Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos - Chapter 2214

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Chapter 2214: Gentle : Thrill

Though she doubled back a total of eight times, Bulma was eventually able to summon up the courage to knock on Vahn's door. When she did, the latter opened it almost immediately, startling the blunette enough that she nearly screamed at the top of her lungs.

Fortunately for the people trying to sleep, Vahn never afforded her the opportunity. The moment he opened the door, he wrapped his arms around Bulma's body, firmly embracing her as he sealed her lips with his own.

Overwhelmed by Vahn's actions, Bulma instinctually turned her head to the side, a fierce blush coloring her cheeks as her sapphirine eyes darted around the room in a daze. She felt like she had just stumbled into a lion's den, but, she could even think to protest, however, Vahn lifted her up by her butt, his fingers sinking into the pliant flesh beneath her silk neglige as he pulled her into the room and said, "I've been waiting for you..." in a husky, resonating tone.

Feeling a shiver run through her body in response to Vahn's voice, Bulma would be lying if she said she wasn't feeling excited. Unfortunately, the panic she was feeling temporarily outweighed pretty much everything else, a fretful look developing across her face as she shakily uttered, "You're being too rough..." in a heated yet audibly anxious tone.

Nodding his head in understanding, Vahn allowed Bulma's feet to touch the ground, but, instead of releasing her from his embrace, he held her gently as he said, "It's just the two of us tonight. Sarina wanted your first time to be special so she moved to the matinee. You don't have to thank her, but I would appreciate it if you at least thought about it..."

Hearing that they were alone, a knot began to form in Bulma's throat as she looked towards the bed with widened eyes. She didn't think Vahn would force her but she got the distinct impression she had just crossed the point of no return. If she ran away now, the shame and humiliation would be too much for her to recover in a short period of time...

Swallowing hard, Bulma appeared to shrink within her own body as she meekly replied, "Please be gentle..."

As if a switch had been flipped in his mind, the expression on Vahn's face melted into a smoldering yet affectionate look as he whispered, "Your wish is my command..." before planting a chaste kiss on Bulma's forehead. Then, picking her up in a princess carry, he moved her over to the bed before setting her down with such care she barely even registered the transition between being held in his embrace and lying on the bed...




Contrasting each and every one of Bulma's expectations, Vahn started their long and passionate session of lovemaking with simple cuddling. He wanted her to be as comfortable as possible, so, until she made the suggestion to move on, he held her in his embrace, gently caressing her belly through the protective layer of her negligee while peppering her neck and shoulders with kisses.

Keeping with the theme of being as gentle as possible, Vahn followed Bulma's prompt by peeling away just her negligee before encouraging her to lie on her stomach. Then, after appreciating her pristine white undergarments for several seconds, he began massaging her body. This prompted a few complaints near the start, but, less than three minutes later, Bulma had fallen completely silent as she enjoyed every moment of the intensifying massage.

Not wanting to keep her up too late, Vahn only massaged Bulma's body for around an hour and a half before helping her roll onto her back. By that point, her body and mind were so thoroughly relaxed that she didn't even register the fact she was facing upward until he gently pried her legs apart before leaning over her with a smile. He didn't want to take her virginity while she was in a daze, so, in the interim period where Bulma was recovering her senses, Vahn ground his member against the fabric of her sopping wet panties while patiently awaiting her recovery.

Though it took a solid ten minutes for Bulma to realize what was going on, things progressed pretty quickly after that. When she found his face hovering just a few centimeters away from her own, she instinctually extended her tongue in a silent plea for a kiss. This was immediately answered by Vahn, who, once again, waited until Bulma was ready before moving on.

Realizing that Vahn wasn't going to take the final step without her practically asking for it, Bulma only hesitated until the end of their kiss before linking her hands around his neck, an alluring smile on her face as she sensually mewled, "You've made your point...you can stop being gentle now..."

Smiling in response to Bulma's words, Vahn planted another long and passionate kiss on her lips before pulling away and repeating, "Your wish is my command..." in an audibly teasing tone...




Though he didn't immediately kick things off the moment Bulma gave him permission, it wasn't long before Vahn had her bent over the analog controls of the Model Tiamat, his entire member sliding in and out of her as she gripped the double joysticks and cried out, "Oh God...!" in a high-pitched, impassioned voice that echoed off the surrounding walls and mixed with the sounds of their bodies colliding.

While Bulma hadn't expressly asked him to teleport her into the interior of the Model Tiamat, Vahn was well aware of the fact that she had been using it to spy on him. More importantly, there were a number of times when she had snuck a peek of him and Sarina having sex. The first time had been a complete accident, but, nearly every night after, Bulma had 'gratified' herself within the cockpit of the Model Tiamat.

Unsurprisingly, it didn't take long for Bulma to figure out why Vahn had teleported her over to the Model Tiamat. Instead of getting upset, however, a half-crazed smile developed across her face as she proposed taking things a step further. More specifically, she wanted him to do her from behind as she piloted the Model Tiamat into Low-Earth Orbit.

