Dragon Poor - Chapter 305

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The master of the continent (2)
It was not that I tried to use my hands like this from the beginning . But when I saw the chaos of the chaos and saw the warriors who turned upside down, I could not help but prepare for one .
The weight of the things he was carrying was too heavy to cover with just the righteousness of a warrior .
“Turn it off!”
In the terrible pain of melting the whole body, the warrior once again died . The face, distorted by pain and fear, was engraved on the eye .
Blame me and blame me . If it is your perfect feeling, I’ll be willing to accept it .
Kim Sun-hyuk watched the mighty warriors who repeated death and resurrection .
How much time has passed .
Hatred began to flicker in the eyes of the frightened warrior .
“What the hell is wrong with me!”
Instead of screaming and begging, a cry of screaming came out . But before the screams ended, the dragon ‘s breath swallowed another one .
“Kim Sun Hee! I will never let you go! ”
The surviving warrior continued the curse .
“Whatever it is about you!”
Again, Eda did not listen to the warrior’s words .
“I will not leave any one in this world!”
The mighty man grabbed the sword and ran to Kim Sun-hyeok and melted as it was .
“The empire in which you are so pampered will not be left on fire!”
One of the two pairs of wings that did not lose the brilliance of death was thrown into a terrible curse by a warrior who had been cut off .
“I will tear a thousand sheep for the love of your sheep, and give them to the beasts of the wilderness! Also, your child will have the same mother-to-be … ”

The warrior who used to write the evil spirits of the old dictator suddenly asked what he was wearing .
“rather . ”
Finally, before the broken ring of the dead, the warriors knew the situation, Kim Sun-hyuk stepped forward and opened his mouth .
“Even if the atonement continues until it is forgiven and die . ”
There was no more anguish or guilt on his face .
“I wanted it to be . ”
There was only the cold weather like the North Korean one .
“But what I have to get is the grudge of my brother Junmin, not your curse that you do not know . ”
“The alternative is to rationalize your own actions with delusions that will never be … ”
Even before the warrior was finished, he shouted .
“If I am a citizen I know!”
Kim Sun – hyuk approached the warrior .
“Even if you pour it out, you would not have put a gun on me for killing innocent people like you did before . ”
“I do not think what you’ve done to me now, you’re just killing the curse!”
“If you are Junmin!”
A sparkling flame began to flow into the mouth of the dragon .
“When I dared my wife and child in my mouth . ”
“Now, wait … ”
Although the death was not possible at this place, the warrior drowned as if it were the first time in his life to put death on the table .
“I would have known about how I was going to get out . ”
Before I even recognized myself, I saw my legs stifling back and forth, and the warriors looked embarrassed .
“why… ”
Although the warrior retreated after the stretching, I was surprised to see that I could not understand my own actions .
“I do not know you, but I’ll remember your body . ”
The power of absolute power, which had once been engraved in education and immersed in the body, has made it impossible for a momentary warrior to dare to oppose his will .
“Decisively, if you were really a junior . ”
Looking at such a mighty man, Kim Sun-hyuk said coldly .
“I have already escaped when the two pairs of wings are still attached . ”
Park Jun-min, whom he knew, was accustomed to running rather than fighting fiercely .
Even if the eyes were turned upside down and the one who was trying to kill himself was my form, the mighty might have escaped to the place even if he could not endure the nuisance .
“Junmin is such a self – respecting man . At least the people of the country who persecuted and tortured him were willing to forgive him . There is no way that Junmin can host a child and a woman to intimidate him . ”
It was a poor faith to be grounds, but he was convinced .
The warrior in front of him was a completely different person wearing the shell of Park Jun – min .
“Who are you who took my brother’s body?”
The warrior did not answer . But he was not asking for an answer either .
Anyway, the presence of Park Jun-min’s body was obvious . It was clear that he was the owner of the trust, the master of the divine, the transcendent who was looking for a chance to get beyond the boundaries of this world .
“gouge . ”
[Sadly, there is no way to restore the warrior who has already become an incarnation itself . If he returns to normal, he will be able to take his body again whenever he wants . ]
At the end of Edda’s seeming to look into the inside, Kim Sun-hyuk finally made the decision of mind .
“Now, wait!”
Later the warrior tried to open his mouth, but he had no intention of hearing the story .
“I’m sorry . Jung Min-ah . ”
Even before the short apology was over, the breath of yellow, red dragon swallowed the warrior .
