Duke Pendragon - Chapter 8

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Raven shrugged after staring at his great aunt for a moment .

“I don’t know . My head was cut off, and when I opened my eyes, I was already in this body . ”

“Hmm . Then fill me in on the details . Who you are, where you were, and what happened exactly . ”

Raven pondered for a moment .

He wasn’t sure whether he could trust her with the truth .

But then he realized that Attia was a ghost, and he was the only one capable of holding a conversation with her . Even if he told her the truth, it would probably not lead to any complications . More than anything, Raven needed allies . Especially someone who could give him information about his predicament and about the Pendragon family .

In that sense, it seemed like having Attia, a member of the Pendragon family, as an ally would be quite useful .

“It might be hard to believe, but I fight alongside Alan Pendragon seven years in the future on the Robstein Plains . ”

“What did you say?”

Attia Pendragon frowned at the mention of coming from the future . Raven sighed lightly before continuing his words .

“I’m saying that I’ve come against the flow of time . In the sixth month of the three hundred twenty-first year of the imperial calendar, I died on the battlefield . Sir Pendragon came as support along with Soldrake for our army and…”

Raven started on his lengthy explanation . All the while, Attia maintained an expressionless face listening to Raven’s story .

“…and that’s the story . I am not sure as to why I woke up in Sir Alan Pendragon’s body . ”

Raven carefully examined Attia’s face for any reaction . Her face remained passive even after hearing this story that he himself could not believe . After a short while, Attia nodded her head .

“So that’s what happened . I see . ”

“So… you believe my story?”

Raven was surprised at Attia’s unreserved acceptance . He had told her that he came back to life from the dead, travelled through time, took someone else’s body, and she had accepted it just like that .

“Well there’s nothing to be done is there? You are not my great-nephew, and I’ve already confirmed that with Soldrake . The important thing here is that you, no, that Alan Pendragon came back to life . This surely is as someone willed . ”


“That’s right . You said that the one who killed you said so? That there is a connection between the fall of your family, my family, and my great-nephew . Then it also makes sense to think that someone must be behind your revival in Alan’s body . Wouldn’t you agree?”


Raven contemplated deeply . It did have its logic .

“And I don’t think you know about this, but it doesn’t make sense that my great-nephew headed to the battlefield with Soldrake . ”

“What do you mean by that?”

Attia responded to Raven with a stiff expression .

“Even for a descendant of the Pendragon family, a soul can only contract with one soul in their lifetime . This holds true especially so for a dragon . If you fail to establish a contract, you never get a second chance . You have to leave it to the next generation . ”

“Then that means…”

“Yes . It means that the person you saw on the battlefield was probably never my great-nephew to begin with . The reason he fell unconscious is because he failed to establish a contract with Soldrake . ”


Raven stared in disbelief . But Attia had not finished speaking yet .

“I don’t know how he managed to re-establish the contract with Soldrake . But that’s not what’s important right now . I have never acknowledged that weak boy as a true Pendragon . What happened now is probably for the better . ”

Raven had no way of knowing why Attia spoke so cheerfully . Attia’s smile slowly deepened as she slowly raised her finger and pointed straight at Raven .

“It’s the same body, but with different souls . That is why you, Raven Valt, will be forming a new contract with Soldrake, the Pendragon family’s dragon . ”

“… . ”


Raven’s jaws refused to close .

“Wooo! Huah!”

The smooth, muscular, pure white body devoid of any scars moved up and down repeatedly .

“Y, your Grace… you shouldn’t be doing this… . Ahh!”

Lindsay’s boisterous chest was even more prominent when her arms were put together . She let out harsh breaths with a red-hot face .

“Hoowook! Huagh! Just a little more . Huuagh! Be strong . ”

“W, well, if you keep doing this… Ahh!”

“It’s not like I’m doing this just for my sake, Huuah! Be a little more patient . Uaghh!”

“Ahh! Well if the head maid finds out… Ahhh!”

Lindsay fell back with a short scream . She promptly stood back up and straightened her messy clothes .

“I’m so sorry, Your Grace . ”

“No, that’s fine . This is good enough for today . ”

It was a bit regrettable, but Raven lifted his body . Lindsay hurried forward and wiped his sweating body with a cold towel . Her cheeks still burned red, but it seemed to stem from a different reason .

“W, well, Your Grace, are you sure you’re fine? It has only been two days since you’ve been walking . Are you sure you should be performing such vigorous exercises…? What if…”

Raven clicked his tongue at Lindsay’s words . ”

“Why would anyone call sit-ups a vigorous exercise?”

“Well still…”

Lindsay continued to steal glances at Raven’s handsome face with a worried expression . During the three years he laid unconscious, his face had become pale like a corpse . Recently however, color was slowly returning to his face . His facial features had looked like an elaborate sculpture before, but now was becoming more handsome .

Besides, it was none other than herself who took care of him and cleaned his body every day for the last three years . She was more than familiar with his body . She knew where every mole was, and even the private parts of men… .

‘W, what am I even thinking about…’

Lindsay lowered her beet-red face . Even though she was so used to cleaning his body, it was different now that he was awake . It was flustering . Less than ten days had passed since he awoke, but his physique seemed stronger than before, and that did not help at all with Lindsay’s embarrassment .

“That’s enough . I can take care of the rest . You may go . ”

“Hmm? Ah, yes…”

Lindsay broke free of her daze and stepped back, taking the wash basin and the towel . It was somewhat disappointing that His Grace, who was like the sky to her, did not enjoy being served anymore like he used to in the past .

