Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2857

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Chapter 2857

Scum That Shouldn’t Exist in This World

Gui Gu’s qi instantly exploded while trapped within the golden bell. Everyone scattered in panic except for Xuan Shenji. However, Jiang Chen’s expression was unchanged, some of them thought that they’d never get away from the blast. None of them thought that the golden bell could withstand the blast from Gui Gu’s kamikaze.

Jiang Chen poured every ounce of Divine Origin Qi into the Divine Golden Bell with the help of the Eastern Emperor Bell, controlling Gui Gu’s explosion within the bell, not letting even a single leak out.

The whole valley was in an uproar. Jiang Chen’s figure stood proudly albeit wearing a pale expression, his breathing became weak. However, it was clear that Jiang Chen won that exchange and Gui Gu’s trace was gone from the world.

Jiang Chen looked at the golden illusory figure with a cold gaze. Donghuang Taiyi did not lie. Even though it’s a broken bell, it’s still one of the ten invincible great divine tools from the ancient times, one that could be compared to the Xuan Yuan Sword.

Even if the Eastern Emperor bell weakened, it still couldn’t be destroyed. Jiang Chen was slightly shocked by it, the one that was able to damage the Eastern Emperor Bell before must be extremely powerful.

“To think he managed to withstand Gui Gu’s kamikaze?”

“Impossible! Jiang Chen is but an Early Divine King, how could he be this terrifying?”

“I refuse to believe it too. However, Gui Gu’s kamikaze did not shatter Jiang Chen’s golden bell, looks like we’ve underestimated him.”

“Hmph, , , that may not be so, he’s now on his last legs. He can stop Gui Gu but not Xuan Shenji”

The others were still feeling the shock from the explosion. Jiang Chen was obviously severely injured, he’s definitely not Xuan Shenji’s match now. He might probably even lose against an average Divine King.

Xuan Shenji quietly observed Jiang Chen, Donghuang Tai’a and the now-dead Gui Gu. His lips slowly curved up into a smile. He had never lifted a finger in this battle and all the opponents were either dead or severely injured, no one could compete against him now!

Donghuang Tai’a sighed. He knew that although Jiang Chen had defeated Gui Gu, he would lose against Xuan Shenji. At least for now, they’re in great danger, there’s a high chance that they’d die if Xuan Shenji acted now.

“Brother Jiang! I, Luo Ping, shall only follow you in this life.” Luo Ping murmured.

Luo Ping felt relief as Jiang Chen had fulfilled his wish, to kill Gui Gu, to take revenge for Luo Ninger. He did not have the strength to fulfill that wish and Jiang Chen even suffered a severe injury just to suppress Gui Gu’s kamikaze.

“Honestly, Jiang Chen is truly a great figure of this generation, even Gui Gu lost against him. However, he still hasn’t arrived at the very top as Xuan Shenji is there.” Mo Sanpao smiled bitterly.

Jiang Chen was their final straw of hope and he’s definitely not looking good, the situation was looking grim for their camp.

Everyone’s gaze fell towards Xuan Shenji after Gui Gu’s death. Only those reckless fools who would oppose towards the end would become part of the lost souls in Mount Wang Di.

“Jiang Chen? Hmph, he’s still too green. Brother Xuan is the most righteous one. The top-dog in this Mount Wang Di is naturally you.” Shen Lianqiao smiled.

Now that Gui Gu’s dead, he’s not so stupid to go against Xuan Shenji.

“Brother Xuan is mighty, we’re all convinced. Unlike the lonely, little, weak Eastern Emperor Sect, hahaha.” Long Xingyun sneered with disdain.

The current Jiang Chen was akin to a fangless tiger to them. Perhaps, he might’ve looked invincible before, probably even as powerful as Xuan Shenji but after Gui Gu’s kamikaze, no one could fight against Xuan Shenji anymore.

“Brother Xuan, this one request your approval to battle, to eliminate Jiang Chen, as part of a gift to Brother Xuan. Haha.” Long Xingyun said.

Now, he’d subjugate the weakened foe, he’s confident that he’s up for the task. Jiang Chen was now extremely weak, this should be easy for him.

“Alright, I’ll leave the taking of his head to you.” Xuan Shenji said.

At this moment, he was feeling extremely relaxed, he’d become the number one in this competition.

Long Xingyun stared at Jiang Chen and said:

“If it wasn’t for you, Xianghua wouldn’t have ignored me! It’s all because of you, Jiang Chen! I will kill you to quench this hatred of mine!”

“Where is she?” Jiang Chen frowned as he felt a bad premonition.

Supposedly, Long Xinghua should be with him as they’re from the same sect.

“Hehe, why don’t you take a guess? I’ve already raped and killed her, no one can take away what’s mine. You wanna be together with her? You’re unqualified!”

Of course, Long Xingyun would never tell it to the world, he smiled and sent a telepathic message to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen’s gaze became cold at this moment. Although there wasn’t much enmity nor good relationship with Long Xinghua, they fought battle together once. To think she died in the Battle Royale of the Nine Boundaries, he would’ve felt pity if she was killed by others, but from someone she knew?! Such brutality caused Jiang Chen’s blood to boil.

“You’re an animal, you should’ve reincarnated in the animal world, not the human world.” Jiang Chen stared at Long Xingyun coldly.

“Hahaha, this is what I want, I like that face of anger, who do you think you are? What can you do now? The king of the world? There are still things that you don’t know, do you wanna know what happened after that? Hmph hmph, looks like you care, then. She died a worthy death, at least someone would think about her during the lonely night. However, that sexy body, that fair skin, you’ll never experience it, that’s some good stuff. Kakaka.” Long Xingyun laughed coldly, just like how a cheeky villain would act.

Jiang Chen was thoroughly angered by him. He felt weird that Long Xinghua did not appear with Long Xingyun. Yet it had come to this, he’s an utterly despicable man, to even touch one’s own sister, madness, one that would be punished by the heavens!

“Scums like you shouldn’t exist in this world.” Jiang Chen said with a cold expression, his eyes were filled with killing intent.

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