Duke Pendragon - Chapter 12

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“Yes, yes . ”

Elena smiled with satisfaction . However, Raven, who was directly involved, had no clue what the duchess was talking about .

“Um, my lady . Regarding what matter are you talking about…?”

“Hmm? What do you mean . . . what am I talking about? It is about the… ehem! The thing you do with this child every day . ”

“The… thing?”

Raven frowned and tilted his head at the duchess’ confounding words .

“Ehem! Pendragon’s men should always be proud . You are not thinking of making up excuses, are you? I’ve already heard about what you do with this child every day . ”

Elena’s expression and her voice became stern .

A Pendragon must always be proud .

Her deceased husband was like that, as was her father-in-law .


Only then, Raven finally noticed . It seemed that people found out about Lindsay helping him with training . Well, it did not matter if people found out since he was almost fully recovered to his past strength, so he took on an apologetic expression and spoke .

“I was going to tell you someday . I had no intentions of deceiving the duchess . I hope you understand since my actions were for the future of our family . ”

“Mhm . Of course . That’s my son . ”

A heartwarming smile hung on Elena’s mouth .

“Anyways, since things have turned out this way, I think it’s better to keep this child by your side . What do you think about it?”


Raven thought for a moment . He was not entirely sure why Elena thought it would be helpful to have a maid by his side for training his body . However, the concern flashed by his head, and he just nodded with a pleased expression .

“Let us do that then . Why don’t I take her along on my expedition as well? I think it would be a good idea . ”

“On the e, expedition…”

“Yes, there might be safety issues, so it won’t be wise to have her accompany me the entire way . I think it would be wise to have her with me up to Bellint Gate . ”

The reason Raven agreed was simple . His immortality and ability to regenerate were more likely to be discovered with a skilled knight nearby . But it would be different with Lindsay, who had worked as a maid and had not seen the outside world .

Not only were her actions and status under his control, she was ignorant of matters related to battle, such as swordsmanship and other abilities .

It might be difficult for him to go completely unnoticed, but it was easier for him to create excuses and avoid the matter with Lindsay rather than having knights help him . He did not know why the duchess insisted Lindsay help him train his body, but having her next to him might be helpful in tricking others’ eyes until he fully recovered the Pendragon family’s power .

“Yes, yes . Let us do that . If you insist…”

Elena worried that her son might be too obsessed with the maid, but it was rather a welcome change compared to Alan when he could barely meet the eyes of women . Or rather, Elena had convinced herself that it was changing for the better .

“Let us do our best Lindsay, as we have done until now . Take care of me . ”

“Leave it to me, Your Grace! I will work hard for Your Grace, and the Pendragon family!”

“Yes . Both of you… . Work h, hard . ”

‘Working hard’ meant two entirely different things for the two parties, but neither side knew about the two different connotations of ‘working hard’ .


“Why don’t we head back to the family manor, my lady?”

“I’m doing fine, if you want to head back, then you should head back by yourself, Sir Breeden . ”

“Why are you being so stubborn? Haven’t you already achieved your purpose by breaking off the engagement? Let us head on back, my lady . ”

Even at Breeden’s plea, Luna turned her head out the window, pretending not to have heard .

“My lady…”

Breeden was frustrated and anxious .

He had a hunch about why Luna was behaving in such a way .

“Is it because of Alan Pendragon?”


Breeden was convinced by Luna’s subtle flinch .

“Alan Pendragon…”

Luna was staying because of that brat . A noble that looked and behaved like a girl . Breeden grinded his teeth at the thought of Alan Pendragon . That brat only had a glib tongue to show for himself, and he had insulted the great Breeden .

Furthermore, he had treated Luna Seyrod, whom Breeden worshipped like a goddess, like a nobody . He did not mind it too much because he had hoped for the engagement to be broken . He planned to go back to the manor and woo Luna Seyrod for himself, although not just yet .

Although he was overshadowed by his brothers and was absorbed into the Seyrod family, if the third son of the Breeden family, a middle-sized family of the empire, became part of the Seyrod County, then it would not be bad for both sides .

He was confident that if the engagement was broken, he could make Luna Seyrod his woman . But Luna Seyrod had not even thought of returning to her estate even after ten days had passed .

Unfortunately, the reason seemed to be Alan Pendragon .

“Even if he changed a little bit, a man’s nature does not change easily . Did you forget? What happened with that brat three years ago?”

Breeden’s words were bold, even though he was a guest in the castle and was owned by the one he called a brat . This caught Luna’s attention and she leered at Breeden, an overt feeling of contempt accompanying her gaze towards the man . But Breeden didn’t notice her gaze and continued on his ridiculing ramble .

“He ran away with his tail between his legs when his fiancée was in danger! He even pissed his pants, if I remember correctly . Ha! Not even a real monster, but because of a mere boar . I don’t mean to brag, but if it wasn’t for me at the time…”

“That’s great . Good for you . ”

Luna’s cold voice cut through Breeden’s monologue .


“It’s great that you still remember taking care of a mere wild boar . A mere boar, not a monster or anything . Good for you . ”


Breeden’s expression distorted . However, Luna did not care and spoke with an even colder voice .

“Do you know why I don’t like you, Sir Breeden? It is because of how you are acting right now . You’re always so busy mocking others to make yourself look better . ”

“B, but . ”

“Shall I continue on now that we’re on the subject? I believe that day was His Grace Pendragon’s fourteenth birthday, and that he had never gone on a hunt before . ”

“Y… yes I believe so . ”

“Is it that weird that a complete novice would be frightened of a wild boar? It was not as if he left me behind to run away either . He went to call for help, and you, who was secretly watching us, stepped in to kill the boar . ”

“Um, t, that is…”

Breeden was shocked and humiliated at Luna Seyrod’s attitude . She always maintained her calm and indifference, and it was beyond rare to see her so agitated . Most of all, he had nothing to say when she exposed how he was secretly spying on them .

