Duke Pendragon - Chapter 11

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He didn’t care much about Luna, but he had no intention of letting the arrogant knight, Joseph Breeden, get off easy .

The more he thought about it, the more he despised Breeden . His dislike for Breeden was a lot greater than his dislike for Killian . Besides, he had already taken care of Killian .

And for some concealed reason, Luna Seyrod still remained in Conrad Castle with that arrogant knight . . .

‘Breeden better stay on the low, if he puts even one toe out of line . . . ’

It wasn’t just because he disliked Breeden, though that did play a part . Now that he had cracked down on the castle’s internal matters, he needed a whetting stone to unite his family even further .

He needed all of Conrad Castle and the entire Pendragon Territory to be fully under his control .

That was the first step to resolving Attia’s aspirations all while achieving his own goals as Raven Valt .

‘He is willing to do anything it takes to achieve his goals . Hmm . . . I quite like that . ’

Attia was convinced as she stared at Raven, who was quietly burning in determination . She could sense that the man who took on her grand-nephew’s face was ready to beat someone up again .


Rumors of Alan Pendragon ‘cracking’ down on the most energetic and active man in the castle spread like the wildfire throughout Conrad Castle .

“So, His Grace took his knee and just slammed it into Killian’s you-know-where!”

“When it broke, you could literally hear his walnuts crack…”

The guards who witnessed the scene were giving their own testimonies, and the listening men instinctively shifted their hands towards their nether regions with groans on their faces .

The women, especially the maids that Killian frequently hit on and forgotten, agreed that Killian got what he deserved for trying to seduce them .

Everyone wondered how Alan Pendragon, who was thought to be almost dead only a short while ago, could cause that much damage to Killian . It wasn’t as if they could ask the man himself, so most people agreed that the rumors were probably exaggerated, or that Killian took the matter jokingly and got himself burned .

However, the most important thing now was that Alan Pendragon proved himself to be a worthy successor to the Pendragon family .

Everyone’s eyes and ears all intently listened to the same place, Alan’s palace .

Now a girl, who had been by his side all the while, was gaining attention . She was one of Alan’s closest confidantes . And now she was emerging as the hottest potato .


“So, Lindsay, everything is going well nowadays? Is there anything that might be bothering you?”

Yes? N, no I’m doing very well…”

Lindsay flinched and responded to Marie . Her senior maid had asked her in a soft voice . Was this the same Marie that used to torment Lindsay whenever she had the chance?

“Oh my, look at how fair your skin is . Well, if you come across any trouble, don’t hesitate to let me know . ”

“Huh? H, huh?”

Lindsay opened her eyes wide with confusion .

“But how is His Grace doing nowadays? When I caught a glimpse of him before, it seemed like his complexion improved and he looked much healthier . ”

Marie continued in the soft, delicate tone .

“Uh… . Well, he’s improved quite a bit . He doesn’t skip out on his meals either . ”

“I see, I see… Anyways… How is the ‘thing’ you’ve been doing with His Grace going? Well, I hope?”

“What do you mean… the thing we’ve been doing?”

“Oh, you sly little thing . I know what you’ve been doing it with His Grace in the room every day . Why don’t you tell me more about it?”

“Ah! That, how…”

Lindsay spoke with a tearful face . He had told her not to tell anyone about the exercises, but it seemed that rumor had already spread . People already knew about it .

“What do you mean, how do I know? I can hear the sounds come out of the room when you two are together in the room . But how is it? Is it good? Is His Grace really good at ‘it’?”

Other maids flocked at Marie’s question, their eyes shining with curiosity .

“Well… he is good . You would have a hard time believing that it’s his first time . ”

Lindsay replied hesitantly, resigning herself to fate .

Indeed, Alan Pendragon was so good at training his body that it was unbelievable that he had only enjoyed reading and painting in the past .

“Oh my! Oh my my goodness!!”

“And? What else?”

The maids fanned their faces with their hands, all the while leaning in closer to hear more . Although Linsday wasn’t sure why they were obsessed with just exercise, she answered regardless with a quiet voice .

“Well… he had a difficult time in the beginning and became tired fairly quickly, but after two or three times, he improved extraordinarily . ”

“T, two or three times! You’re saying that you did it again immediately after the first experience?”

