Dual Cultivation - Chapter 977

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Chapter 977 Vandalized


A couple of hours have passed since the Heavenly Massage opened for business, but Mei Xing hasn't seen a single new customer this entire time.


"Haaaa… I have never felt so bored at work before…" Mei Xing sat on the chair behind the reception desk for the first time since she started working there, as she would normally be too busy to even sit down.


The place also felt awfully quiet compared to before, making it uncomfortable for her, who wasn't used to this sort of environment.


A few minutes later, someone entered the door and asked, "Excuse me, is the sign outside real?"


Mei Xing stood up and said, "Yes, it is real."


She has repeated these few words so much today that she'd lost count.


"So I have to pay 5 medium-grade spirit stones for a 15-minute massage now?" The woman then asked.


"Unfortunately." Mei Xing nodded.


The customer clearly wasn't happy about the changes, but she had waited many days for this, and if she leaves now, she would have to pay 100 medium-grade spirit stones for a 10-minute massage if she ever wants to come back in the future.


Therefore, she could only grit her teeth and accept the changes.


"I understand… Here are five medium-grade spirit stones."


The woman paid the fee and proceeded to wait for her turn.


A few minutes later, someone came out of the massage room with her face fully flushed in redness, and she looked incredibly drunk.


The woman that was supposed to go next raised her eyebrows when she saw this, but she ignored it and went inside the massage room.


Once she entered the massage room, Su Yang greeted her with his head lowered, "I apologize for the sudden changes, esteemed guest, but the changes were necessary. In order to compensate for the inconvenience, I will work twice as hard to please you."


"I-I don't mind…" The woman nodded and quickly laid her body on the mattress.


Su Yang immediately began working on the woman's body, using techniques that he normally wouldn't use.




The woman quickly began moaning even though Su Yang barely started his massage.


"W-What is this feeling?!" The woman exclaimed as she could feel every cell in her body trembling from excitement.


"It's a technique I learned in some ancient book when I was still studying to be a scholar." Su Yang said, making up some random excuse for the technique he'd created.


"Y-You read books meant for massages when you're trying to become a scholar? Couldn't that have contributed to why you failed to become one?" The woman asked.


"Perhaps… But I don't regret it." Su Yang chuckled.


"F-Forget the massage! I want you to massage inside my body with your thing!" The woman could no longer endure it and pointed at his pelvis area.




Su Yang didn't refuse and immediately removed his clothes, showing the woman his stiff dragon.


"Heavens…" The woman muttered in a dazed voice as she was mesmerized by the magnificent view of his dragon.


Su Yang wasted no time and inserted his rod inside her cave that was already soaking wet from his minute-long massage.


Fifteen minutes passed by in a flash, and the woman laid on the mattress with a vulgarly satisfied expression on her face.


"T-That was definitely worth it…" She mumbled in a low voice.


Even if she has to pay 100 medium-grade spirit stones in the future for another massage, she wouldn't hesitate to do so. In fact, if she had the money, she would come back every day as a priority customer, as they were allowed to skip the line.


Every single customer on that day had the same thoughts as this woman after experiencing Su Yang's godlike techniques.


However, regardless of how much they enjoyed it, there were still little to no customers for the Heavenly Massage.


At the end of the day, someone familiar showed up at their door.


"Xiao Yang! How dare you make this mess right after I advertised for you!? Do you have any idea how many people came to me today to complain?! I have truly lost face today, and I demand an explanation!" Feng Tianwei shouted at him when he came out of the massage room.


"Do I really have to explain it to you? You should understand why I did what I did as a fellow business owner."


"I understand it very well, but I am asking you why you had to do it right after I advertised for you?! You could've waited a few more weeks before making the changes!!!"


Su Yang shook his head and said, "A few weeks? I might as well not make any changes since the waitlist will be years long by then."


"And changes like this should be made sooner than later, as the outrage will only increase the longer wait."


"Che!" Feng Tianwei sneered coldly.


