Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: A Bad Student’s “Predicament”

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The company was especially busy in the recent month. So, as Yan Yu became busy, Chen Yifei became even busier. Although they had started dating, in reality, they had not been able to properly spend time together. Chen Yifei moved into Yan Yu’s house three days later but decided to sleep in a separate room. He still wanted some personal space. In the office, Chen Yifei maintained an appropriate distance between them, as a boss and his subordinate would, while Yan Yu also kept his promise. Chen Yifei’s behaviour at home was not much different from before they started dating. The only difference was, he wouldn’t reject Yan Yu’s occasional hugs and kisses. But, up until now, they had not done any activities of substance. As for what type of activities that would allow them to get more intimate-- To say it frankly, Yan Yu really want to have sex with Chen Yifei. Wasn’t it normal to have sex when you are dating? Why was Chen Yifei not showing any indication of wanting to do it with him? They have already been dating for a long time, right? But in all actuality, Yan Yu did not realise that they had only been dating for less than a week. However, one day, they worked overtime until past seven in the evening so the two decided to eat dinner at home. They chose to stop by the supermarket on their way back to get some groceries. Yan Yu did not usually go to the supermarket and when he did, he would always fill the cart to the brim. The amount he had to pay after the cashier scanned everything would always give a shock to the customers all around him. Chen Yifei was at the frozen goods section picking out ingredients for the meat dishes he wanted to make that night. Just as he had bent down to take something, he heard someone calling him from behind in astonishment, “Chen Yifei?” Chen Yifei turned around and saw Liu Xiaoli, the campus belle from their student days, standing behind him. Liu Xiaoli was dressed casually and she pushed her own shopping cart. She was, clearly, also here for groceries. After Liu Xiaoli confirmed that he was Chen Yifei, she continued in her surprise, “What a coincidence! Do you live nearby as well?” Chen Yifei confirmed, “Yeah.” Liu Xiaoli was obviously happy to see him. She subconsciously walked together with Chen Yifei and smiled, “Do you usually cook?” “Most of the time, I guess,” Chen Yifei replied. Liu Xiaoli smiled, “That’s kinda unexpected since there aren’t many men nowadays who would cook.” Chen Yifei merely responded with a smile. Yan Yu pushed his full shopping cart as he looked for Chen Yifei and caught a glimpse of him at the frozen goods area. Just as he was about to call out to him, Yan Yu noticed Liu Xiaoli standing right beside him. Yan Yu became unhappy instantly. What was the campus belle butting in for? It was impossible between her and Chen Yifei, alright? Yan Yu walked up to them, pretending to be surprised, “Eh, Liu Xiaoli?” Liu Xiaoli, seeing that Yan Yu was here as well, was even more surprised, “Did you guys come here together?” Yan Yu intentionally took control of the conversation, leaving Liu Xiaoli with no choice but to talk to him, while leading her further and further away from Chen Yifei. Yan Yu came back after a few minutes, indicating that he had already sent Liu Xiaoli away. Chen Yifei said resignedly, “Maybe she wasn’t even planning to do anything in the first place.” Yan Yu scoffed, “Yeah, right. Literally, everyone in the class knows that she has a crush on you.” Chen Yifei reminded him, “That was more than twenty years ago.” “You are more lovable now as compared to in the past,” Yan Yu stated evenly. “Oh, really?” When queuing to pay for their groceries, Yan Yu kept staring at the condoms at the side of the sales counter. He wanted to take it but Chen Yifei was standing right next to him and he was afraid that Chen Yifei would feel embarrassed if he saw him taking it. In the end, he could not help but buy it. When Chen Yifei wasn’t paying attention, Yan Yu quickly took a box from the shelf and threw it into the basket, as if he hadn’t done anything at all. If Chen Yifei ever asked, he would just say that the box fell into their basket. However, Chen Yifei had seenYan Yu’s movements anyway. Speechless, Chen Yifei looked at Yan Yu as he looked down to fiddle with his phone. The latter did not even unlock his phone, but there he was, acting as if he was reading his messages quite seriously. Chen Yifei reached down and took the box out of the cart. Yan Yu could not bear it anymore and said unhappily, “I’ve already taken it and you’d intentionally put it back? What are you trying to imply?” Chen Yifei put back the box branded with “vitality” and took “passion” instead, also taking a bottle of lubricant oil in passing and said, resigned, “This one is better.” For a moment, Yan Yu was speechless. Seeing that Chen Yifei showed no signs of reluctance despite having discovered his inner thoughts, Yan Yu could not help but feel happy inside. However, for the sake of his pride, he refused to show it, “Is there even a difference…” Calmly, Chen Yifei explained, “This one lubricates better.” Yan Yu was surprised, “... You know a lot about it?” Chen Yifei lifted his eyebrow in response, not denying it while he pushed the cart forward to make his payment. When the two finally made it back to the car, Yan Yu asked impatiently, “Are we doing it tonight?” Chen Yifei did not understand why Yan Yu was being so impatient. He had never seen Yan Yu spend the night away from his home before. Which made him wonder if his libido had always been this high? Chen Yifei only replied, “We’ll see later.” Yan Yu pouted and leaned back into his seat dejectedly while talking to himself, “I’ve not let it out for a long time now. It was so busy at work, so I thought I could relax and have a good time when I go home… Hmph, why is my assistant so inconsiderate of his boss’s feelings?” Chen Yifei truly could not argue with him, “Alright, alright. We’ll do it.” Once back at home, Yan Yu quickly took a shower and sat on the bed, doing nothing but waiting for Chen Yifei. After his shower, Chen Yifei, seeing Yan Yu sitting on the bed with his back facing him, almost could not control himself and laughed out loud. When the time came, Yan Yu did feel a bit nervous. Yan Yu, who did not want to lose face by becoming scared later on, was seriously considering whether or not he should watch a guide or something before. Chen Yifei asked, “What are you thinking?” Surprised and embarrassed, Yan Yu scratched his head, “Nothing much.” Chen Yifei reached his arms out and hugged Yan Yu, giving him a kiss on his cheek. Yan Yu lost his cool. He could hardly bear it when Chen Yifei did not tease him, let alone when he actually did. Yan Yu turned around and kissed him on his lips in response. Chen Yifei knew that Yan Yu was very passionate, so he did not hesitate as he slid an arm around Yan Yu’s waist while kneeling on the bed and pressing their bodies closer together. The wet sounds from their kisses was enough to make others blush. Yan Yu sucked on Chen Yifei’s tongue ferociously, as if wanting to take the initiative. Chen Yifei followed along -- though he would never let an inexperienced person take control. The Yan Yu at this very moment was too interesting, so he wanted to experience it a little longer. Yan Yu’s kiss moved down to Chen Yifei’s Adam’s apple, towards the curve of his neck. He reached out to pull off Chen Yifei’s top, his hands could not help but caress his chest muscles while Chen Yifei remained at ease and brazen, as he let Yan Yu touch him. Seeing that Chen Yifei did not push him away, Yan Yu’s movements became bolder, his hands moved past Chen Yifei’s chest and down his abs as he enjoyed the sensation with his eyes closed. Chen Yifei did not let Yan Yu touch him for nothing, as he, too, reached into Yan Yu’s clothes and caressed his spine. Yan Yu trembled, suddenly nervous, “Will it hurt?” Chen Yifei admitted, “Depends on the person’s skills. It shouldn’t hurt too much if it’s with me.” Yan Yu really hated people who boasted shamelessly about themselves, especially when he could not talk back to them -- Chen Yifei was probably the only one he would make an exception for. Yan Yu was curious, “Wait, let me feel it.” “Feel what?” Chen Yifei asked. Yan Yu slid his hand into Chen Yifei’s pants and held his already hard penis, his fingers stroking the thick veins on it. Yan Yu felt like he was holding a thick tree branch. Accompanied by Chen Yifei’s breath, the meat stick in Yan Yu’s hand pulsed ever so slightly, giving off heat. Yan Yu found it a little hard to accept, “Class President Chen sure is blessed in every way. How annoying.” Chen Yifei pressed Yan Yu against the bed and parted Yan Yu legs with his knees, bringing his butt closer to his crotch; his actions smooth and confident. Chen Yifei murmured, “You’d be the one enjoying it anyway.” (T/N: YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) Chen Yifei took off Yan Yu’s trousers and Yan Yu became nervous. Yan Yu’s thighs felt the chill as they leaned on Chen Yifei stiffly, his eyes evading Chen Yifei. Yan Yu attempted to pretend to be calm as he grabbed onto his pillow and took deep breaths. Chen Yifei had a fault that was rarely known to anyone. He had been a model student his whole life, so what he liked to see the most was how those ignorant and incompetent bad students were embarrassed or in a predicament -- also known as taking joy in the misfortune of others’. For being a good student, it was his privilege. Yan Yu was Chen Yifei’s classmate in elementary school. For that little school tyrant, who was once not afraid of anything in the world, to show such a nervous expression at that moment; Chen Yifei could not restrain himself but feel exhilarated.




