Crazy Leveling System - Chapter 694

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Sealing Heaven Divine King might be his ancestor, but Yi Tianyun didn’t feel anything at all! He never felt connected emotionally to Sealing Heaven Divine Nation, so he didn’t care whether it was his ancestor’s land or not. Plus, now that his cultivation base was already impressive for someone his age, he didn’t need Sealing Heaven Divine Nation at all!

Therefore, getting the inheritance of Sealing Heaven Divine King didn’t mean much for him. However, he still respected the Sealing Heaven Divine King as he was one of the main Three Divine Kings that contributed significantly to creating the Three Realms. 

But Yi Tianyun couldn’t deny the fact that the Imperial City of Sealing Heaven Divine Nation really had this formidable atmosphere to it. Even the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar wasn’t as magnificent as this city! This Imperial City also had a state-of-the-art defensive mechanism. No one would be able to break through unless they destroy the Divine runes that constituted almost all of the defensive mechanisms there, and that alone was almost impossible to do too!

At the top of the City Gate, Yi Tianyun saw a huge plaque that had Sealed Heaven written on it, normal people would bow as they saw it, but that didn’t apply to Yi Tianyun. People were actually surprised that a random stranger could look at the plaque for so long without even bowing their head down to the ground. 

The energy that the plaque discharged was enough to sting people’s eyes, but it seemed Yi Tianyun didn’t feel anything.

“This is Sealing Heaven Divine King’s Divine Tool! The plaque discharges a strong Divine King’s power that forced people to bow down unless they wanted to risk their eyes!” Yi Tianyun said as he shook his head as he didn’t like the idea of the plaque at all.

“That plaque is a Divine Tool?” Shi Xueyun said as she was shocked to hear Yi Tianyun’s word. She didn’t expect something so casually displayed like that to be a Divine Tool!

“Yes, in fact, I think the entire city gate is a Divine Tool! Although it’s not particularly high-grade, it’s a Divine Tool nonetheless!” Yi Tianyun said as he shook his head once again. He wanted to forge his own Divine Tool, but he was still a Blacksmith Master right now. It was a long way before he could become a Blacksmith Divine Master.

“Let’s get inside.” Yi Tianyun said as he walked in with Shi Xueyun. The guards neither stopped nor asked them any questions at all. Entering the city was also free of charge. It seemed relatively peaceful unless you are there to cause trouble.

After coming in, the scene was no different than other Imperial Cities, bustling streets of people minding their own business. The cultivator’s level wasn’t low either. Occasionally, Yi Tianyun could see a Spirit King Stage cultivation strolling on the street.

However, that was not what impressed Yi Tianyun. The thing that caught Yi Tianyun’s attention was the Tianshan Mountains behind the Imperial City. The towering five mountains were majestic, in addition to a pile of houses there. Yi Tianyun knew that the mountains were the real Main Hall for Sealing Heaven Divine Nation, which was probably above the Imperial Palace in the city.

Yi Tianyun noticed that the mountain was covered with Fairy Fog. It was mainly used to lock the Spiritual Energy inside the site to enhance the cultivation speed inside. Yi Tianyun could also see that the mountain was full of Spirit Grass. It was safe to say that the real Sealing Heaven Divine Nation territory was the five mountains, but as they grew in number, their territory also expanded from the mountain.

“I don’t think anyone could live there without a high enough status.” Yi Tianyun said to Shi Xueyun as he pointed his finger towards the mountain. 

“Yes, elder sister was probably there too.” Shi Xueyun said as she felt excited to see her respectful sister once more.

Without further ado, they went straight ahead towards the mountain. The closer they got, the more guards were patrolling around the foot of the mountain. These were Void Spirit Stage Expert guards, checking the surrounding, preventing anyone from entering without the proper procedure.

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“Who are you, and what are the two of you doing here?” a guard asked as Yi Tianyun and Shi Xueyun approached the gate. It was obvious that the guards were vigilant as the place that Yi Tianyun and Shi Xueyun were about to enter was considered sacred for Sealing Heaven Divine Nation.

“We are here to visit Yi Xingchen, but I didn’t know where he is. May I know if he is inside?” Shi Xueyun asked politely. Yi Xingchen is Yi Tianyun’s birth father’s name.

“Yi Xingchen? I’ve never heard of that name.” The guard said while shaking his head.

“You’ve never heard of him? How about Jiao Linghe?” Shi Xueyun asked once more. Jiao Linghe was Yi Tianyun’s mother, so if the guard didn’t know about Yi Tianyun’s father, she wanted to know if the guard knew his mother.

“I’ve never heard of that name either! Please stay away from this place. You can’t go in without a token or being dragged in with a handcuff!” the guard said impatiently as he motioned for Yi Tianyun and Shi Xueyun to walk away.

Shi Xueyun frowned as she was confused. The guard didn’t know about the name she mentioned. She felt that something was off here! She came here excitedly, but no one knew anything about her sister. 

“You really don’t know either of that name? Yi Xingchen is supposed to be Sealing Heaven Divine Nation number one genius!” Shi Xueyun said frustratedly.

“Sealing Heaven Divine Nation’s number one genius isn’t Yi Xingchen. His name is Yi Feilong! I think you are looking at the wrong place here. This is Sealing Heaven Divine Nation’s Imperial City. Stop wasting our time and walk away! Don’t blame us if we have to take extreme measures against you two!” The guard said coldly.

Shi Xueyun looked a little bit sad, but she nodded anyway and walked away from the guards. She knew that there was no point in asking another question to those guards.

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