Comic System in Naruto’s World - Chapter 161

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Although he and Sakumo are teammates, it’s still Akabane’s first time coming to Hatake Clan.
Their family is small, with only a dozen households and one martial art field.
Before entering the martial arts dojo, he heard the sound of swords colliding.
Going inside.
He saw Sakumo and Ye Wu were duelling in the middle, and there were a few children from the Hatake Clan sitting around the dojo, all of whom were around seven or eight years old. 
[TL/n: (Name Change: Moonlight Night Dance change to Ye Wu)]
Hearing the movement, Hatake Sagiki turned his head and glanced, and when he saw that it was Akabane, a look of surprise appeared on his face.
This slacker crawled out of his nest!
“Oh, double knife!”
Akabane walked towards Hatake Sagiki, and the children on the path took the initiative to make way for him.
Ding Ding Ding~
The two short knives danced like wind, although each knife was not powerful, but Ye Wu couldn’t take the initiative to attack at all.
The advantage of the double knife lies in its tyrannical offensiveness.
Ye Wu is good at being flexible, but it pales in comparison to Sakumo, who is equally flexible.
After fighting again, he was the first to lose the battle with exhaustion.
At this moment, Hatake Sagiki said indifferently: “If you have something to say, just say it.”
“Uncle Sagiki, I would like to ask how to make myself faster?”
Akabane rubbed his hands awkwardly.
“Practice more, run more.”
Hatake Sagiki said sullenly.
“Is there any, uh… an exclusive way?”
practice? Everyone knows this.
If Akabane is willing to work hard just to practice, then he wouldn’t be coming here to find a shortcut.
When Hatake Sagiki saw it, he shook his head and then looked at Akabane like he was a fool. He then turned his head sideways.
And beckoned to the kid next to him, and asked, “Yijun, you tell him how you practice.”
“Running around Konoha 20 times in the morning, climbing a hundred times in the morning, swinging a knife 500 times in the afternoon, and then running around Konoha 50 times in the evening.”
The kid on the side said abruptly.
The more Akabane listened, his face became stiffer.
He lowered his head and glanced. The child was at most five or six years old, and he estimated that he had just started attending ninja school.
Such a child has received such a cruel amount of training?
Then the kid suddenly whispered: “Because I have a poor physical foundation, this is the least amount of training I can do.”
“That’s it.”
Even if my mother is selling batches, she still has to keep a smile on her face.
This amount of training is terrifying!
Noting the children’s eyes, Akabane’s smile was a little stiff.
Hatake Sagiki said indifferently: “There are no shortcuts to improving your physique. Some geniuses come out on their own.”
“Big Brother wants to train with us just like Brother Ye Wu?”
Yijun Hatake asked curiously.
“No, I didn’t, don’t get me wrong!”
Akabane immediately shook his hand to deny.
Training with these children, and in the end, he, the oldest among them, became the only one who can’t continue, so it’s an embarrassment.
Hatake Sagiki sneered.
Based on his understanding of Akabane, it is harder to expect this guy to be diligent than climbing the sky.
“Uncle Sagiki, can I borrow some less important swordsmanship manual from your clan?”
Akabane said.
“What do you use it for?”
Hatake Sagiki didn’t refuse. Those were family swordsmanship. Although they were not precious, they couldn’t be lent to others for nothing.
“Silent assassination.”
Akabane whispered.
Hatake Sagiki was a little surprised.
This is the signature technique of the Hidden Mist Village, which is rarely circulated in the outside world.
“I went to learn the fog concealment technique before and created a fog mirage through the fog concealment technique. In the middle, I figured out the principle of their silent assassination technique.”
Akabane explained.
Hatake Sagiki thought about it for a moment, then he nodded and said, “Okay.”
Silent assassination is not swordsmanship, but it is of great value, especially when facing the Mist Ninja, the familiarity of silent assassination makes them more likely to survive.
“Train yourself.”
Hatake Sagiki got up and took Akabane to the library of the clan after saying it to the children.
When he reached the upper floor of the Dojo, there was a small house on the corner. He knotted his hands and unlocked the above technique before opening the door with the key.