“Yes… . The second and the third time, he was definitely more intense…”

It was a little odd that they referred to it as an experience, but Lindsay recounted what she saw .

“I, intense!?”

“Oh! Oh my! His Grace has such a delicate and graceful appearance too . Who would have thought . . . ”

The maids fussed even more .

“So, so! How was it for you?”

“Me? Well, I just did what he told me to do… I’ve never really experienced anything like that before…”

Lindsay recalled the time when she was holding onto his feet and tumbled all over the place during the sit-ups . She bowed her head in embarrassment .

Noticing her reaction, the maids opened their eyes wide .

“It was your first experience, as well?”

“Absolutely . Besides, I only have an older sister and a younger sister, so I never had a chance to even hear about those things . ”

Lindsay worked as a maid since she was a child . She would not have any experience helping men out with sweaty exercises .

“Whew! You lucky girl! You struck a fortune, you!”

“I see that you were a virgin . ”

“I knew she would go far . ”

“Well, she’s young, fair-skinned, and has big breasts…”

“I’m so envious…”

The maids surrounded and chattered away at Lindsay with excited and envious voices .

“T, thank you . ”

She thought she might have heard something weird mixed up in the chatter, but decided to ignore the conversation altogether . It was nice to be fawned over by the maids that always looked down on her . She wasn’t sure the reason for the change . Nevertheless, she was thankful to Alan Pendragon .

But her happiness did not last long .

“Hey, Lindsay!”

Another maid approached Lindsay through the crowd that surrounded her . Lindsay recognized her, remembering who she usually served, and her face immediately turned for the worse .

“Lady Irene is looking for you . ”

The ominous prediction was spot on .


“How many times did you do it?”

“Yes, yes? W, what do you mean, my lady?”

The words flew at her as soon as she stood in front of Irene . Lindsay raised her head slightly at the confusing words .

It was the beaming face of Irene Pendragon . Lindsay knew just how scared she should be facing Irene’s firm glare . On top of that, the young lady of the Seyrod family was stealing glances . Her lips were on the tip of the tea-cup, radiating curiosity .

“I’ve already heard about it . So you were passionately going about it with my brother? How many times did you do it?”

“Oh… . Oh!? You’re talking about . . . . ”

Lindsay wasn’t sure why so many people had their interest in His Grace’s training, but she breathed a sigh of relief and nodded her head eagerly .

“Twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon . He’s been doing it constantly without rest for the last four days . He does it even at night . ”

“Day and night? W, without a break?”


Luna’s hand slipped while she put down her cup, causing it to make a clanging noise off the table . Irene glared intensely at Lindsay .

“Yes . I was very concerned and spoke to him several times, but he said that it wasn’t just for his own good . ”

“What! Y, y, y, y, you mean you just left him to it then?”

Irene’s voice once again changed into an agitated tone, and Lindsay hastily apologized in fear .

“I, I’m so sorry, my lady . But… His Grace said that it was for the Pendragon family… His will was so firm that I couldn’t say anything else after that… I’m so sorry, please forgive me . ”

Lindsay got on her knees . She could tell by Irene’s expression that the lady was furious . If she knew that this would happen, she would’ve asked the head maid or the manager for their opinions before…

“I’m sorry, my lady . Please forgive me . Sniff, sniff . ”

Lindsay’s eyes teared up at the thought that she might be dismissed from her job .

“Ha! Ha!”

Irene stood there, fuming with a red face . She was unable to speak anymore .

Her brother, who was her best friend . How could he do something like that without saying anything? She felt betrayed and disappointed .

But it was something that already transpired . Moreover, the girl in front of her, who irritatingly had enormous breasts, had served her brother diligently for the past three years, and she was supposedly a virgin .

In terms of their status, the relationship made absolutely no sense, but he was one of the wisest and thoughtful people in the world .

He must’ve been thinking a lot about leaving behind children to continue the family . She had no choice but to follow in her brother’s will about having a concubine . She would let it go just this once .

