Duke Pendragon - Chapter 91

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To welcome the Pendragon family’s heir, Count Seyrod gathered most of the nobles from the Seyrod territory . Naturally, everyone’s gazes were directed towards Raven and Soldrake .

“That lady is a dragon?”


The eyes of the aristocrats gathered in the palace became humongous when they saw Soldrake’s unimaginable beauty . But as usual, the nobles were unable to handle the naturally flowing energy from Soldrake and turned their heads with sullen expressions .

“We can leave the introductions until the banquet . Why don’t you take a break until the banquet is ready? I have arranged a place for you . ”

“I will do that . Thank you for your consideration . ”

The heir to a duchy received the title of count from birth . That was why Raven had only shown respect as an equal to other High Lords he had met until now . However, Count Seyrod was more than a High Lord and a count to Raven as he was a relative from the senior generation . So, Raven answered Seyrod’s words with courtesy .

“Of course . By the way…”

Count Seyrod showed gratefulness towards Raven and then took a glance behind Raven .

“This lady does not seem to be a mercenary…”

Sophia, who had been restless until now, bowed her head and avoided Count Seyrod’s gaze .

“She is the youngest daughter of Sisak’s High Lord, Count Bresia . For personal reasons, she is accompanying me back to the Pendragon territory . ”

“Ho? The daughter of Lord Bresia?”

The nobles started to murmur amongst themselves as Count Seyrod answered with a surprised expression . Everyone knew that Alan Pendragon had caused a huge scene in the great territory of Sisak . That’s why they could not understand why the daughter of Sisak’s High Lord was accompanying him .

“I will fill you in on the details later . ”

“Let’s do that . Luna . ”

“Please follow me, Your Grace Pendragon . ”

Raven glanced towards the source of the calm voice . He nodded inwardly as he watched Luna lead him with a calm demeanor . Even though his companions had increased in number, Luna did not seem to have much interest in the matter .

It seemed that it was not only her looks that had matured, but her behavior as well .

[Ray, that girl’s body odor is becoming stronger . I think she has set today as her mating day . ]


Raven shook his head hopelessly at Soldrake’s words and followed behind Count Seyrod and Luna . The group walked through the corridors of the castle, and soon arrived at a corridor where the dark sunset was pouring in between dozens of tall, large pillars .

Count Seyrod’s castle had existed since the empire’s beginning, and it was magnificent and elegant in its beauty . And due to its beauty, Leo and Jody were frantically looking around, trying to take in its grandeur .

But Raven did not pay it any attention and walked shoulder to shoulder with Count Seyrod while looking straight ahead . Count Seyrod observed Raven with intrigued eyes .

“I had heard that you lost your memories, but it really seems to be true . Before, you used to always enjoy this particular scenery whenever you came to our castle . ”

“Hmm, is that true?”

Raven turned his head to look between the columns . The image was quite beautiful, with the evening sun draping over a serene lake . The Alan Pendragon of the past might have been encaptivated by the scene, but Raven had not come here just to observe beautiful sights . He soon lost interest and turned his head back .

Count Seyrod was quite surprised as he observed Raven’s indifferent face from the side .

‘How can a person change so much?’

He had already known that Alan Pendragon was a changed man . Alan had cut off Breeden’s neck with a single strike, and Luna had told Count Seyrod many other stories as well .

But when he finally came face-to-face with the young man, he realized that Alan Pendragon had become way too different . The feeble boy from the past was nowhere to be seen .

His expression, gait, and above all else, his spirit had changed completely from before . In addition, the young man had apparently cut off the arm of Toleo Arangis in Leus, who was known for his ferocity and excellency with the sword, and also uncovered the truth behind the treason case from three years ago .

‘This is not the Alan Pendragon I knew . Huh, is this really possible?”

Since his wife was from the Pendragon family, Count Seyrod had seen Alan Pendragon from childhood, which made him have strong doubts .

But he soon shook his head .

‘Well, whatever the case, it’s not like there’s anything for me to do . We can’t stop the Pendragon family from spreading its wings once again . ’

The Great Territory of Seyrod was one of the weakest amongst the thirteen territories along with Sisak . He was concerned about the death of Breeden and the impact it would have on the family . There was nothing good to be gained from provoking the neighboring Pendragon family .

“This is it . ”

Luna stopped walking in front of a two-story building located on one side of the castle’s back garden . The interior of the building was quite large .

Thanks to the fireplace, which was already prepared, the rooms were quite cozy, and all the furniture were neat and elegant .

“I have purposefully prepared this place for Your Grace . I heard that you do not like excessive extravagance . This is where my mother spent her last years . It’s only for a day, but it should be quite comfortable . ”

“This is a great place . Thank you for your consideration . ”

If it was the place where the Count’s mother spent the last of her years, then it would probably be quite extraordinary . Raven could see that Count Seyrod was being very considerate of him . Count Seyrod gave a pleased smile at Raven’s polite response .

“Your companions can use the second floor . Make yourselves at home . Anyways, Your Grace, would you care for some tea?”

“Let’s do that . Just a moment, please . Sir Isla let’s unpack . We should get changed for the banquet as well . ”

Raven and his companions went up to the second floor and changed into formal attires .

“We’ll go down later . ”

“Alright . ”

Jody recognized that the two men wanted to have a private conversation and the rest of the group stayed upstairs while Raven went downstairs .

Luna carefully poured the hot water, and the subtle scent spread throughout the room .