"How about this? To apologize for your inconvenience, I will give you a free massage right now? It'll be thirty minutes long as well."


"Y-You're quite shameless, you know that, right?"


"You don't want it?" Su Yang raised his eyebrows.


"I never refused!" Feng Tianwei said as she entered the massage room.


Su Yang then looked at Mei Xing and said to her, "You can go home for today. I will be with you after I am finished with this last one."


"Okay." Mei Xing nodded.


Normally, she would insist on staying behind until he leaves too, but she was nervous around Feng Tianwei, and working today was especially tiring even though she worked less than usual.


Once Mei Xing left, Su Yang proceeded to give Feng Tianwei a passionate massage.


At the end of the massage, Feng Tianwei was twitching all over the place like a fish out of water.


"Y-You went easy on me last time?" Feng Tianwei realized this fact afterward and was in shock.


"I wouldn't call it 'going easy'." Su Yang chuckled.


"Anyways, do you think my abilities justify the price I am asking for?" He suddenly asked her.


Feng Tianwei didn't immediately respond and pondered for a minute before speaking, "As much as I hate to admit it, I would definitely pay 100 medium-grade spirit stones for a massage even if it's only for 10 minutes. In fact… I might even be willing to pay more."


"Thank you for your honesty." Su Yang said to her as he wore his clothes.


"Why don't you just move to the Red Light District at this point? That would be the best choice for you and your business as your prices are already reaching our level, and there are plenty of customers who will be able to afford your prices."


"If you stay here in the Pink Light District, where it's mostly for mortals, you won't receive many customers."


Su Yang smiled and said, "Thank you for your advice, but my goal isn't to make as much money as possible."


"Then what is your goal?" Feng Tianwei asked him with narrowed eyes.


"That's a secret."


"Whatever. Keep it a secret then. I don't really care anyway." Feng Tianwei sneered.


And then she continued, "If you go out of business one day and need a job, you can come work for me as my personal masseur. I will make sure to pay you generously."


Su Yang chuckled, "Thank you. I will keep that in mind."


Feng Tianwei left the massage parlor shortly after, and Su Yang closed the store for the day.


"Welcome back, Manager." Mei Xing greeted him.


"Manager… I heard about the situation from Mei Xing. Is everything really going to be okay?" Mei Ying asked him.


"Yes, everything will be fine. The business will slow down for a bit, but that's exactly what I wanted. Furthermore, our waitlist will last us for another 3 months since everyone's time got shortened by half."


"It's going to be a little chaotic for the next few days, and there will be many angry customers, so allow me to apologize for the inconvenience in advance." Su Yang said to them.


"Please… You don't need to apologize to us. It's our job to deal with the customers." Mei Ying said.


"That's right, Manager! I will be satisfied as long as I am working for you. Even if you decide to cut our income, I won't complain." Mei Xing said.


Su Yang chuckled and said, "Don't worry, I won't lower your pay even if we go bankrupt, as that was part of our agreement."


Sometime later, the hotel workers brought dinner to their room.


"Are you not going to eat, Manager? I have never seen you eat before." Mei Xing asked him.


"I don't need food to survive at my current cultivation," he said.


"Even if that's true, you should still eat once in a while."


"Alright, I will eat with you tomorrow."




Once they finished eating and they washed their bodies, Mei Ying brushed Mei Xing's hair for a few minutes before they went to sleep.


The following morning, Su Yang and Mei Ying left the hotel to go to work.


However, they stopped in front of the massage parlor and didn't go instead.


"This is horrible… Why would someone this?" Mei Ying covered her mouth in shock as she looked at the building that was vandalized quite badly.


The walls were damaged, looking like someone had slashed it with a sword, and there was foul-smelling trash littered in front of the building.


The door to the building was also destroyed, and if one looked inside from the outside, one would see that the inside had also been vandalized.


"Interesting…" Su Yang mumbled to himself in a low voice when he saw the mess, his gaze as tranquil as a calm lake.

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