Raven was now left alone . He proceeded to put on a shirt, sat in a chair, and took a sip of water from a glass .

“She is quite a pleasant one . I have watched her for three years, and she’s never been careless . I think it might be a good idea to take her as a concubine . Her buttocks are large, and she has plentiful breasts . She’ll do well to bear and raise your children . ”

Cough! Cough!

Water sprouted from Raven’s mouth at the words of Attia’s ghost, who had appeared out of nowhere .

“What do you mean concubine? I have no such thoughts . ”

Raven spoke bluntly as he wiped the water off the table and his mouth . Attia tilted her head .

“Why would you say that? A nobleman must bear many offspring . My older brother and Gordon both only had one son because they adored their wives too much . That is why a no-good like Alan became the heir of our family . If you do not want to walk down the same path, I suggest you make good relationships with the girls in the castle and have some sons . ”

“Don’t you think your time would be better spent telling me more about the mausoleum (a shrine where the souls of ancestors are enshrined) and Soldrake?”

Raven quickly changed the topic . Fortunately, Attia seemed to regard regaining the family honor as more important than bearing children . She spoke with a prudent face .

“Yes, you’re right . So, as I’ve already told you, the most important task for you right now is to reopen the mausoleum . The reason for our family’s current decline is because the mausoleum is closed . You must work to reopen it . ”

When Raven had first heard about the mausoleum and Soldrake a few days ago, he had immediately come to a better understanding of the Pendragon family’s situation .

The Pendragon mausoleum was not simply a place to honor the family ancestors . Actually, almost all the wealth and power of the Pendragon family were concentrated in the mausoleum . The gold mine, iron mine, crystal mine, and even a magic tower capable of arcane magic were all located in the mausoleum .

Even lower summons that were controlled by Soldrake resided in the mausoleum .

It would normally be a bad idea to concentrate all the power in one place, but there was a good reason for it .

The Pendragon family was a force that was counted as one of the strongest in the empire, due to their power to control the dragons . They were considered one of the strongest on earth .

If such a family’s power dispersed in an internal strife, it would have a huge impact on the Duchy as well as the whole empire . That was why the Pendragon family used magic to allow only the real successor, who had contracted with Soldrake, to open the mausoleum .

Thus, the duke of the family had sole control over the entire family over the generations . It helped in preventing the dispersal of power by allowing only the righteous successor to open the mausoleum .

Of course, that was also the reason why the Pendragon family was in such dire straits currently .

“I agree with you in that we need to reclaim the mausoleum . But don’t we need an army for that? Going as far as Bellint Gate might not be a problem, but you said the way to the mausoleum is located in the Ancona forest . It will be filled with all sorts of monsters and spirits . We only have three knights, and barely a hundred men . Even then, we will need to leave some behind to defend, leaving us to take what… fifty soldiers?! With that number, I don’t know how we will ever…”

“But we have you, don’t we?”

Attia cut off Raven’s words as he was deep into thought . Raven seemed irritated, but then quickly regained a calm expression .

“What do you expect me to do with this body? What do you expect me to do when I get tired after doing only fifty sit-ups?”

“Raven Valt, you may fool ghosts, but you can’t fool me . An undying body . The remarkable rate of healing . Ten year’s worth of skills honed on the battlefield . You’ve already regained all of that, haven’t you?”

Attia looked at Raven with a slight hint of a smile on her face . Raven shut his mouth .

‘How did this old hag figure it out? No, rather, what does she mean by ‘fool a ghost’? She’s the damn ghost here…’

Raven let out a sigh and spoke in a resigned voice .

“Well, if you already know that much, there’s not much for me to say . But are you saying I should push those soldiers knowing that I will be bringing them to their doom in the process?”

“Someone who’s done everything to survive amidst a bunch of scoundrels and monsters is now claiming to be a saint? Turning over a new leaf now, are you? That is something to laugh about now, isn’t it?”

Raven found nothing to say at Attia’s ridicule . They used to say that Attia was called the Pendragon familys tigress when she was alive, and even in death, she was quite something .

Even the reaper of the battlefield could not easily handle her .

She was the first and only woman in the history of the Pendragon family to communicate with the dragon . That pretty much summed it up .

“Well since you’ve been reborn, I guess there’s no law that says you can’t turn over a new leaf . Tell you what . I’ll teach you something good . ”

“And what would that be?”

“There are warriors that can easily handle ten soldiers individually . If you can win them over, then you will be able to deal with the monsters of Ancona forest and find your way to the mausoleum . ”

“Huh! I mean, why didn’t you tell me earlier if you knew such a thing?”

Raven knew after a few days of interaction with Attia that she never said anything in vain . If there really were warriors such as that, then he could definitely open the mausoleum . Heck, he could even go straight to his hometown and solve the secrets of the Valt family .

As if reading his thoughts, Attia spoke with a mysterious smile .

“It would be better for you not to have other thoughts . They are those who are entangled with the Pendragon family through old pledges . They might not recognize you as the true successor unless you reclaim the mausoleum . Everything is up to you . ”

“… . ”

He kept thinking . There must be a catch to this .

There was .

The old ghost tigress carefully planned everything .

‘I guess I have no choice but to do as she tells me for the time being . ’

“So, who are they? The great warriors?”

“Ancona Orcs . With their strength, you can easily pave the way to the mausoleum . ”


Raven jumped up unintentionally .

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