“It’s El Peso’s chamomile herbal tea . It will help clear the mind and help you recover from fatigue . Well, I enjoy it occasionally because of the clean aroma . ”

“I see . ”

Raven wafted the clean scent that was similar to the smell of green apples . He found it quite pleasant .

‘Huh! It’s as if Duke Gordon Pendragon has come back to life . ’

Count Seyrod was inwardly impressed by Raven, who was silently sipping from his cup . Raven’s posture and demeanor as he leisurely drank tea was fitting of the heir of a prestigious family . His gestures were filled with dignity and elegance .

“This tea is quite aromatic . ”

“I’m glad to hear that . Actually, my daughter recommended it . She suggested this place as well . ”

Count Seyrod gave a gentle smile, and Raven looked at Luna with an intrigued expression . He had thought that she was a self-respecting, prideful woman, but it seemed that she really had changed in many ways .

“I have had a rough time staying outside for so long, but I can finally relax thanks to you, Lady Seyrod . ”

“Ah… . It’s nothing . ”

Luna gently lowered her eyes as she poured tea into an empty cup .

“She has changed a lot after she got back from Leus . ”

Luna shuddered at her father’s words . She had remembered the event at the night in the villa .

“I’m sorry to have inadvertently caused your daughter a great deal of trouble . ”

But Raven had already forgotten the conversation that he held with her that night .

“No, no . It’s not your fault, Your Grace . Besides, I did not worry because Your Grace was there, as well as His Highness Prince Ian . ”

“I’ll be more careful in the future . ”

It was only natural for a father to care about his daughter’s well-being, so Raven apologized for the matter . It was true that Luna had to experience such things because she was travelling with him .

“Hmmm… . ?”

Raven spoke thoughtlessly, but Count Seyrod understood the words ‘in the future’ a little differently and narrowed his eyes . But Count Seyrod was an experienced man, and he changed the subject while hiding his revelation .

“By the way, about Count Bresia’s daughter . Could you tell me about what happened?”

Luna lifted her head slightly at Count Seyrod’s question . It was pretty evident that there was no relationship between the girl and Alan, but she was still curious about the reason why the daughter of Sisak’s High Lord had accompanied him back .

She was also concerned because Sophia was a pretty lady as well .

“Well, as you know, I headed towards Sisak a month ago under Prince Ian’s orders…”

Raven slowly began to unravel what had happened in the Great Territory of Sisak . Count Seyrod and Luna’s facial expressions changed multiple times throughout his story .

In particular, when he talked about how he had revealed his identity and negotiated with Count Bresia about the matter with Sophia, the two people took on an expression of great shock .

“Huh! That’s… Count Bresia could not have done anything else . Still, it is still a lot better than having your entire family destroyed and your daughter being put to death . ”

“Yes, and that was why he agreed with my solution . ”

“Both Lord Bresia and Your Grace Pendragon made a wise decision . But are you really thinking of having her as a maid?”

Count Seyrod sneakily asked . Raven noticed the hidden meanings behind the question and answered calmly .

“Of course . The Bresia family will also be satisfied if I can make a proper lady out of their immature daughter . I have no doubts that the duchess will be an excellent teacher . ”

“Haha! Duchess Elena will surely be the best teacher . Her wisdom and virtues are known even in the imperial castle . Ah, yes, Luna, why don’t you also take this as an opportunity and also head to Conrad Castle to receive the duchess’ teachings?”

“H, Huh?”

Luna flinched at the unexpected development . Raven also became a little taken back, but Count Seyrod continued with a gentle smile .

“I have not found her a suitable partner, but she is in a position where she needs to find a husband soon . Duchess Elena will be an excellent teacher for Luna . What do you think, Your Grace Pendragon?”

Raven stared at Count Seyrod’s face . His suggestion did not seem to have come out of the blue . Surely, he had another intention .

“…I have no reason to disagree . If Lady Seyrod is okay with it, I will let the duchess know . ”

Raven pondered for a moment, then nodded . He did not know what Count Seyrod’s intentions were, but it seemed proper to accept his neighboring relative’s request, especially since their relationship had soured recently . The reason he visited this place was to resolve the estranged relationship anyways .

“Ah, that’s good . ”

Count Seyrod nodded his head several times and turned his gaze to Luna .

“I will do as you wish, Father . ”

Luna had already regained her polite attitude, and she lowered her eyes .

“Good, good . Stay there until the end of the year . In the meantime, I will look into the matter of your marriage . ”

“…Yes . ”

Luna trembled slightly at the mention of marriage . No matter age or status, now was the right time .

Rather, a lady of her status should have been engaged by the age of 15, and already been married by now . But after breaking the engagement with the Pendragon Duchy, and the death of Breeden, a possible suitor, everything returned to square one .

Naturally, there were plenty of noble men who wanted Luna’s hand in marriage, but there was only one man that Luna and Count Seyrod wanted .

“Could I have another cup? This tea is very nice . ”


Of course, the man they had in mind did not know about the fact and was leisurely sipping on his tea .

“By the way, Your Grace Pendragon…”

Count Seyrod, who had been staring at Raven with a strange smile, spoke again with a slightly serious look on his face .

“Why don’t you visit the imperial castle before the New Year? Now that you have come of age, it might be a good time to greet His Majesty . ”

“Yes, I am planning to visit the imperial city around the winter . ”

Raven’s eyes were calm .

Greeting the emperor was not just a simple greeting .

Once he headed to the imperial castle, a formal ceremony would be held to recognize Alan Pendragon as the official master and Duke of the Pendragon family .

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