The warrior repeated death and resurrection again . And finally, I lost even the pair of wings that had remained, and I lost even the armor of the light . And after dozens of deaths after that, the warrior finally stopped being able to drop the level anymore .
“I really do not regret myself … ”
This time, Kim Sun-hyuk did not listen to the words of the warriors who despised their mouths .
“Now, wait a minute!”
Before the end of the war, the flame of the dragon burned the warrior . And the warrior did not revive again .
“Regret … ”
At the moment, Kim Sun – hyuk sighs as he watches the vacant position of the same warrior who will revive again .
“Whatever it is, regret will remain . ”
Even at this moment, his regret was overwhelming him .
Why did not you notice the change that happened to Park early? I wonder if there was any other way than this . Maybe I could turn back Park Jun-min, who has become an incarnation .
The endless possibilities and assumptions, but now they were all squalid .
The warrior died in his own hands, and he no longer existed .
You were not wrong . Nobody would have been able to tell what the cunning one would have done again .
At the end of Eda, who rarely speaks of comfort, Kim,
“I still have one . ”
The link between the owner of the cursed divinity and the world has not yet been completely extinguished .
The saints, the only sick left by the master of the divine, and the two-piece population of Bon had remained .
It’s a jerk .
After losing his master and seeing the remaining balm, he grabbed hold of the handle as soon as he could .
Compose .
The flame of the dragon that burned everything swallowed the sword .
The handle of the handle first flashed, and the colorful decoration protruding from the side melted . And finally, the day of the saints rose red .
[Ouch! It’s hot! It’s hot!]
Just before the sermon turned into a handful of tangles, suddenly familiar voice dug into Kim’s head .
[brother! stop it! I’m dying!
It was Park Jun – min ‘s voice that I thought I could not hear again anymore .
[Once you get a fire!]
In a painful scream, Kim Sun – hyeok hurriedly gathered the flames .
[Ahhhh! It’s hot! I’m dying!
I would have liked to see the master of the divine once again riding the farmhouse, but Park had no doubt that Park was right .
“Where the balm goes . Why are you … ”
[Do not even talk about that fucking child . The sword is the sword . I do not have such a sword .
I used the property to cool off the day I was awakened, Park joked quietly .
[Surely, when the body was taken away, the spirit of the mighty soldier moved to the sword . ]
At the end of Eda’s awareness of the situation, Kim Sun-hyuk did not smile nor cry .
“Uh, uh … ”
Even so, it was a face that could not be easily judged whether he should be able to listen to the veterans’ voices again or whether he should sympathize with the poor soul trapped in him or the sword .
What ‘s so complicated . I wish I could live like this anyway . ]
It did not come to mind what to say in the words of the virtuous Park Jun-min .
[Even though my body was fine anyway, I would have gone mad slowly . ]
Park said that when he noticed that the cost of resuscitation was not just level down, he had already broken his soul and could not last long .
[Indeed, we are helpless, and we, who are made to hold the beast, have become sturdy vessels to replace the broken spiritual vessels . ]
Eda was rather blurred, and he said, “This is also the answer, because the soul that should have died has been left intact .
[I am not lucky, but luck is good . ]
Park jumped at the end of Eda .
It was only Kim Sun-hyuk who was confused by the existence of a sword .
However, I could not have been worried about the generosity of the warriors .
“Let’s talk later . ”
[I do not like it! How frustrating in this! The fucking dick does not even talk about me . I thought it was real … . ]
Kim Sun – hyuk broke his sword in his back dance in a conversation that did not stop at all .
Uh-huh . Oooh .
He looked around everywhere, ignoring the sword trying to drop his body .
“Let’s get rid of the rubbish once and for all . ”
The darkness disappeared, but the evil spirits that darkness shed still remained on all sides .
“Go . ”
In addition to his words, he flew wildly .
Kim Sun-hyuk and Eda hunted around the township and marshals . Soon, I could sort things out in the neighborhood .
Survivors covered the traces, and the survivors showed one and two . They were the ones who survived the end of the hell created by chaos .
It was a surprise .
Although they were exhausted from the battle with the bandits, they did not give up their will for life, and they maintained a complete spirit, even though they showed little madness by Maggie .
Devoted and sacrificial priests and upright articles guarded end-time followers .
[I can not say that the innocence of those who follow him is worthless because the master of the divine is cunning . ]
They even resiliently resented their persistent vitality and mental strength .