“I only pretended not to know . But even then, you, sir, acted aloof . No, you went even as far to point out how wet His Grace’s pants were . ”


Breeden could not find any words to come back with .

“You asked why I’m still staying here? You ask if it is because of His Grace Pendragon? Yes it is . It is because of Alan Pendragon . ”


Breeden’s face distorted with anger and jealousy . Luna’s unwavering gaze still looked at Breeden with contempt .

“Even if we are no longer engaged, the Pendragon family is still our neighboring family . Our family is related to them, and they are one of the five families that represent the empire . Moreover, they are one of two families that are kin to the founding imperial family by blood . A person who is set to take over that family has become a completely different man, and he has declared that he will reclaim the mausoleum . The only outsiders that know of the matter are us . Do you really not understand what this means?”


Breeden was not a total idiot . He took on a serious expression .

“Although we broke off our marriage, we need to take a closer look in order to determine if having a close relationship with the Pendragon family will be beneficial or harmful to our family in the future . Alan Pendragon is said to set off for his expedition soon, so we can leave with them . ”

There was nothing wrong with Luna’s logic . Breeden, who was frowning like a complete idiot, said in a disappointed voice .

“Alright . But it is only to the Bellint Gate . After that we will head straight back to our territory . Please promise me that . ”

“Sure . Now please leave, I’m a little tired . ”

“Yes . ”

Breeden gave a big nod, then turned his body towards the door . As he walked, an evil grin appeared on his face . Luna wasn’t able to catch a glimpse and gave out a big sigh as soon as the door closed .

“Why did I do that…”

What she told Breeden was not a complete lie . Her intentions in scouting out the Pendragon family was half of the reason why she stayed behind in Conrad Castle .


“Why did I take that person’s side . . . ”

She muttered to herself, as if asking a question, but there was no answer . Maybe it was because she was angry at Breeden . Or maybe…

“No no, what are you thinking about!”

Luna shouted loudly unintentionally, and startled at her own voice, hurriedly looked around .

“No way… Get a grip, Luna Seyrod . ”

She was frequently losing her composure as of late . She pressed hard at her chest, reproaching herself for not being able to remain calm .


She opened the windows, and a nice, calm breeze entered the room . It seemed to have a calming effect on her .

“Of course . It’s no big deal . Everything will be fine . . everything…”

Luna muttered to herself in a vow .

But she did not know .

That every time she lost her composure, it was only when a certain person was mentioned…


“They want to join me?? On my expedition?”

“Yes, brother . Your e . x-fi . an . cee wanted me to convey the message to you . ”

Irene smiled at Alan, making sure to emphasize a certain word . Raven looked at her with a frown on his face .

‘Oh, how his eyebrows are slightly curled like a cat… He is my brother but oh my he’s extremely cute! My, my goodness! I really want to bite him when he tries to pull off his serious look . ’

Raven spoke with a serious face, completely unaware of the hidden, dangerous thoughts of his sister .

“What’s the reason?”

“Hmm . I did not ask . Anyway, you’re going to refuse, right?”


Raven tapped the armrest of his chair with his finger . Irene, who was still smiling, started to feel anxious . She didn’t know what unconventional decision her brother might come to . He had been very unpredictable lately .

“Uh, brother…”

“Tell them I agree . ”


Irene’s smiling face froze in its place .

“There’s nothing bad about it . We’re cousins anyways, it’s probably better to see them off . ”

“But think about it, brother . You would be accompanying your e . x-f . i . a . n . c . e . e who so ruthlessly declared that the engagement is off . And there is that bastard, I, I mean knight named Breeden who was being very rude to…”

“Irene . ”

Raven took on the coldest expression yet since meeting Irene and cut off her words . He had let her loose until now, let her chatter on, but no more . He was about to tell her who the master of this castle was, and who had the seniority between the two of them . Irene’s expression changed, as if foreseeing his intentions .

“I understand where you are coming from . But Luna Seyrod is our cousin . Even beasts know how to take care of their own, so why shouldn’t we do the same as humans? Above all, we are Pendragons, a family that leads, a family that is part of the empire . You are right, the Seyrod family broke off the engagement first, but it’s important to show grace and be magnanimous in such situations as the Pendragon family .


Irene shuddered . Her eyes filled with tears at her brother’s solemn and cold attitude .

‘It worked . ’

Raven was relieved that his cringeworthy words seemed to have an effect .

“B, brother . I, I… sob!”

Irene sprinted out the door, unable to continue her words .

“M, my lady!”

Irene’s personal maids had been waiting outside the door and ran after Irene in a hurry . They had overheard the conversation and scurried to her side as it must have been heartbreaking for Irene .

But it did not take long for them to find out they were mistaken .

Irene’s footsteps slowed down to a walking pace, and as soon as she turned the corner of the hallway, she gave a big sigh .

“Whoo! That was really close . ”

The maids who had been chasing after Irene stopped behind her and looked at each other with confused expressions .

Irene stood in front of a large window, her hands held together with large tears in her eyes .

“Oh, how determined and dignified he is . Ahhh, brother . I really wanted to stay longer, but then I might have really not been able to hold myself back from jumping and biting you . Please forgive your little sister for leaving without even saying goodbye, brother Alan . ”


None of the maids dared to express it, but all of them had one thought in mind . People did not change easily .

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