Ex Rank Supporting Role’s Replay in a Prestigious School - Chapter 149

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My disciple was too kind, and it hurt. 


How did Yeom Bang-yeol and Cheong-ryong raise Yeom Jun-yeoul like this?! 


I started to worry sincerely about how Yeom Jun-yeoul would be able to live in this harsh and difficult worldview. 


‘…I was trying to raise Yeom Jun-yeoul to be strong, but in this case, I might be overprotective too.’ 


I took control of my mind. There was no way he could become a stumbling block to his growth while circling around Yeom Jun-yeoul like those bastards. 


“… … Master?”


I came to because of Yeom Jun-yeoul’s weak voice. Apparently, I had made my disciple uneasy while thinking for a long time! 


I spoke up about my thoughts. “This is my fault.” 


“Yes? What do you mean? It’s your fault, Master!” 


“It’s because you’re worried that I’ll stop teaching you.” 


“That… … but… … My worries aren’t Master’s fault, it’s all my fault… … Because I don’t have enough knowledge or personality….” 


Yeom Jun-yeoul bowed his head and almost stroked his head without realizing it. He decided to refrain from being caught by a dragon, as his hand might be cut off. 


Instead, he tapped his shoulder a few times to raise his head. “In the future, I will do better as a teacher so you don’t have to worry.” 


“Master is already more than enough…” 


“I made you worry. I wish I had given you my contact information sooner. If you have any such concerns in the future, please contact me first.” 


 Yeom Jun-yeoul was about to say something more, yet held himself back. He seemed not to know whether to laugh or cry. 


“And thank you, for telling me the story about Sawol Saeum. He’ll think a little more about whether or not he’ll greet him.” 


If possible, I really didn’t want to reveal my identity. However, during the summer vacation incident, one might have to borrow the power of Sawol Seeum so as not to cause any casualties. 

Then, in order to use his power, I would have to reveal my identity. Because of that, I still had a lot of trouble. 


“And he’s not going to ask me to teach. No need to worry.” 


“…So, am I the only disciple?” 


When Yeom Jun-yeoul asked in the form of a reconfirmation, I nodded.


“Okay. I will never accept another disciple until you do your part.”


Apparently, I was an ugly teacher who could not properly soothe the anxious mind of the only disciple. 


If I forced myself to accept a disciple, it would end up looking disrespectful to Yeom Jun-yeoul or the disciple. 


“Thank you! I will become a disciple who repays Master’s expectations!” Yeom Jun-yeol finally smiled brightly, without a single shadow of a doubt.


I felt relieved to see that expression.


 * * * 


After breaking up with Yeom Jun-yeoul and attending a study session… 


“It’s too dark outside, so I feel like I’ve been studying for a long time.” 


“Ah… Spit it out…” 


I was currently on the way back to the dormitory with the Year 1 Class 0 children who also stayed at the dormitory. The only three people walking with me right now were Maeng Hyo-don, Sawol Saeum, and Han-yi. 


Kwon Lena stayed at Kim Yuri’s house and was taking some additional hours with her studies. 


‘I said that I had to study in advance to receive Kwon’s lesson on Saturday. Thanks to that, Kim Yuri also stays at home alone and doesn’t feel lonely. It’s a good thing.’ 


Recently, Kwon Lena mostly resided at Kim Yuri’s house, and Han-yi seemed to come over to sleep from time to time. Kim Yuri was very pleased with this, and she wanted the other children to sleep as well. 


The other children were reluctant, but as Maeng Hyo-don put it, if one were to look at the within our class, one might have to study in a group sooner or later. 


In particular, Maeng Hyo-don, who chose mathematics, would have to participate unconditionally. 


“Are general liberal arts high schools ‘Yaja’? I wanted to try that. Study meetings are good!” 


“You mean we should go for night-studying?” 




Meanwhile, Sawol Saeum struck a conversation with Han-yi whilst wearing an excited expression. 


“It’s like playing and studying with friends all day and then going home. I ate late-night snacks and went for a walk under the night sky while running around the playground to wake up…” 


“I think I know what you mean.” 


