Duke Pendragon - Chapter 4

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As if the dragon had heard him, it began to extend its neck .


A heaven-shaking roar rang throughout the castle .



Glass flew down from the windows as the shockwave pushed the noblewoman and the middle-aged man onto the floor . Having finished its roar, the dragon spread its wings and began to hover in the air .


“My lady!”

The maids rushed to the noblewoman’s side and helped her up . Shards of glass were all over the floor .

Raven’s gaze was not focusing on the mayhem happening inside the room . Instead, he looked helplessly as the dragon was nearing him . The room gradually darkened, covered by the dragon’s shadow . The gigantic being with wings came closer until it was the only thing visible through the window . An ice-like blue eye peered through the window and scanned the humans in the room .

“Ughhh . . ”

Everyone was frozen in fear, unable to move an inch and frightened of making eye contact with the dragon . The glaring eye slowly darted from person to person . It paused for a second when it saw the old woman, but then moved towards Raven .

‘It’s him… Alan Pendragon’s dragon . ’

First, he had died and come back to life . Now he was facing Pendragon’s dragon . Raven could not get a hold of himself . Furthermore, he had just spoken the name of the dragon even though he had never heard of “Soldrake . ”

‘Damn it . What the hell? What is going on with me?’

No one was there to answer his questions .

At that moment, the noblewoman shook off the maids who were helping her .


“My lady!”

She shakily walked between the dragon and Raven . And as if trying to protect him, she spread her arms wide open .

“Soldrake! Leave my son alone . Please, do not ruin him anymore . Please, please leave him alone . ”

Her body was shaking, but she spoke with clear determination and pleaded with the dragon . The dragon stared back motionlessly . The noblewoman closed her eyes, facing the sword-eyed look covered by blue flames of fury . But she did not give in . She was not going to move aside . She stood there, ready to put her life on the line to protect Raven’s .

The old woman who had been watching the situation unfold started to move, but oddly no one paid her any attention except Raven . It seemed like she was not visible to anybody else . The old woman stopped in front of the dragon . Raven saw her lips move . She must have been speaking to the dragon, but he could not hear what she was saying . After a bit, she turned around to look at Raven . He flinched as a thin smile formed on the old woman’s face . Then, as if she had never been there, she disappeared like smoke .

“Please… please just go . ”

The noblewoman’s voice shook as she stuttered the words . As soon as those words left her mouth, the room became drowned out by light .


Everyone’s eyes widened in surprise . The dragon had slowly moved away from the window as if understanding the noblewoman’s words . Soon, the dragon had returned to its original spot looking back to the room once more . After flapping its wings in place a few more times, the dragon turned its neck .


The dragon flew off into the distance, breaking the wind with each flap .

“Huah . ”

The noblewoman collapsed as soon as the dragon was not visible anymore .

“My lady!”

“I’m okay . Rather…”

Her gaze headed towards Raven .

“Your Grace, are you alright?”

The middle-aged man hurriedly asked Raven .

Instead of speaking, Raven answered by nodding his head, still fixated to the direction where the dragon flew .

“Go and quickly fetch Sir Illaine . Actually, I’ll fetch him myself . Head maid-nim, could you look after His Grace and the lady?”

“Yes, yes!”

Raven stared blankly as the maids hurried to bring the noblewoman a chair, water and fussed over her .

“My son, are you okay?”

The woman kept worrying over him, even when her own face was pale and in shock . That reminded Raven of what she had just done .

She stared directly at the dragon, something even human scum of the demonic army could not do . It was all done to protect him . Raven was not an idiot, but he could guess why she would do something like that .

Furthermore, he had a hunch about where he was and who everyone was treating him as . The situation was chaotic, sure . With the ghost-lady, seeing the dead dragon and whatnot, he still retained his ability to think and make sound judgements .

But he could not be entirely sure . Thus, he spoke to the noblewoman .

“I am fine… But is it okay . . . if I ask you a question?”

“Yes, yes, of course! Ask me anything!” The lady grabbed Raven’s hand with a worried expression .

Even though he was already sure of the answer, Raven asked the question with a shaky voice .

“Where am I, and who . . . am I?”

The woman flinched . Her eyes shook and her face darkened, but she answered with a forced smile on her face as if to reassure him .

“You are the heir to the Pendragon family that owns this castle . You are my only son . You are Alan Pendragon . ”


Raven’s heart started beating rapidly upon hearing the answer he was expecting .


“Sir, no please… You have to say ‘aah’ . ”

“n . . . no, I can do it by myse…”

“N, no… Sir, please say ‘aah’ . ’


It had already been several days since Raven opened his eyes, but he could not get used to this situation no matter what . His brows furrowed . Seeing this, the person holding the spoon shrunk back, her face whitening in fear .

“I, I’m sorry, Your Grace . ”

Lindsay, the first person he saw when he came to, apologize . The hand holding the spoon was trembling, but somehow still managed not to spill any of its contents .

