Elite Mages' Academy - Chapter 653

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Chapter 653: Gu Xiaoyue Comes On

Judge Academy’s side could not help but let out smiles. Even though the process was harder than they expected, the result was still what they anticipated.

Dawn Academy’s spectators could not help but shut their eyes; they could not blame Chen Dao for anything since Chen Dao had already done his best. It was just that the opponent was better than him. They were even mulling over how they would console Chen Dao later.

Everything happened in a flash. A short explosion could be heard in the quiet arena again, and the exhausted Chen Dao once again summoned intense flames around him, which was the signs of the Fire God talent activating.

The others did not even have the time to exclaim in surprise or wonder if the guy still had any energy left when they saw Chen Dao throw out a Pyroblast from his hand. The massive fireball shot out; the spell was way too fast. It had been practically instant, while Thomas’s reactions had noticeably slowed. Even if his overall skill seemed better than Chen Dao’s after the Water God talent ended, he did not have much mental strength left.

Even though Thomas wanted to, his body could not react in time as he looked at the Pyroblast that was fired almost right in front of him and pierced through his torso. The massive explosion sent him flying into the air, and when he fell again, his torso was already a complete mess, leaking out massive amounts of blood.

“Hahaha!” Chen Dao laughed loudly as his Fire God Talent ended, this time forced. Chen Dao had finally exhausted his last remaining energy, but he still stubbornly stood there, his body swaying like a flickering candle in the wind.

“Thomas has lost the ability to fight! The winner is Chen Dao of Dawn Academy!”

As the person in charge announced the result to the arena, Chen Dao let out a satisfied smile and collapsed.

Those outside ran right in, bringing the heavily injured Thomas and Chen Dao out and quickly bringing them in for treatment.

“How is this possible?!” The dramatic end had left many people in disbelief.

“What a smart strategy! That Chinese boy must have held the last bits of his remaining strength back to activate his talent. I don’t think he had more than two seconds left. No, he might only have had less than a second left.” On Judge Academy’s side, Raymond sighed bitterly.

“Chen Dao had probably already prepared that Pyroblast spell, so he could immediately use it after activating the talent. He probably understood that he would only have one chance to act after activating his talent again.” Xiao Lin slowly started to understand that Chen Dao’s strategy was a little similar to his Momentary Ruin, leaving a bit back after deactivating his talent so he would have a chance to activate it again.

It seemed like Chen Dao had noticeable improvements after all the practice and training.

The individual matches had ended, and Dawn Academy took a temporary two to zero lead over Judge Academy!

The score was outside of most expectations, but Xiao Lin noticed that the Americans quickly lost all of their anxiety. After Thomas was sent off, they were calm again, and they told the committee member that the next match could start.

Were they so confident in the following matches that they did not care that they lost two points?

Xiao Lin furrowed his eyebrows before looking at Gu Xiaoyue, saying, “Your opponent is White. Based on the rules, the secondary profession matches won’t be too complicated. Only medicinal studies, smithing, runes, and other limited subjects are included. White studies runes, so I don’t think you’ll lose to anyone else in that department, right?”

Gu Xiaoyue glared at him. “You better worry about yourself!” She entered the arena after that.

Xiao Lin smiled wryly as he rubbed his nose. Gu Xiaoyue still did not seem too confident in him. However, it was fine. As long as Gu Xiaoyue won, then their hopes were very great.

In truth, Gu Xiaoyue had a big advantage in this match. Runic studies, in the most basic sense, were the foundation of magical arrays and formations. Normally, mages would take it as their secondary profession. After all, in magical studies, it was necessary to at least have a basic understanding of magical arrays.

With Gu Xiaoyue’s skill and talent in magic, she was a natural at runes. Xiao Lin did not study the subject, but he still firmly believed that.

“There is not much information on White. I asked Yu Mei before, and this person seems to be more average in Judge Academy. Of course, even an average person here is much stronger than someone from the other academies,” Xiao Lin said.

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“So this should be the match that we have the best chance of winning.” Sheng Guo came over to talk to Xiao Lin.

Xiao Lin glanced at him. Xiao Lin did not interact with Sheng Guo that much usually, but Xiao Lin knew that the man was someone who was very good at reading the situation. Knowing that Xiao Lin was about to become the year leader, Sheng Guo noticeably increased his interactions with Xiao Lin.

Xiao Lin did not reject these sort of interactions, so he nodded and said, “That’s right. Gu Xiaoyue’s talent in this department exceeds even Chen Dao. That little brat doesn’t care about anything other than fighting.”

Based on the rules, Dawn Academy could pick the topics for the secondary professions as the hosts. Normally, runes were the most common topic, so it was not that surprising.

White was a bespectacled young man, and did not seem like someone who stood out. The rules of the tournament were simple. After all, they were only first-year students with minimal interaction with their secondary professions, so the match could not be too complicated. First, the judge would choose a magical array, and both parties would try to draw it. The final product would then be judged.

The tournament was quickly about to bigen, and the judge picked a defensive formation out of a dozen arrays. It was a picture formed out of over a hundred runes, and the difficulty was moderate, but it was still quite difficult to achieve the highest degree of success.

Even though Xiao Lin believed in Gu Xiaoyue, he was still a bit nervous because, according to his plans, if they lost any one of the first four matches, they would not have to compete in the remainder of the day anymore. As a first time leader, even if Yu Mei and the president would not hold him responsible, Xiao Lin would still feel some guilt.

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