Duke Pendragon - Chapter 43

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An intense sound of clashing metal resounded before anyone could react .

“… . . !”

Surprise slowly flooded their eyes as everyone needed a brief moment to grasp the sudden situation . A knight from the Seyrod family had unscrupulously attacked Alan Pendragon’s unguarded back .

But Alan was safe, and Breeden’s long sword broke off and fell from the horse .

And the one who blocked and broke the sword…



The soldiers and the knights belonging to the two noble families showed an expression of astonishment . Their eyes were open wide with surprise and their jaws were hanging down . A small gust of wind brushed her hair, and the face that appeared was pure yet sexy .

Indifferent eyes gazed calmly under her long eyelashes and the jewels that were encrusted on her forehead, which added to the mysteriousness . But her most striking feature was the silver-white wings that sparkled under the sun . They spread out from behind her armor which resembled Alan Pendragon’s armor . And the object she carried was…

A sword . A sword made of light .


The sword of light emitting from the woman’s hand disappeared without any trace along with a sound similar to sweeping sand . But no one noticed the sword, as everyone’s eyes were fixated on the winged female knight . She slowly turned her head .


As soon as her eyes glanced over the group, the humans all dropped their heads to the ground as if they had been enchanted . The same thing happened with the last person to receive her gaze .

No, it was a little different in his case .


Soldrake’s eyes were ablaze like a blue flame . The eyes seemed to penetrate through all things . It was indifferent and cold, but at the same time contained a wave of burning anger full of killing intent . Breeden met her gaze for a split second before falling to the ground . His legs and arms flailed as he backed up and pulled himself away from her .


Soldrake spoke, but it wasn’t audible to Breeden . At that moment, fear and the will to live took over his entire body .

Breeden shouted out instinctively .

“S, shoot! Shoot! All of you, shot! Archers, fire! Fire!”

Breeden’s hoarse scream was heard by the archers that were standing by . However, no one readily pulled the trigger of their crossbows . But at that moment, the orc warriors and griffons started to move as if they were about to attack .

“W, what should we…”

An archer turned to the unit’s commander for orders . The knight clenched his teeth and gave orders . The man with the highest authority here was Breeden after all .

“F, fire! All units, fire at will!”


A hundred quarrels left their barrel simultaneously . Almost immediately, a long whistle was blown by Isla, to which the griffons rose into the air .


A rain of arrows started to fall near the bridge, and Isla’s whistling resounded once more . Around thirty griffons spread open their wings, which spanned around 20 feet, and gave a large flap .

A powerful wind was generated from their action, and it pushed back the arrows that were aimed at the orcs and the griffons . A hundred arrows swerved in the air and crashed straight down into the ground as if they had been pushed down by an invisible hand . Isla flew his griffon to the front of his pack and whistled once more . His sounds closely resembled the cry of griffons .


The griffons followed Isla’s lead and flew towards the top of the slope where the Seyrod archers were .


“W, wha…


The knights and the soldiers turned pale at the sight of griffons flying their way after blocking all the arrows with a single flap of their wings . Nevertheless, they stood in their place and jittered sloppily . Baron Noel stayed silent and watched the whole ordeal unfold as the soldiers and the knights were not under his command .

“Kill them! Attack! What are you doing!?”

Breeden screamed like a madman at the soldiers . Baron Noel, his knights, and soldiers were all at a loss, looking around the rapidly developing scene . However, the Knights of the Red Wolf were different .



Twenty soldiers charged with a warlike cry . Their spears were directed towards the orc warriors and Alan Pendragon .

“Do as you wish . ”

Karuta let out a mighty roar at Raven’s command as if he had been waiting .



Orc warriors armed with metal armor and iron maces sprang out like wild beasts . Some of them held the weapon with their mouth and ran on all four limbs, which made them seem like giant predators .


Their wild roars initiated Orc Fear, and the knights and their horses received the full brunt of the orc’s special skill .


The horses stopped their charge in fear and reared onto their hind legs . This caused a few knights to fall off their horses . The orc warriors were as fast as horses when moving short distances, and they jumped into the fray with red eyes stained with bloodlust .

Boom! Boom!

Knights were flung away with their chest plates dented in by the orcs’ fearsome blows .


The orcs warriors’ power was so terrifying that the knights were unable to retaliate and rolled on the ground . The twenty proud Knights of the Red Wolf were decimated in a few short breaths .

“Krrr… . ”

The orc warriors’ eyes gleamed with excitement after seeing blood . Then their gazes all shifted to one place . There were still prey left to satiate their thirst for battle .


“Ugh… . ”

Baron Noel and his troops took several steps back at the fearsome gazes of the orcs .

What the hell had they witnessed just now?

Battle? No, this couldn’t be called a battle . How could it be called a battle when dozens of fully armed knights were made to roll on the ground in utter defeat within the time it took to drink a cup of tea?

They didn’t even want to think about the fates of the archers on the slope .

This was not a battle, it was a massacre .

“K . . . kill him . . . Kill that brat . Kill Pendragon…”

Breeden kept muttering on the floor with drool coming out of his mouth .

Slice .

A chilling sound resounded in Breeden’s ear .


Breeden felt a little sting on his neck and raised his hand to his neck before bringing it in front of his face . A thin red line was stamped on his palm . He slowly raised his head, but contrary to his intentions, his gaze tilted sideways .

“Why don’t you die, you stupid coward . ”

Breeden’s sight turned red as he heard the cold voice .


Baron Noel became frightened at the sight of Breeden’s head being cut off, but it was even more terrifying to see the monsters who killed Breeden walking towards him .

