Duke Pendragon - Chapter 6

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“Long time no see . ”

Luna remained silent after her greeting . Raven stared at his, or rather, Alan Pendragon’s fiancée intently .

The spring wind snuck its way in through the curtains, gently lifting Luna’s silver hair, and the sunlight gleamed to accentuate her beauty . She was as beautiful as the rumors, no, she fared even more beautifully than what the rumors said .

Her silver hair, purple eyes, and indifferent expression created a surreal aura around her, and her elegant features were bustling with color .

‘She’s said to be quiet and calm…’

That was what he heard from Irene . But now that he had seen her in person, she did not seem quiet and calm . Rather, she had no emotions at all, or at least that is what it seemed like .

How could she be that expressionless when meeting her fiancé who had been unconscious for the last three years?

‘She is quite the unusual woman . ’

Uncomfortable with the current situation, Raven turned his head towards the windows . He just wanted her to leave . Luna’s eyes glinted when Raven turned his head away from herself .

“You’ve changed . ”


Raven frowned, not able to make sense of her words .

“I heard that you’ve lost your memory . Perhaps you’ve forgotten about me as well?”

“Well… it’s as you have heard . It is not intentional, but I still would like to apologize . ”

Raven responded half-heartedly and turned his gaze to the windows once more . Luna’s expression turned .

‘His expression, how he talks… how he acts, it’s all changed . ’

The Alan Pendragon from three years ago and the Alan Pendragon now seemed like they were two different people . His facial features matured from a boy to a man in the three years, but he still had that pretty face .

Yet, his attitude and confident composure felt completely off . The boy she knew was not able to look people in the eyes, always anxiously avoiding those encounters .

The man in front of her had none of those previous traits .

His face carried a brisk coldness .

He, who used to stutter and scramble to find his words when responding, was now speaking to her with ease . Most importantly, what was this treatment that he was giving her now?

He used to avoid her eyes while stealing glances at her whenever he got the chance . Now it seemed like he was not really interested in her and acted almost as if he wanted her to leave .

‘This is strange . And…’

She was annoyed .

It was like a pet dog who followed her from a young age suddenly did not recognize its owner anymore .

‘Well… it doesn’t really matter . ’

Luna calmed herself down . It was not as if she would change her mind about him when she had no feelings for him whatsoever three years ago . Now that she came to face him, all she had to do was tell him . For her family, and for herself .


“Y, your Grace . ”

As Luna was about to speak the matter at hand, someone lifted the veil and walked in . Raven and Luna turned their heads simultaneously . It was Lindsay and the other maids .

“What do you need?”

“Well, I think you need to come to the palace . The duchess also asked that Lady Seyrod accompany us as well . ”

Raven furrowed his brows at the unexpected development .


“The knights that came with the lady… well, they made a bit of a… ruckus…”

Looking at Lindsay, who was at a loss, Raven turned his gaze towards Luna as if asking for an explanation . Luna bit her lips slightly at his gaze .

‘I even told him specifically not to…’ 

Breeden must’ve been responsible for the commotion .

Breeden must have been blabbering about what was going to happen with the engagement .

The people from the Pendragon family would not be able to stand still hearing the news of the engagement being annulled from a mere knight .

“We should probably head to the palace then . ”

“…Let’s do that . ”

As much as he wanted to avoid anything bothersome, Raven knew the situation was serious from the attitude of the woman who was supposed to be his fiancée . He nodded his head and started to prop himself up . The maids hurried to his side to help him .

“Your Grace, please hold my arm…”

“No, it’s fine . ”

“N, no, you’re still in bad condition . . you . . hmm?”

Lindsay fussed over Raven and was about to help him when she stopped . Lindsay, the maids, and Luna all opened their eyes wide in wonder .

The man who should have needed four or five more days of complete rest just to sit up propped himself up effortlessly and started to walk .

“What do I need to wear? What about this one?”

Raven walked all the way to the wardrobe amidst amazed gazes and picked up one of the most modest-looking outerwear .


The maids finally regained their senses and swarmed Raven .

“N, no, that is a hunting vest . You need to dress in this linen tunic when you welcome guests…”

“Give it to me, I can wear it myself . ”

Raven put on a purple tunic after taking it from the maids . They always fussed over the simplest things like putting on clothes .

