From Sidekick to Bigshot - Chapter 854

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Chapter 854: Getting a Sister-in-Law (3)

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Upon hearing this, Jian Yumin’s face sank. Anger could be visibly seen on his face as his eyes locked onto Luo Xiuen.

“Why do you think that I don’t like you? And who are you to make that decision for me?” Jian Yumin angrily questioned Luo Xiuen.

“I…” Luo Xiuen stuttered.

“I’m not a horny bastard! I wouldn’t just sleep with any woman that comes my way!”

Upon hearing this, Luo Xiuen was completely dumbfounded.

However, Jian Yumin angrily continued: “Or do you take me as a shameless person who sleeps around with his fans?”

Luo Xiuen hurriedly shook her head: “No, no. You’re not!”

Although Luo Xiuen was confused, she still trusted Jian Yumin’s character. She had absolutely no doubt about it..

Jian Yumin continued to ask: “Then what are you questioning? Why do you think that I don’t like you? What makes you say that you’re not worthy? Why do you think you’re not good enough?”

Luo Xiuen: “I…”

Jian Yumin: “Luo Xiuen, I like you! I only slept with you because I like you!”

Luo Xiuen’s eyes widened with surprise. Her brain completely left her skull.

Brother Yumin confessed to her…

Taking advantage of the situation, Jian Yumin lowered his head and kissed Luo Xiuen.

He used his actions to tell Luo Xiuen that she was who he liked. He liked her romantically and wanted to be with her. This was the case regardless of whether he was sober or drunk.

The moment she got kissed, Luo Xiuen’s legs became weak. In fact, everything in her body felt weak.

Luo Xiuen responded passively to Jian Yumin.

With this kiss, Jian Yumin clearly told Luo Xiuen that he liked her. It didn’t matter that she was different from average girls.

“You shouldn’t mess around in the early stages of pregnancy.”


Suddenly, a soft voice interrupted Luo Xiuen and Jian Yumin.

Luo Xiuen and Jian Yumin separated in a flash.

They forgot that Jian Yiling was still beside them!

Jian Yiling continued to advise the two of them: “You need to wait until the baby is a little older. Then, you can proceed with doing the business of reproducing offspring.”


Although Luo Xiuen and Jian Yumin were not thin-skinned individuals, Jian Yiling’s words still made them incredibly embarrassed. Both their faces became flushed red.

Yiling… How could she just say those things…

Then, Jian Yiling asked with a calm expression on her face: “When are you getting your marriage certificate?”

Luo Xiuen: “Marriage… Marriage certificate? Isn’t this a bit too fast?”

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Jian Yiling: “The baby needs to be on the family register.”

Jian Yiling cared a lot about her future nephew or niece.

Jian Yumin: “Yiling is right. My daughter needs to have a father.”


Then, Jian Yumin asked Luo Xiuen: “Is there anything else you want from me? Just request anything. I will manage.”

Luo Xiuen hurriedly shook her head: “No… Nothing at all…”

Currently, Luo Xiuen felt that her whole body was floating on clouds. Her heart was beat rapidly when Jian Yumin got close to her.

In front of Jian Yumin, Luo Xiuen was defenseless.

Jian Yumin: “Then ask your family to send over their household registration booklet. We will go and get our marriage certificate.”

For the sake of their child, they would get their marriage certificate first. Then, they could plan a wedding!

Luo Xiuen: “Oh… Okay…”

Jian Yumin: “Does your family expect something from their son-in-law?”

Jian Yumin planned to visit Luo Xiuen’s parents in the next few days. He wanted to ensure that everything went well.

Luo Xiuen: “My parents want a man to be my husband.”


This was the only requirement Luo Xiuen’s parents set for her.

They didn’t dare to ask too much of her.

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