Kim, who led the survivors to the rescue, was able to find a familiar person in the crowd of poverty struggles .
Park was a riot fairy snare .
Because he was a vow to share the soul, I immediately recognized Park Jun-min, who had also become a sword .
Kim Hyun-hyuk, who watched the pupils that were exposed between the mask and the eyes, circled and sighing and pushing the sword . Haram hesitated for a moment and grabbed the handle of the sword .
At that moment, a small light stem from the sword enveloped the haram .
Haram spoke out loud .
“why me… ”
However, the tone of Zen Haram was unfamiliar .
“brother . The sudden body … ”
Before the horse was finished, the light gleamed again, and Haram returned to his usual appearance .
It was somewhat hollow-eyed, but the dry look and atmosphere was unmistakably the original harbor .
[brother . I think you just moved to Haram?
This is what I heard, Kim Sun – hyeok will frown, and I have come to speak .
[It is incompatible with the pangs of the dragon, but the pledge of the penalty they have made is that they share the soul . The sword found a new owner . ]
At the end of Eda, he saw Haram and the sword alternately without knowing .
The darkness has completely disappeared and the Allied forces have not left the wall . In order to prepare for the wave that you did not know .
But it was not the wild beasts and the tribes that were in their eyes when they looked over the place where the barriers had once turned on their eyes and they were exhausted survivors .
“The Tradition Guard is hunting the dragon with dragons . ”
And through them, the situation inside the country was transferred to the line of defense .
“The end of the darkness has come to an end . ”
The allies cheered when they heard that the chaos that had taken over the country was finally extinguished .
“The Grand Master again!”
They praised and praised the legendary story of another heroic achievement .
“The apostle of God … ”
When the tabernacle collapsed, the temple chiefs and priests who came out of the countryside found the mighty men . But what they could hear was only the story of the last of the warriors who did not step back with evil .
“Why did God want to leave Him early, even if He said that He took Him early?”
The priests and priests knelt down and mourned the death of the mighty men .
But most of the soldiers and supermen, except for them, cheered at the fact that the terrible war was finally over, rather than grieving at one death .
“I won! It’s finally over! ”
“Long live the Transmission!”
“Hail the Empire of Ardenberg!”
The soldiers and supermen who did not give up the defense line till the end shout victory . And the scales of platinum fell on the head of the allied army so enthusiastically cheerful .
‘The darkness of the whole country completely disappears!’
The victory which finally waited for Zugana was finally echoed in the emperor of the empire .
‘Warrior Warrior!’
‘Fellowship of more than half the expedition!’
‘Of the people of the country, more than a dozen people are involved in a catastrophe, and they either disappear or die . ’
But before the rejoicing, there was a terrible damage that left the disaster .
“The Grand Opera! What was the air conditioner? ”
The sorceress who had a grievous face in the endless report of the death of a warrior asked the wizard .
“The Master of the Tradition is safe!”
“Alas! Good luck! Thank goodness! ”
I am glad many times with the face which is not usual but the steepness of the usual .
“So where is the air right now?”
The mysterious wizard who informed him of the safety of the grandeur of the tradition of the grandeur,
“surely… ”
The wizard hurriedly reported that her emotions turned cold .
“Well, the Trans-Grandmaster said that he would come back and take care of the darkness in the West … ”
Before the words of the wizard were finished, the empress lamented .
“Do not think of leaving again, and you said you should finish your work and come back! Everything in the world is going to solve all the dispute and come to power! ”
Not long after that, the news of the extinction of the darkness that had bloomed in the West again before it was blooming was passed on to the ecliptic .
After a while, the legendary article that the empire awaited finally returned .
“Ophilia . ”
Kim Sun-tung, who jumped from a dragon sitting on a lightly-placed dragon in front of the zodiacal plaza, grabbed his wife .
“I kept my promise . ”
His voice was full of sense of accomplishment .
“Nobody can see the empire now . ”
He was laughing at the expectation of the glory of the empire that his child would always make .
“Whatever it is that is not human or human . ”
His words were not merely a breeze but a strong argument and a declaration for the world .
“Do not worry about going out in the future . ”
But his wife did not want to hear it .
“Yep . ”
She found her cold face in her face, which was late in her chest, and she answered with a sly face . It was the first time I had never seen any kind of cheerful appearance .
The golden dragon, who was looking down at the two, looked down and lifted his head .

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