“You also need to put on this belt . This crown too, as well as this bracelet…”

Lindsay put the platinum belt around Raven . The buckle was embossed with a dragon engaging its claws . She continued to adorn Raven with a silver crown embedded with numerous jewels and a gold bracelet .

Raven said bluntly while Lindsay was busy with putting on various accessories on him,

“It’s not like I’m going to see anyone important…”

“… . . ”

Luna’s expression changed slightly . She thought it was rude for him to talk that way about the knights that accompanied her .

“Are you not going?”

It was a tone that clearly displayed his irritation .

“… . . ”

Luna was about to say something when his words came . She was stunned but bit her lips before getting up from her seat . It was not visible when he was lying in bed, but the sight of Alan Pendragon dressed in proper clothing and adorned with accessories was… quite surprising .

‘What the hell is this person…’

The repressed annoyance slowly crept up, bringing along a peculiar curiosity with it .


“What do you mean by that? Breaking off the engagement?”

Conrad Castle’s general, Melborn, raised his voice .

“It is as I said . Our Lord Seyrod wishes to break off the engagement between Lady Luna and Sir Alan Pendragon . ”

Seyrod’s knight Breeden spoke with an underlying mockery in his voice .

“That’s… . ”

Melborn’s face hardened . The nobles of Conrad Castle who had all gathered in the palace also stood still with restrained faces .

Their gazes soon turned to one person .

The lady in a new white dress sitting on one of the two highest chairs in the palace, the duchess of the Pendragon family, was Elena Pendragon . Elena Pendragon sat staring down while tightly biting her lips .

“You’re sure that this is what Count Seyrod said?”

“Yes, my lady . He also expressed his deepest regret at the matter . ”

Breeden’s arrogant attitude remained unchanged as he faced the duchess of the Pendragon family .

The few remaining knights of the Pendragon family stood silently in rage . The faded iron armors of the Pendragon family’s knights were shabby compared to the shiny armors of the Seyrod’s knight, and they could only stay silent and observe .

“You are breaking off an engagement with the Pendragon family . Are you prepared to take responsibility for this matter?”

“Of course . As a sign of apology, Count Seyrod is willing to hand over complete control of the gold and crystal mines near the boundary, as well as the two lumber mills in the forest to the Pendragon family . ”

Many people from the Pendragon family became wide-eyed and started to murmur amongst themselves at Breeden’s words .

Although the Pendragon and the Seyrod family were allies related by blood, there still existed some issues regarding territory .

The County of Seyrod was an independent family that received the title and territories directly from the emperor, and not as a subordinate of the Pendragon Duchy . Therefore, they were a family that the Pendragons did not reign over, and hence had to show respect for .

This caused many problems regarding the gold and crystal mines that existed near the border of the two territories, and in its current state, the Pendragon family could not even bring up the matter of the mines due to their declination .

However, Count Seyrod said that he would hand over control ownership of the mines, with two additional lumber mills to boot . It was quite an attractive proposal for the Pendragon family .

But the price was steep . It was in exchange for a broken engagement .

For a renowned family with the title of duke, it was a great shame .

As if everyone had promised, all eyes headed to Duchess Elena Pendragon at the same time .

“My lady…”

Melborn looked to Elena Pendragon for an answer . He might have been the general of Conrad Castle who managed the entire Pendragon Territory, but Elena Pendragon still had the final say in matters .

The muttering stopped and all eyes turned to Elena .

Elena pondered for a bit . The proposal was definitely alluring . However, no matter how far they had fallen, Pendragon was Pendragon .

Her pride as a Pendragon did not let her son, the future duke of Pendragon, be shamed with a broken engagement . Especially not for mere mines and mills .

Having made her decision, Elena looked down at Breeden’s proud face and opened her lips .

“I refuse . ”


Breeden’s face distorted . Sighs of relief mixed with regret could be heard from the crowd .

“Please wait a minute . ”

A voice was heard from the shadows of the courtyard . People’s gazes looked towards where the voice came from . Soon, a person came into view as he slowly walked out of the shadows .


The group’s eyes widened .

Dressed in a purple tunic was a handsome, pale young man . He was skinny, but his facial features were delicate and beautiful .

