Devil’s Son-in-Law - Chapter 649

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Chapter 649: Night Talk! The Real Eliza

When the 3 of them walked to a relatively secluded neighborhood, a man in a cloak appeared in sight. When Joanna saw this man in a cloak, her expression of joy was overwhelming. She completely lost the indifference to Paul and greeted him briskly.

Although the man in the cloak was fully covered up, Chen Rui recognized him at a glance, Samuel.

Samuel’s gaze caught a glimpse of Chen Rui. He seemed slightly surprised, but he was soon held by Joanna and left.

To avoid Eliza’s suspicion, Chen Rui asked deliberately, “That person…”

“Remember your vow just now!” Eliza glared at Chen Rui fiercely which ‘scared’ back what he was about to say.

“Ms. Eliza, what shall we do now?”

“Wait here first, Joanna shouldn’t…” Eliza thought for a while, and she suddenly blushed while showing a curious look, “What do you think they will do together?”

Chen Rui rolled his eyes secretly. It seems that Eliza is also an insider. However, this stubborn Samuel has decided to defeat Paul in a fair manner, so the chance of elopement with Joanna is very slim.

However, the young couple had a fiery passion. Now that they reunited after a long time, they should of course do some intimate thing together in a hotel room, but he definitely couldn’t tell this to Eliza clearly.

“I think Ms. Joanna must be discussing some meaningful issues with that friend such as ideals in life…” Chen Rui added to his heart. Also discuss the structure of the human body.

“Richard, you are such an interesting guy.” Eliza laughed, “Let’s talk about the story of your soul language adventure.”

Chen Rui knew he could not avoid this, so he had to talk about it. There were many stories in his head, so he just picked 1 out. However, out of caution, the plot of this story was quite perfect. He saved a female elf in a critical moment. After several setbacks, when the female elf was dying, she gave the power of soul language to the male protagonist using a special method of inheritance.

Due to the strength and race, the male protagonist could only use a small part of the power of soul language. It was not comparable to the real elf, but the male protagonist took a different approach and developed his own special beast taming skill based on the soul language.

“Inheritance? So that’s what happened…” Eliza’s eyes widened as she added another sentence, “Is that elf girl… beautiful?”

Chen Rui nodded, and he quickly added, “Of course, compared with Ms. Eliza’s beauty, there are still some gaps.”

“Really? You mean I’m more beautiful than an elf?” Eliza held her face excitedly, and she continued to inquire about the female elf. Just as Chen Rui could no longer hold it, he saw Joanna’s figure appear in front. She was walking toward them alone without Samuel by her side.

“Go to the street and wait for me!” Eliza said to Chen Rui before she greeted Joanna.

Eliza stepped forward and took her good friend’s arm. She pulled Joanna aside and whispered, “How was it?”

Joanna’s eyes seemed to be red, but her mental outlook was not bad. She replied softly, “It’s okay. When your business here is finished, I will return to the Dragon Bright Empire.”

Eliza was startled, “Why? Don’t you want to be with him…”

“He said he wanted to marry me openly. He has already submitted a family letter to Lex the Great. He will fight against Paul to determine the victory this time.” Joanna shook her head with a firm look in her eyes, “I believe him. No matter what, I will face it together with him.”

Eliza was stunned for a while, then she smiled cheerfully, “Don’t worry, he will succeed.”

Joanna took her good friend’s hand and nodded.

At dusk, Chen Rui led the 2 women all the way back to Mansion of Light while talking and laughing. Solanton and the fatty received the news and greeted them at the gate.

“Sir Solanton, the scenery of Garden City is quite fascinating. I had a pleasant afternoon. If I can, I hope I can be accompanied by Richard as the guide in the next few days.”

“Of course, this is an honor for Richard and me.” Solanton was worried that Chen Rui didn’t serve the lady well. Hearing Eliza’s words, he was overjoyed.

“This… Sir Mana. You seem to be the one who discovered Richard. Your vision is exceptional.” Eliza smiled sweetly and added, “Also, thank you for the little gift.”

“This, this… is also my honour.” Mana was almost incoherent with excitement. He bowed his head and saluted deeply with joy all over his fat face- Choosing Richard as my partner is surely the most correct choice.

“Okay,” Eliza stretched, “Sir Solanton, I just came to Garden City to relax, so I don’t want to do any socializing anymore. I’ve been shopping for the whole afternoon and I’m so tired. Let me take a rest.”

Eliza and Joanna went to their rooms to rest. Chen Rui ate something casually and went to the prayer hall. I have been busy for the entire day today. Haven’t got the chance to ‘greet’ the Elder Light God.

The faith power of Garden City was far better than Town Gudam in terms of quantity and quality. Chen Rui couldn’t absorb all the faith power once or twice. Furthermore, the Garden City’s church was crowded. Just in case, he usually ‘committed crimes’ when there was no one or when the night was quiet. However, according to this progress, if he did this for another 2-3 times, the faith power of Garden City’s Light God would almost bottom out. It will take at least a few months to restore it to its original state.

