From Sidekick to Bigshot - Chapter 844

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Chapter 844: Exposing Wen Ruo (3)

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Cai Qinyue firmly believed that her daughter was innocent. Therefore, as long as Wen Ruo was innocent, there would definitely be evidence to support their case.

Wen Ruo bit down on her lips. Fear began to spread in her heart.

She did not understand why this happened.


However, Wen Ruo was certain of one thing. She was certain that this incident definitely had something to do with Wen Nuan.

Wen Ruo raised her head and looked at her father: “Father, can you… Can you contact my aunt? I want to speak with her.”


“What’s wrong? Why are you looking for your aunt?” Wen Cheng asked in a puzzled voice.


Wen Ruo quickly made up a reason: “My aunt knows Mr. Kevin. Mr. Kevin has a lot of contacts in the circle. Therefore, she should definitely be able to help me with this case.”

“You’re right. Why did I not think of that? Just wait for a minute. I will call her now.”

Wen Cheng believed in his daughter’s words. And thus, he contacted his sister right away.

Wen Cheng: “A Nuan, my daughter encountered a bit of trouble. She wants to ask if you can help her.”

Wen Nuan: “Brother, what trouble did she encounter?”

Wen Cheng: “A stupid jewelry company is filing a lawsuit against her. They are claiming that she copied their company’s jewelry designs. However, as you know, she just won an award in a jewelry design competition. As a result, there must be a lot of people eyeing her right now. That’s why they’re causing her this trouble.”

Wen Nuan: “Oh? Is that so? Well, you should ask her to reflect on the situation. Are people causing her trouble or is she the one causing trouble?”

Upon hearing this, Wen Cheng was a little confused: “A Nuan… What are you…”

Wen Nuan: “Brother, previously when you were in the hospital, we agreed that this was not to be repeated.”

Before Wen Cheng could figure out the situation, Wen Nuan had already hung up the phone.

And thus, Wen Cheng asked Wen Ruo with a bewildered look on his face: “Wen Ruo, is there something you haven’t told me?”

When Cai Qinyue heard this, she was rather upset: “What do you mean by that? Do you think your daughter is lying or something? If your sister is unwilling to help, then so be it. Why is she instigating drama?”

Wen Cheng: “What are you even saying? A Nuan is my sister. She wouldn’t speak nonsense.”

Cai Qinyue: “Oh, so she wouldn’t speak nonsense. Instead, our daughter would?”


Upon hearing this, Wen Cheng felt that there was no point in arguing with his wife. Instead, he turned his head to question Wen Ruo: “Wen Ruo, please explain the situation to me. Are you hiding anything from me?”

At this moment, Wen Ruo knew that she couldn’t lie anymore. And thus, she could only seek protection from her father.

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Wen Ruo knelt down.

Wen Ruo’s kneel shocked Wen Cheng and Cai Qinyue.

Cai Qinyue hurriedly rushed over. She tried convincing her daughter to get up: “Wen Ruo, what’s wrong? Please stand up. What’s the matter?”

Wen Cheng also became anxious: “Wen Ruo, if you have something to say, say it when you’re standing up. Don’t kneel. You might hurt your knees.”

However, Wen Ruo refused to stand up. Instead, she said: “Father, I’m sorry. I know I made a mistake. I’m really sorry about it.”

Cai Qinyue: “Wen Ruo, what’s the matter?”

Wen Ruo: “I’ve been busy with work lately. That meant I didn’t have time to draw the designs. I just so happened to see my aunt’s previous designs. Therefore, I decided to borrow them…”

Upon hearing this, the expression on Wen Cheng’s face immediately changed: “So you stole your aunt’s designs?!”

Wen Ruo hung her head as she said: “Yes… I know I did the wrong thing… I shouldn’t have been lazy…”

Wen Cheng: “Yes you shouldn’t have! You definitely shouldn’t have!”

However, Cai Qinyue hurriedly backed her daughter up: “Don’t yell at your daughter. She’s been so busy lately. She needed to attend work and draw up designs. Don’t be too harsh on her. It’s difficult to make the right decisions when you’re stressed and overwhelmed.”

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