Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities - Chapter 415

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Chapter 415: Young Madam Mo’s Surname Was Jiang

Wait a minute.

What did Mo Boyuan call that woman?


Of course, Lu Yanlan knew that the person she liked had already gotten married. After all, it was hard for Lu Yanlan not to know since Mo Boyuan had personally exposed this to the entire world.

Moreover, Lu Yanlan had actually known about this matter a long time ago. She had always been investigating, but she had never been able to find out who his wife was.

At this moment, she looked at Jiang Tingxu with a much more complicated gaze.

Apart from shock, there seemed to be jealousy and hatred hidden within.

She asked in a trembling voice,

“Boyuan, this… this Dr. Jiang, is she your wife?”

But in her heart, she kept shouting, “No, no, don’t admit it!”!

“That’s right, this is my wife! Wife, this is Miss Lu. We’ve worked together a few times.”

What did he mean they had only worked together a few times?

After hearing the person she liked personally admit it, Lu Yanlan’s face paled.

Suddenly, a voice sounded not far from behind them,

“Yaya, Xiao Yan, what are you two doing here?”

Everyone looked over. The little girl called Yaya smiled even more brightly.

“Mommy, Daddy.”

“Auntie, Uncle.”

Mo Boyuan didn’t say anything. Jiang Tingxu, on the other hand, was shocked when she saw the man and woman walking over, especially when she saw that woman.

Mo Boyuan, who was by her side, was the first to sense that something was wrong with his wife and he pulled her into his embrace.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” He asked with concern.

Although Mo Boyuan’s voice was very soft, it wasn’t very small. Everyone heard him.

The man and woman who were holding hands were already approaching. The woman was looking straight at them.

However, after a few glances, she shifted her gaze.

“Yaya, Why are you here? Mommy and daddy were looking for you everywhere.”

The little girl shook her head.

“Mommy, I was wrong, but I found an older sister who looks like me. It’s her!”

She pointed at Jiang Tingxu.

The woman looked over again. Previously, it was just a cursory glance, and since it was dark, she couldn’t see Jiang Tingxu’s face clearly. But now, her daughter’s words made the woman take a closer look.

“You really look like her. I wonder who… ?”

Before the woman could finish her words, she was interrupted by a young man’s voice:

“Auntie, they’re the oldest Young Master and Young Madam of the Mo family.”

When she heard the mention of the Mo family, an ambivalent expression flashed through the woman’s eyes but disappeared instantly. Perhaps even the woman herself didn’t notice it.

After seeing Jun Zhan, Mo Boyuan looked at the middle-aged man, who had been silent all this time, and instantly understood.

They were the head of household of the Jun family!

How unexpected..

While they were investigating the Jun family, the Jun family popped out.

Mo Boyuan tightened his grip on his wife’s waist again.

“Shall we go back?”

Jiang Tingxu was already lost in her thoughts, so she didn’t respond.

Mo Boyuan didn’t need his wife to respond. He just left with her.

Before they went far, they saw Su Muxue and Tan Yiming. Mo Boyuan nodded at the two of them. Tan Yiming instantly understood.

“I’ll be here. You and your wife can go back first.”

After Jiang Tingxu and Mo Boyuan left, Tan Yiming also left with Su Muxue. Only the Jun family was left.

Madam Jun was holding her little daughter’s hand, and Lu Yanlan followed beside her. At this moment, Jun Zhan walked over with a smile on his face. When he passed by Madam Jun, he said,

“Auntie, Young Madam Mo’s surname was Jiang!”

She was shocked!

When Madam Jun heard her stepson’s words, she was completely stunned.


“Tingxu?” She muttered.

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