Shura had absorbed a lot of faith. This clone was mysterious and unpredictable. He was like a bottomless pit that would not overflow, but it would take a long time to convert so much faith power into faith crystals.

The life planets in the Super System were much more than when it was in 5-star evolution. With the expansion of the Pillar of Faith, the faith power grew rapidly at an accelerated speed and was transformed into faith crystals through the Tower of Faith.

Adding the remaining 6,000 crystals after the 6-star evolution, and then 8,000 from Town Gudam, plus the system growth and digestion of the Garden City, Chen Rui had accumulated 30,000 faith crystals. He estimated that after completing the conversion of faith power from this trip to Garden City, the total should exceed 100,000.

This speed was already quite fast compared to previous times, but Chen Rui felt that it was still not enough. If he were to go to a bigger place like Yang Shao Capital or the Dragon Bright Empire, the speed should be doubled again. Then it would not be a problem at all to gather 1 million faith crystals and hurry back before the [Light Annihilation Seal] on Isabella triggered. The key now was the Snow Dallet Flower.

Chen Rui was already a Reserve Light Knight, but only after entering this circle did he know that the Light Knight was actually the church’s low level fighter. Now due to the selection of the Divinity Temple Knight, the White Cliff was closed. With Chen Rui’s current low status, he was still not eligible to enter. It had to be at least an intermediate level fighter like Light Knight. With his qualifications, it was impossible to directly become a Light Knight. The only way was to use the identity of a Reserve Light Knight to become a follower of Divinity Temple Knight and enter with the ‘master’.

Looking for a Divinity Temple Knight ‘to serve under’ at such a last minute will delay a lot of time. Fortunately, a person is readily available. Although he is not the Divinity Temple Knight yet, he is eligible to participate in this Divinity Temple Knight selection. That is, the ‘rich and handsome’ Classmate Paul.

Chen Rui thought while ‘resting’ (using Shura’s power to steal faith) in the prayer hall. By the time the ‘resting’ was almost done, he already had a rough plan in his mind.

Walking out of the prayer hall, it was already midnight. Chen Rui looked up at the night sky with sparse moon and stars as he walked straight toward the VIP building behind the garden square where Paul stayed.

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However, when he first walked into the garden square, his ears moved suddenly. His figure flickered, and he was already hidden in the dark.

The reason Chen Rui activated [Sneak] was because he heard a voice. Even though the source of the voice was far away, weak and inaudible, it couldn’t hide from his hearing. What particularly interested him was that the voices of both sides of the conversation were familiar!

In a corner of the garden square, 2 figures were standing in front of a tree. Under the moonlight, 1 was a petite lady, Eliza, and the other was tall, not her friend Joanna, but Paul!

Chen Rui frowned. The 2 met at this moment, what’s actually…

Eliza brushed her curly hair that was fluttering in the wind, “Why don’t you believe what I just said? Still unwilling to face this reality?”

Paul was silent and said nothing.

“Your fiancée met with the mysterious man and returned only a few hours later. You don’t want to know what they were doing?” Eliza chuckles. She was self-confident and strong. She knew everything around her well, so she was not afraid of someone approaching and eavesdropping.

A trace of murder intent passed through Paul’s eyes as his fists were squeezed tightly.

“If I said that Joanna came to Garden City with me this time just to meet this man. She even wants to leave everything behind and leave with this man, do you believe it or not?”

The sturdy stone slab under Paul’s feet suddenly cracked. He took a deep breath and slowly said, “Aren’t you her best friend? Why did you tell me about this?”

“I just feel unworthy of you, or I don’t want to see a future Divinity Temple Knight be humiliated.” Eliza pursed her lips, “You have already guessed who that man is, right? Then, do you know that a battle is waiting for you? I believe that His Majesty Lex, who likes to play with balance, is very happy to see this good show.”

“That mere defeated general?” Paul sneered disdainfully, “I can beat him once, and I can beat him the second and third time. Even if he has reached Saint level, he is still not my opponent!”

“Even if you marry Joanna, her heart still won’t be with you.” Eliza shook her head, “Perhaps you can kill that rival in a battle, but Joanna will hate you for the rest of your life; if you don’t kill him, she won’t give up on him. Therefore, whether you win or lose, you are a loser.”

Paul let out a cold sneer, and the knuckles of his fists had already turned white because Eliza was telling the truth.

“The reason you want to marry Joanna, besides her looks, it’s more about family ambitions, right?” Eliza elegantly took a few steps forward and came to Paul. “Tell me, who is more beautiful? Me or Joanna?”

Paul glanced at Eliza. He frowned and gave an answer, “You.”

After saying this, Paul turned around, walked backward, and soon left the field garden.

“Insincere guy,” Eliza’s mouth formed a smile that was opposite to her innocent appearance while she was looking at the figure hidden in the dark, “But he’s a good toy, isn’t he?”

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