“Ue… Uhh…”

Disregarding his dignity, Baron Noel dropped the knife in his hand and leaned back in his saddle . Someone walked out from among the orcs .

“Stand by . ”

Raven shook the blood off of the edge of his curved blade and walked forward after speaking to the orcs . Baron Noel and his knights all gulped loudly at the sight of Alan Pendragon . The image was evocative of a silver-white light parting and piercing through a sea of blazing red flames .

Raven finally arrived in front of Baron Noel and his knights and took off his helmet . A thin white face was revealed, but the baron and the knights did not dare show any reaction . They had a hunch that their fates would be determined by the words of the beautiful young man .

Raven’s lips slowly parted .

“Since when was a mere baron able to stand on the same eye level as a Pendragon?”

“Y, yes!”

Baron Noel and his knights hurried off their horses .

“Tell Count Seyrod . Pendragon does not kill unless we are attacked . But if you do engage us…”

Baron Noel’s gaze followed Raven’s gaze, which was headed towards the body of Breeden that was lying without ahead . Baron Noel wildly shook his head and stepped aside . The knights bowed their heads and stepped to the side, and soldiers followed along .

Clop, clop…

A horse slowly advanced across the bridge in the stifling silence . Soldrake also floated off the ground and moved to Raven’s side . The pair crossed the bridge that was now devoid of all creatures, and the orcs followed behind them silently .

Dozens of griffons left the slope they were on and shrieked as they landed beside Raven and Soldrake .

Baron Noel finally let out a long sigh and flopped down onto the ground . His eyes looked across the bridge at the Pendragon family’s territory and his eyes were filled with unspeakable fear .


“They’ve all been taken care of . ”

Isla put his fist on his left chest and bowed his head .

“Any damage?”

“A few of them were hit by arrows, but it’s comparable to a slight scratch for humans . ”

“I see . Good work, Sir Isla . ”

“All I did was fulfill my duty as your knight . ”

Isla spoke in a calm voice then stepped aside . Raven turned his sight onto Karuta and the orcs . It was the first battle they experienced after a long time, but they still seemed to be unsatisfied . Sure enough, Karuta sneaked his way forward and spoke carefully while cautiously taking note of Soldrake .

“Hey, Pendragon . There’s still a lot of them left, so can’t we just destroy them all”

Raven grinned while driving his horse forward .

“I know how you feel, but this is enough for today . Hang in there . ”

“Keung? Do you have something in mind?”

“All the men who attacked first are dead, but the ones who didn’t are still alive . ”

“That’s right . ”

“The men who attacked first were from Count Seyrod’s family, and those who remained were from Baron Noel’s . ”


Karuta tilted his head, unable to comprehend the hidden meaning in Raven’s words . Then Isla, who was riding next to Raven, spoke in a blunt voice .

“When today’s news spreads, the Seyrod family as well as their subordinate families will all be in shock . The superior family attacked first and were decimated, but their subordinate family remained still and were left untouched . There will be a division in the Seyrod family’s territory . ”

“Superior? Subordinate? Division? What, what the hell are you talking about?”

“I would rather take care of the griffons than to try to explain things to an ignorant orc . At least griffons listen well . ”

Isla responded coldly and flew his griffon towards the rest of the pack .

“T, that doglike scarecrow…!”

“Stop it . ”

Raven spoke to Karuta, who was on the verge of exploding, and said once more .

“To put it simply, they won’t be able to trust each other . The Seyrod family won’t be fine with the fact that their knights and soldiers were all killed while their subordinate family’s knights and soldiers were left untouched . Baron Noel will be anxious that the Seyrod family’s forces were annihilated while he was left alone . ”

“Hmm… I don’t understand . Why are scarecrows so weird in their thinking? You don’t have to worry about anything if you’re strong, hmph . ”

“Well, that’s just how humans are . Well, we shouldn’t be bothered by them for some time . ”

Raven smiled contentedly . The death of their knights and soldiers should have a large impact, and they should be busy trying to sort out internal matters in the near future . Furthermore, the power of the orc warriors and griffons should spread out through Baron Noel’s soldiers to the nearby territories .

It was obvious that other nobility would not cooperate with the Seyrod family in the future when they tried to scheme against the Pendragon family .

In other words, Raven gained control over the mine and the mill without any effort and also succeeded in throwing a potential enemy territory into chaos . As an added bonus, he had the chance to take care of a dog who didn’t know its place .

‘Throw a stone and catch two birds, I really outdid myself . ’

[Ray, I feel the insidious energy . ]

“… Okay, I get it . Anyways, Sol, thank you for earlier . ”

They had planned beforehand for Soldrake to block Breeden’s attack .

[Ray wanted it, so I did it . ]

Soldrake shook her head in indifference . But Raven could tell that she was a little happy . Just as Soldrake was able to feel Raven’s emotions, Raven could also share in some of Soldrake’s emotions as well . And when Soldrake was in a good mood, it also affected the spirits of those around her, even though they couldn’t even look at her normally .

“So, Pendragon scarecrow . Are we headed to the forest now?”

“Yes . We can take care of the horse-heads, and also work on your town as well . I’m thinking of expanding your territory just a little, what do you think?”

“Ooooh! Good! Very good!”

“Kuhehe! I was waiting! Kratul is happy! Earth god will be pleased!”

Kratul and Karuta opened their mouths wide .

“Good! We’ll destroy all the enemies of Pendragon and the Ancona Orcs! Kuhehehe!”

“Trust me, there’s still a lot left to destroy . Very much so . ”

Looking at the delighted orc warriors, Raven continued to murmur softly .

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