Overall, he looked a bit haggard, but no one could mistake his blue eyes and looks . He had a faint aura of intensity around him .

“It’s His Grace, Alan Pendragon…”

“Sir! Sir Alan!”

The nobles of Conrad Castle bowed and showed their respect to the successor of the Pendragon family . Luna Seyrod, who had accompanied him, slowly moved to the side of the Seyrod family but no one gave her a glance .

“Ohh! Alan!”

Elena’s face that was previously full of worry, brightened and she cheerfully welcomed her son .

“My lady . ”

Her affection-filled gaze was still awkward to him, but Raven politely bowed his head and sat in the chair next to her .

Elena Pendragon was a spectacular beauty that made people forget her age, and Alan Pendragon’s father, Duke Gordon Pendragon, was a man who had been famous for his looks . As Alan took his seat beside Elena, it felt as if the whole courtyard brightened a notch .

Alan Pendragon appeared for the first time in three years in a public setting . His presence gave a sense of stability and pride to the crowd .

On the other hand, the Seyrod familys knights, including Breeden, did not look happy .

“Ehem! It’s been a long time, Your Grace Pendragon . ”

Breeden coughed awkwardly and greeted Alan . Raven, who had no idea of knowing who Breeden was, replied bluntly while examining him .

“Who are you?”


Breeden’s face soon turned from a confused expression to that of contempt . Alan Pendragon might have been the successor of a Duchy, but he was the vice commander of the knights of the Seyrod family . He was not someone that a young child could look down upon and treat carelessly .

“Sir Breeden, His Grace has no recollection of his past whatsoever . He didn’t recognize the duchess or me when he arose . . ”

Melborn noticed Breeden’s hostility and stepped up .

Breeden’s expression slowly eased up .

“Oh, is that so?”

‘A memory loss? Even better . ’

A smile spread on Breedens face, but the faces of the nobles of the Conrad Castle darkened again . It seemed that the rumor of Alan Pendragon awakening from the three-year-long coma with no recollection of his past was true .

“That is most unfortunate, Your Grace Pendragon . Well, I should introduce myself again, seeing as you do not remember your past . I’m Joseph Breeden, guardian knight of the Seyrod family and the vice-commander of the Knights of the Red Moon . ”

Breeden conveyed the image of a prestigious, promising young knight as he bowed gracefully with his hand on his sword and with a beaming smile .

The crowd admired Breedens appearance and stole small glances at where Alan Pendragon was sitting . He was a great beauty, but it was inevitable for Alan Pendragon to look shabby and weak compared to Breeden .

Everyone knew Alan Pendragon and his character before he fell into a coma . He was a boy as fragile and timid as he looked .

Alan Pendragon was openly referred to as the ‘blonde girl’ by the other noble families, as well as within Conrad Castle .

‘Well… . He woke up after three years, but nothing’s changed . ’

‘He’s been in bed for three years? He must be even weaker than he was before . ’

‘Besides, the dragon came and left without anything happening? It’s over for him, isn’t it…’

The nobles of Conrad Castle sighed with such thoughts . Raven watched the crowd and became annoyed at the absurdity . This damn knight was acting all high and mighty in front of his family . But then there were the Pendragon familys nobles, who only watched the situation unfold like dogs with their tails down .

He suddenly remembered his ten years on the battlefield when he suffered like a dog for ten whole years .

These people lacked desperation .

Out there, there were people suffering, praying just to live to see the next day .

Meanwhile, these people were playing out a comedic scene regarding a mere engagement .

It wasn’t even funny how everything was playing out . Looking at the ridiculous situation, laughter slipped out unintentionally .


‘Hmm!? He’s laughing?’

Breeden raised his eyebrows at Raven’s laughter . This little boy couldn’t even breathe properly when he was talking to people and now he was laughing? This was ridiculous .

“What’s so funny, Your Grace Pendragon?”

Breeden gave a friendly grin, revealing his white teeth . His face filled with contempt and ridicule .

Poor Breeden did not know .

Raven hated these types of people who were all talk and no bite .

The person looking at Breeden was not Alan Pendragon, the little brat of the Pendragon family, but Raven Valt . He was the reaper who had shaken the hand of death, marching the demonic army into an endless cycle of battle .

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