At first, Vahn thought Bulma just wanted to experience having sex in Zero-G. Instead, she adjusted the Model Tiamat's orbit so that it would gradually fall towards the Earth. Minutes later, they were free falling at nearly 17,000km/h, the exterior of the Model Tiamat glowing red how as they traced a path reminiscent of a meteor through the night sky. In the end, Bulma outright let them crash into the ocean, as, prior to receiving the Model Tiamat, she had learned of its ability to mitigate virtually all impact forces the pilot might experience. She also knew he wouldn't let anything happen to her, so, despite tensing up like a vice as they barreled towards the sea at Mach 14, she never made any attempt to pull up.

It was quite an exhilarating experience.




With the Model Tiamat resting at the bottom of the ocean, Vahn gently caressed Bulma's naked body as she snuggled against his chest with an indescribably content smile on her face. Her first time had completely shattered every expectation she had about sex. The magazines she had read mentioned it would be uncomfortable, and, unless her partner was especially 'gifted', he would only be able to last 1-2 rounds before being completely spent. Instead, Vahn never got tired, and, unless she asked for a reprieve, he would keep going and going and going until her bain felt like a puddle of warm goo...

Thinking of warm goo, Bulma's smile morphed into a feigned pout as she softly complained, "You came inside of me..."

Nodding his head in affirmation, Vahn renewed the blush on Bulma's face by clarifying, "Seventeen times, to be exact..."

Shivering due to the echoes of a still-present pleasure, Bulma adjusted her position on Vahn's lap so she could inspect the state of her body. She half expected to see the floor of the cockpit covered in a murky white liquid. Instead, she felt a fluffy warmth in her lower body as the only thing staining her thighs were her own love juices.

Preempting Bulma's question, Vahn pulled her close to him as he said, "I'll explain the details later. Just know that, unless you're ready to get pregnant, the odds of an accident occurring are precisely zero..."

Though she felt a tinge of melancholy when she heard Vahn's words, it didn't prevent a smile from developing across Bulma's face as she mused, "Sounds like an excuse to let you cum inside me as much as you want..."

Instead of refuting the blunette's claim, Vahn adopted a massive grin as he replied, "I've tried using condoms and other forms of contraceptive but everyone, and I mean everyone, complained about it."

Recalling the explosive pleasure she felt every time Vahn released his 'vital essence' inside of her, a far more prominent shudder wracked Bulma's body. The sensation had been so intense, that, for a brief moment, she thought his glans had somehow penetrated the protective walls of her cervix. It was a simultaneously terrifying and exhilarating experience that resulted in her gushing to the point she thought she peed herself...

Feeling the moisture in his lap increasing at a much faster rate, the smile on Vahn's face became more prominent as he slipped his hands between Bulma's thighs and asked, "What's this...?" as he retracted his fingers to reveal a glossy, slightly viscous fluid dripping from each.

Adopting a pouty expression, Bulma used her elbow to give Vahn a not-so-gentle nudge as she said, "Stop teasing me. I get it. I'm horny. Now, are you going to keep pissing around or are you going to do something about it?"

Without waiting for Vahn's reply, Bulma straddled his lap with her knees before mustering enough bravado to grab his newly erect member and aim it at her entrance. Unfortunately, she misjudged the angle quite a bit, so, despite lowering her hips with the intent to achieve penetration, her love juices caused Vahn's penis to slip past her entrance, dividing her butt cheeks and poking out from beneath her as she dropped flat against his hips.


Restraining the urge to laugh, Vahn adopted a smoldering look as he tossed Bulma a bone, asking, "Who's teasing who...?"

Though she immediately suspected that Vahn was covering for her, that didn't stop a seductive grin from developed across Bulma's face as she snaked her hands around his neck and said, "You kind of deserve it..." before kissing his lips and proceeding to grind against him as if that were her intention from the start...




After convincing Bulma they needed to be back before the start of breakfast, Vahn teleported the Model Tiamat to its impromptu hangar before laying her to rest in the master bedroom. She tried to insist she didn't need to sleep, but, once the adrenaline started to wear off, she crashed harder than the Model Tiamat. Fortunately, Sarina was there to take care of her, as, instead of sleeping the previous night, she stayed up watching anime and exercising. Her body had basically acclimated to their nightly activities, so, without completely exhausting herself, she simply couldn't sleep.

Fortunately, Cheelai and Tights didn't even comment on the absence of Bulma and Sarina. Instead, they made small talk by discussing space. As for Chi-Chi, she was simply too pure to even register the possibility that something was amiss, so, while she immediately noticed the duo's absence, she didn't even think to question it. Instead, she just reveled in the fact she was able to sit next to Vahn, as, more often than not, the seats nearest him were occupied by Sarina and Broly...




(A/N: Alternate Titles: 'You activated Vahn's trap card...!','I would say that went from 0 to 100 real fast but it was more like the slope of an exponential curve xD...','Everything is normal (O v O)...')

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