“Is that right? I also had a dream.” 


This discussion simply reminded me of my high school days. High school days that began after losing both my family and chess. There must have been good moments, but I couldn’t remember them well. 


The night self-study in itself turned out to be hard, exhausted, sleepy, and hunger-inducing. 


“…It’s okay if you don’t study.” Maeng Hyo-don, the dapper teacher, uttered such nonsense in an effort to comfort everyone. 


People who didn’t study were like the Eternal Lake team without Kwon Jae-in, or the Jae-in team without Jae-in herself. 


“Hahaha, if you don’t study, there’s no point in doing this.” 




After chit-chatting with the others, I quickly made my way back to the dormitory. 


Kim Yuri’s house was not of the size of Hwang Myeongho’s mansion, but she strangely felt similar to when she came to the dormitory after she was in that mansion. 


‘…It looks quite spacious today.’ 


With this, I opened the window wide to ventilate for a change of mood. The wind that seeped through my sleeves felt a little chilly. 


‘I think it would be fun to do Yaja, which is supervised by Ham Geun Hyeong, and then share it with my classmates.’ 


With this, I quickly fell asleep with my mind still stuck between the world of the past as well as the world of the present.

* * * 

The next morning, on the way to school, a message arrived from an unexpected person. 


[Moon Sae-ron] Suspicious Vice-President! There’s an interview with Maeng Hyo-don! I’m also busy interviewing your bread shuttle right now! 


Maeng Hyo-don? Bang Yoon-sub? 


Why was an interview with these two this morning? 

While I was contemplating about what to respond with, an additional message came from Moon Sae-ron. 


[Moon Sae-ron] Great Tak and Maeng Hyo-don are making a bet… … For more details, listen for yourself! So, please! 


Great Tak? Maybe this was about Tak Do-in? It was impossible to guess what had happened to the composition of the characters, overflowing with chaos and destruction. 


‘Moon Sae-ron seems to be busy, so I’ll have to ask Maeng Hyo-don directly.’ 


The Year 1 Class 0 students seemed to arrive much more quickly than usual. Maeng Hyo-don was the only one who had yet to go to school. 


I then asked him with a lost expression “What happened?” 


“… … That person became the interim coach of the Eungwang High training course.” 


The Eungwang training course was a training curriculum that I forcefully put Bang Yoon-sub into. But what did it have to do with Maeng Hyo-don? 




“The monk kept bothering me to become a disciple…”



Maeng Hyo-don explained what had happened in the morning with his tired expression. 


It was when he had been running around the playground near the Jiik Hall during morning training. A thief then popped out from somewhere and clung onto him, asking to become a disciple. 


“What does that have to do with the Eungwang training course?” 


“It happened because I ran into the people who were taking the course nearby and the teacher in charge there.” 


It was said that Maeng Hyo-don impulsively declared to Tak Do-in, ‘I would rather go to the Eungwang High training course than become your disciple.’ 


Then, Tak Do-in shouted out loud that he would prove his superior leadership skills. 


Tak Do-in’s suggestion was as follows. 


—Name any of them over there. Within a month, I will try to grow stronger than you are now! If you lose, you have to become my disciple! 


What kind of guts did Tak Do-in, who had never received a disciple, say such a thing?


After thinking about it for a bit, I eventually figured it out. 


‘Having seen Maeng Hyo-don fighting, he must have discovered some weaknesses. Are you trying to teach and inspire Maeng Hyo-don by stabbing him?’ 


Anyway, Maeng Hyo-don heard that and chose the most gentle among the students who took the Eungwang High training course. 


That turned out to be my bread shuttle, Bang Yoon-sub. Bang Yoon-sub was timid and tried to refuse, but Tak Do-in finished talking with the teacher in charge on the spot, and it is said that he took over Bang Yun-sub in the end. 


“I chose it because I didn’t feel guilty about seeing that bastard suffer from Do-in. You won’t even smoke while you’re learning from him.” 


“Great job.” 