“P, please . Sir Illaine left a message saying that you had to have complete rest . S, so… please open your mouth, Your Grace . ”

Giant eyes were damp with small tears . It looked like she was ready to cry at any moment . He could not even get mad at this girl who was convinced that this was good for his own sake . Even so, it was a bit humiliating to follow the orders of this girl who was much younger than him . Humiliation aside, it was just so awkward .

“Ah, and the head maid left a message saying that you had to chew your food really, really thoroughly, Your Grace . ”

“…… . . ”

The ‘food’ had lots of different ingredients . But in the end, it was soup . And the soup was liquid . To tell him to chew thoroughly on SOUP . They were treating him like a newborn . Raven Valt, the warrior who danced around death countless times, commanded his army to victory and called the god of death . Having no choice, he opened his mouth wide .

“Fwooh, fwoooh! Your Grace, pl, please open your mouth again . I have cooled the soup a bit . The duchess also left a message saying that you had to finish your meal…”

“%&#@^! . . . ”

Why the hell were they all leaving messages about the damn food? He felt his hands and feet cringing at how they treated him . Still, he complied silently .

He had no other choice .

He, who was attended by seven maids, living in a fancy castle, and being spooned soup, was not Raven Valt . He was Alan Pendragon, who had turned seventeen this year -- the heir to the Pendragon family and for the last three years under coma, and miraculously regained consciousness a few days ago .

His meal passed by quickly as he ignored the awkwardness and did what he was told .

“Thank you for your hard work, Your Grace . ”

The maids who were waiting to the side got to work cleaning the plates and taking the white napkin off Raven’s neck .

Lindsay rubbed Raven’s back, saying it helped with digestion .

He did not have to move a single finger, but Raven just could not get used to this fancy treatment . It was awkward and baffling for him .

“We’ll help you get cleaned up while we get the medicine ready, Your Grace . ”

Hearing Lindsay’s words, the maids brought forth a giant mirror .

“Please excuse us then . ”

Lindsay’s face blushed as she sat near the bed and took off Raven’s shirt . She took up a towel soaked in warm water and slowly started to wipe Raven’s body as if handling precious jewelry . Her hands reached here and there, but Raven’s attention was elsewhere .

“… . . ”

He stared at the mirror with hardened eyes .

His scars and muscles were gone . What was left was the feeble, bony structure of a young boy . His black hair, symbolic of the Valt family even though he was a bastard, was nowhere to be seen, and long thin golden hair was in its place .

A pale face with blue eyes now replaced the gloomy gray eyes and scar-riddled face . Raven saw a fair-looking young man, beautiful enough to be called a woman staring back in the mirror .

“Alan Pendragon…”

Raven slowly raised his hand and touched Alan Pendragon’s… no, his own face . It was unbelievable, he had come back to life after being killed by Baltai, and as Alan Pendragon to boot . And then somehow he travelled back through time, seven years before the battle and his death . The shock and confusion that he carried began to subside . Even though he looked to be the seventeen-years-old Alan Pendragon who had just woke from a coma, inside he was Raven Valt who had gone through all sorts of unthinkable situations . He was able to regain his calmness and accept the situation .

The ‘why’ was not necessary . Raven did not care for a reason .

The most important thing was that he was still alive, and he came back to life as Alan Pendragon from seven years ago . He had another shot . He had the opportunity to achieve what he strived towards in his ten years of endurance in the demonic army .

It was his commitment to regain the Valt family’s honour . With false accusations of treason, Raven’s family was banished and disgraced . His family was more important than his own life . This new life was an opportunity for him to clear his family name .

There was another important reason why he had to achieve his goal . What did Baltai say before killing Alan Pendragon and himself? The fall of the Valt family and the death of Alan Pendragon was a part of someone else’s ‘plan’? . This had to mean that the Pendragon family was somehow connected to the Valt family .

“What is it? Who would do that . . for what reason?”

He racked his brains for several days, but he could not even get a clue .

It really did not make sense for there to be a connection between a dukedom, one of five most powerful families in the empire, and a helpless family of baron rank located in an eastern village .

There had to be a connection . He just did not know what it was yet .

He would find out . That was his duty as Raven Valt, as well as Alan Pendragon .

“Umm… we’re all finished, Your Grace . Thank you for your patience . ”

“Thank you for your patience . ”

The maids echoed Lindsay’s words before bowing to Raven . Raven quickly broke his train of thought and nodded his head . But Lindsay and the maids stood there, not seeing his nod with their heads down .

‘Damn these maids…’

Raven forcibly repressed his annoyance and said in an awkward voice .

“Good work… you may all rest now . ”

“We will follow your orders, Your Grace . ”

The maids, still with their heads bowed, exited the room with feather-like steps after hearing Raven’s words . However, Lindsay stood in her place in the room unmoving .

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