The intense first night finally ended around midnight. Yan Yu understood the pain of overdoing it the next morning. Having sat in the office for so many years, his stamina was no longer as good as it had been when he was younger. He could only feel pain and soreness throughout his whole body. But Yan Yu was extremely satisfied in his heart. It had been a long time since he had felt so content from making love, and with Chen Yifei no less. Thank goodness it was the weekend, so Yan Yu laid in bed at home the whole day like a young master, refusing to go anywhere. As he remembered the night’s activities with Chen Yifei from the night before, Yan Yu felt excited yet, slightly terrified. After eating lunch, Yan Yu could not hold it in and asked, “Chen Yifei, let me ask you something. I’m not the first virgin you have had sex with, right?” Chen Yifei answered with no hesitation, “No.” Yan Yi lifted his brow, “Oh… so, how many virgins have you sullied?” Chen Yifei paused, “Not many.” Yan Yu smiled, a hint of danger in his smile, “How many is not many? It seems like you were pretty experienced?” Chen Yifei could not hold back his laughter, which sounded especially happy. Hearing Chen Yifei’s laughter, Yan Yu could not bring himself to be angry anymore. For the sake of keeping his pride intact, he snorted. Chen Yifei answered with a smile, “Really, there weren’t many.” Dissatisfied, Yan Yu tried again. “What I don’t understand is why those little boys are so willing to let you take their virginity?” “Weren’t you willing as well?” Chen Yifei shot back. “I’m no longer a little boy.” Yan Yu said, “Or are you implying that you prefer little ones?” Chen Yifei paused, but he could not stop smiling, “Do you know that you looked exactly like a…” He did not finish his sentence. “A what?” Yan Yu asked. “Nothing,” Chen Yifei answered, dismissively. “Spit it out!” Yan Yu insisted. Chen Yifei teased, “I don’t want to have my salary cut.” But Yan Yu exclaimed, “I will cut your salary if you don’t spit it out!” “Do it then,” Chen Yifei challenged. Yan Yu had no words. There was no way he would really cut his salary. Chen Yifei confidently used that against him. Yan Yu thought to himself that he should be more strict with Chen Yifei, for the sake of his own future. Since they had only just started dating, he decided that he would let it go this time. He’d worry about the future when the future came.

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