“Yeah, once that bastard wins, even Do-in won’t be bothered.” 


Maeng Hyo-don clenched his fist and began conjuring up an image where he beat Bang Yun-sub in Dalian. After the final exams were over, one more big event was likely to happen. 


That was, Master Maeng Hyo-don vs. the suspicious vice-president’s bread shuttle.


I could tell a lot of people would want to see it. 


‘I’ll have to rent the largest of the first-year gyms.’ 


After I converted the conversation I had with Maeng Hyo-don into an article, I made a reservation for the gym. 

*    *    *  

Lunch hour. 


I sent a message to Hong Gyubin. 


[Me] Hello, Team Leader Hong Gyubin. I want to ask you something. 


[Hong Gyubin] Oh. okay. trustee. Hi. 


[Hong Gyubin] … … Tell me. 


Hong Gyubin seemed a little nervous. Why so?


[Me] During summer vacation, doesn’t the association recruit interns for high school students? 


The reply message did not come for a long time. 


[Hong Gyubin] I rarely take paid leave, so I have a lot of accumulated vacation days. In the summer, I went to a good place with Master Zhuge, and I tried to take a break too. Of course Mr. Zhuge will refuse, but if the recommendation came a hundred times, he’ll definitely say yes, right?


[Hong Gyubin] Eushin-ah … Is something big enough for you to come as an association intern? To work overtime all summer vacation…


That wasn’t really the case. 


Recognizing an intern was for the sake of Song Dae-seok, who was currently crumpled like a dead man today. 


[Me] No, I was just asking a question. 


[Hong Gyubin] Yes, I’m glad ^^! I almost canceled all my reservations now! 


Did Hong Gyubin already make plans for summer vacation? 


I sent another message while contemplating about this future development.


[Me] Still, I think it would be better not to set a vacation schedule. 


Considering the events that would happen over the summer vacation, the Players Association would most likely be busy. Even if one were to go on vacation, they might have to come back soon. 


[Hong Gyubin] ^^?; 


[Me] You may be charged a cancellation penalty. 


After that, there was no reply for a few minutes. 


[Hong Gyubin] Yeah… … I see… … It will be…


There was no overtime mission today, but Hong Gyubin was undoubtedly crushed. 


[Hong Gyubin] (Attachment) 


[Hong Gyubin] This is the announcement of the internship recruitment that was scheduled to go up this afternoon.


It indeed seemed that they were planning to recruit an intern this year as well. 


[Me] Thank you. 


[Hong Gyubin] Yes, if there is anything or you need anything, please call me again… …Hehe.


Though he was laughing, I could tell he wasn’t actually even smiling


Once the call ended…


“I’m here.” Hwang Jiho’s voice could be heard. 


I turned to see him standing outside the shade of the tree, looking over here. Why did this guy appear at such a rare location? 


“Were you tracking me?” 


“No, I knew that you usually rest here at lunchtime.”


That meant that I had already been tracked before. We had known each other for a long time, so looking at the sudden visit today, it seemed like something had happened. 


As I was looking at him, Hwang Jiho walked into the shade where I was and got to the point. “Kwon Jae-in has contacted me.” 


“Did your senior come as an honorary teacher?” 


“…Well, he was there too. He was a little nervous and asked to have him as a teacher.” 


Was he nervous? When I brought up the honorary teacher, there seemed to be no sign of such an emotion. 


“The receptionist went to her and gave her the information.”


So, Nabi-ryeong had gone to see Kwon Jae-in.



 If she had moved, she would have passed on quite a bit of information. 


Hwang Jiho’s words continued. “I heard that during summer vacation, ‘that person’ would sacrifice Year 1 Eungwang High students. Currently, among the summer vacation events scheduled for Eungwang High, there is only one case where first-year students will move as a group.” 


Hwang Jiho displayed a hologram. The content was an official notice of the event schedule approved by the student council. 


“Youth Retreat.” 


The Year 1 Youth Retreat. 


That Retreat marked the event where Kim Yuri’s Gwanglim would run wild.

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