Elite Mages' Academy - Chapter 654

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Chapter 654: Xiao Lin’s Match

Gu Xiaoyue understood the importance of this match as well. Unlike Xiao Lin, the woman probably did not care about Dawn City’s reputation, as she cared more about her sister, and would definitely do her best.

Gu Xiaoyue’s concentration was hard to imagine. She focused fully, and those complicated magical formations suddenly became as simple as a few numbers. She only thought for three minutes before picking up the specially prepared magical pen and started drawing on the special magical paper.

White was still deep in thought next to her. What was required was not just copying it; one first needed to see through everything the formation contained. Once one had started, there was no way to correct anything, so he was very careful, but he quickly saw Gu Xiaoyue start. White was definitely very surprised, but he seemed to realize something and he bitterly smiled as he shook his head. He was forcing himself to start, since speed was also a criteria for judging.

The match ended after five minutes, which was much shorter than expected. The two of them finished their formations before presenting it to the judge. The judge was a middle-aged man with a sparse beard and he had a very formal expression. After looking through both of their completed drawings, he had a look of slight surprise. When he raised his head again, he looked at Gu Xiaoyue with astonishment, asking, “Did you finish this?”

“That’s right.”

“Have you seen this array before?”

“No. Everything I’ve learned in class is just basic knowledge.”

“Unbelievable, how old are you this year?”


Looking at how the judge conversed with Gu Xiaoyue with a warm tone, everyone else was dumbfounded and basically guessed the result. After a few minutes, Judge Academy’s president finally reminded the judge to continue in a low voice, causing the judge to cough dryly before announcing the results. It was no surprise that Gu Xiaoyue won.

White looked very miserable, but Judge Academy did not seem too surprised. It was obvious that their information was quite good, and they knew that Gu Xiaoyue was good at this, so losing that point was within their calculations.

Following Gu Xiaoyue’s victory, the current results were three to zero. Based on the seven point metric, Dawn Academy only needed one more point to be declared the victor. The team match did not even need to be held.

“I really can’t stand looking at them. They’re clearly in a dangerous spot, but none of them look worried at all. Are they really so confident?” Sheng Guo suddenly said, pointing at the Judge Academy students, who were not far away.

“Are they so confident about Martin?”

“He is the youngest genius in the medical realm.”

The others had naturally read Martin’s information before, and it was obvious that they were not so confident about the results for the next match. Of course, they would not blame Xiao Lin like Han Manman did. After all, Dawn Academy did have the advantage in terms of points at that moment.

The fourth match was about to start.

Looking at Gu Xiaoyue who had just walked out of the tournament room, Xiao Lin revealed a faint smile, saying softly, “Don’t worry! Leave it to me!”

Gu Xiaoyue paused for a moment. When she looked back again, Xiao Lin had already stepped into the venue.

Contrary to the image in Xiao Lin’s head, Martin was someone who was very skinny, and seemed obviously very average in skill. Of course, Xiao Lin would not underestimate the guy because of that. Xiao Lin knew that there were many types of people in the New World. They might not be good at combat, but they might have crazy advantages in other areas, and the guy in front of him was obviously one of them.

It was a pity that he was facing Xiao Lin.

The second match was obviously medical studies, which his opponent had the most confidence in. It was similar to the earlier match; the judge would pick out various potions, and the participants needed to prepare them. The tournament area already had many herbs provided, but not all of those herbs would be used, so the participants needed to pick out the relevant ones. The final victor would be determined by the effectiveness of their potions.

The judge quickly provided the potions for the match; it was a basic recovery potion — a commonly seen potion. However, recovery potions were one of the more complicated types. A basic recovery potion could cure light wounds and recover a portion of mental strength, so it was a fusion between a medical potion and a mental strength recovery potion.

To beginners, this type of potion was definitely quite difficult, but Xiao Lin knew that Martin’s skills were definitely not fake. The potion was probably child’s play to Martin. If everything went as expected, the guy would definitely produce it perfectly.

Xiao Lin was not afraid of his opponent. There was a large amount of knowledge stored in his head, and the problem was not as hard as he thought, so he was also confident in making the perfect potion.

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That would present a difficult problem; if both of their potions were to be practically perfect, then it would be very hard to determine a victor. A draw could very possibly appear in that situation, which was something Judge Academy could definitely accept, but Xiao Lin could not because they had no hope of winning the team match.

A draw would mean Dawn Academy’s loss.

Xiao Lin furrowed his eyebrows, and did not start collecting the herbs immediately. He looked through the relevant information in his head, thinking about how to beat his opponent.

Xiao Lin strangely noticed that his pale-faced opponent, Martin, seemed to be doing the same thing as him. Martin was deep in thought, as if he had some dilemma.

Xiao Lin found it strange. Martin would definitely not encounter any difficulties with that potion, so what was he hesitating for?

Suddenly, Xiao Lin seemed to notice something, and his eyes brightened as he mumbled. “I see! You gave me an idea!”

After that, Xiao Lin started to collect the herbs that he needed. Martin went back into thought upon seeing Xiao Lin’s actions, but there was not much time, so Martin started to move after a little over ten seconds, and the pace he took for looking for the herbs was much faster than Xiao Lin, since he did not need to retrieve the information from his memories like Xiao Lin.

Among the spectators, even though they were not as good at medical studies as Martin, they still had some basic knowledge. After looking at their herbs in detail, everyone had a strange expression before they started to sweat.

That was because both Xiao Lin and Martin seemed to be using herbs that were drastically different from what a basic recovery potion needed!

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