“Ha… . Well, I guess nothing can be done . I will tell mother about the matter, so you just need to keep serving him . Move your residence close to the palace as well . ”


Lindsay raised her head, hearing Irene’s unexpected comments .

“My brother thinks of you in that way, what can I do about it? Move your residence immediately and keep doing that… thing with him . Keep doing it, f, for our family! For the Pendragon family!”

Whatever Irene was thinking of caused her face to blush, and she raised her voice which was very uncommon for her to do .

Lindsay was delighted, but she didn’t hesitate to speak her mind .

“I, I apologize, my lady . But I am wondering if it would be better for males to help him out . I’m very inexperienced in the matter so I thought it might be better for sir knights or esquires (training knights) to help out with it . ”

There was no doubt about it . Knights or their male counterparts would be so much more helpful in helping His Grace train his body .

“What!? Y, y, you, how dare you! How do you see my brother…”


Irene’s whole body flushed red, and the sound of Luna putting down her teacup could be heard . Lindsay bowed down even more and cowered .

“N, no, my lady . I will do it . I will absolutely do it . I will help him with passion and with all that I have . ”

She would help him as best she could with his training . That was the only way she could continue supporting her family without being driven out of the castle, and knowing so, she repeatedly bowed her head .

“I… . Anyway! You may go!”

Lindsay had her head almost touching the ground, and Irene, who was even more annoyed with the maid’s cleavage that was so clearly visible, screamed at her .

“Yes, my lady . Then I will be off . ”

Lindsay quickly exited the room, afraid of angering the lady even more .

“How dare she! Who does she think she is? Scoff! I feel so offended!”

Feeling embarrassed and annoyed, Irene turned her head away from where the doorway that Lindsay left through .

“… . . ”

Turning her head, Irene saw Luna with her mouth hanging open . Luna’s face was left in a stunned grotesque expression, neither laughing nor crying .

Irene felt better seeing Luna Seyrod’s stunned appearance as Luna was usually cool and collected .


‘But my breasts are more…’

Irene felt a bit better, barely .


“Alan . ”

“My lady . ”

When Elena Pendragon showed up without prior notice, Raven bowed his head politely while wondering the purpose of her visit .

In the past, Alan Pendragon had been a friendly, smiling child, but now he had become a completely different person . Elena sighed lightly, noticing the changes and sitting down on a chair .

“You may leave . ”

“Yes, my lady . ”

At Elena’s words, the maids quietly left the room .

“No, you said your name was Lindsay? You stay . ”

“Yes? Oh, yes! My lady . ”

Lindsay unknowingly questioned the duchess’ word and quickly realized her mistake, hurriedly lowering her head .

“Come over here . ”

“Yes, my lady . ”

Lindsay cautiously walked closer to the two most influential people in the castle . Elena closely examined the girl’s appearance .

“So, Lindsay . How old are you turning this year?”

“I’ve just turned eighteen, my lady . ”

Lindsay had been in Conrad Castle for eight years now, and Elena was someone that she couldn’t even lift her head around . Having someone like that engage in a conversation with her, Lindsay replied nervously .

‘She’s well-behaved . Quite pure too, unlike her appearance . Her age is appropriate as well . ”

When Irene came storming an hour ago, Elena was shocked beyond belief . She had thought that Alan was barely able to walk, but apparently, he had gone around destroying Killian’s private parts and even establishing ‘that’ sort of relationship with a maid .

But the issue with Killian was caused unintentionally due to Alan bringing up the topic of reopening the mausoleum . The relationship with the maid was also for the sake of the family .

She was happy and very proud of him .

A highly regarded noble family’s head having dozens of concubines was fine . It was even considered virtuous to have many children and strengthen ties with other noble families .

Elena looked over Lindsay once more .

She had heard that this girl looked after Alan for three years without rest . Knowing this, Elena felt relieved .

“I heard the stories . They said you’d been hard at work . ”

“I, I’m flattered, my lady . ”

Lindsay thought she was about to get in trouble, instead she was praised .

“Yes, keep on helping Alan with… ehem! Do your best to… brighten the future of the Pendragon family . ”

“I, I will follow your orders, my lady . ”

Even though she had no idea why the duchess was ordering her to help with Alan’s training, Linsday bowed her head .

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