After opening the door, Akabane saw the lights turned on, and rows of bookshelves were in his sight.
Akabane took a deep breath.
The foundation of a family is often not only money and strength, but also the accumulation of blood and knowledge.
With the books in this room alone, the Hatake family deserves the games of their family.
“You can read the books in the first row and second row at will.”
“In addition, the books here are not just swordsmanship books, but there are also some reasonable methods for martial arts in the Warring States period to build and strengthen the body. You can also read it.”
Hatake Sagiki said lightly,
In his opinion, these books are more important than swordsmanship to the Kurama Clan.
“Thank you, Uncle Sagiki, I think swordsmanship is enough.”
Akabane said.
How to build and strengthen my body?
My system is enough!
The training of the kid downstairs has already scared him deeply, so how can he think of training…
Hatake Sagiki who heard him said simply as he is too lazy to persuade him.
Human character is deeply rooted in one’s body, that’s why many things cannot be forced.
Besides, Akabane is not a Taijutsu User, and his body is not that weak, so it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t practice the unorthodox way.
Of course, the reason is not at all so simple.
Akabane went to the Hatake clan, on the one hand, he asked if there was a shortcut for speed improvement, on the other hand, he was borrowing books on swordsmanship.
Blood can reduce the points of blood, so can swordsmanship in the books reduce the points of swordsmanship?
There is not much swordsmanship on the exchange list.
One is the Kubikiribocho Blade Technique of Zabuza.
The other is the Three-Sword Style.
Kubikiribocho Blade Technique is very rough. It only has a C-Rank rating. It also needs to be matched with a special weapon. There is no need to exchange it.
What Akabane wanted to lower was the Three-sword Style points.
Three Swords Style requires 300 points, which is between the rating of B and A. After all, it is only a technique of using three swords, and does not include sword moves such as “Oni Giri” and “Ultimate Three Swords: Three Thousand Worlds”.
He looked at the bookshelf and picked up a swordsmanship book.
Swordsmanship first explained.

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Turning over a few pages, it wrote about the origin of warriors at first, and then it talked about swordsmanship later.
After reading it patiently, he immediately opened the points panel.
But the Three swords Style points were still the same.
“Is my route wrong?”
He thought for a moment, then shook his head slightly, and continued to pick up another book.
The two rows of bookshelves have such a rich collection of books that it is unrealistic to read them, so Akabane chooses a few books to read.
Looking at it again, it dropped by 5 points!
But it’s too slow!
He sighed softly. He had only 5 points after reading several books. How rough the road to prostitution was.
“Maybe looking for books with three-sword style or double-sword style subjects can make the points decrease faster!”
Akabane thought to himself, so he changed his strategy.
Orthodox samurai are generally one-sword style, a few can master the technique of double sword style.
However, in a duel, the double-sword style is not used. After all, the double-sword style is more suitable for group battles, rather than fighting alone—especially short swords.
Therefore, if he wants to find a Three Swordsmanship, he must go to the side door.
These books are often not taken seriously.
Akabane scanned the column at the bottom of the bookshelf, and it didn’t take long to see a three-sword style of swordsmanship.
It came from the wandering warrior.
Swordsmanship is very rough. Just after reading the analysis of swordsmanship and thinking about it, Akabane feels that there are many flaws.
But what surprised him was that the points of the three swords style dropped by more than fifty!
So effective!
Then, he began to search again.
The vital point of the three-sword style plummeted, from three hundred to two hundred and five, and then from two hundred five to two hundred and one hundred.
It wasn’t until it became fifty that it couldn’t lower any longer.
“It seems that there is no way to completely master it just by reading it, just like the first time, Although I have the blood of Kurama Clan, I still need 30 points just to activate it.
Akabane could not help but feel a bit regretful when he realized it.
It’s really difficult to have a free for all jutsu. Thankfully it only needs 59 points.
For just 50 points he can receive knowledge of how to wield three swords!
So without a second thought, Akabane redeems the technique!
The flow of the three swords is very complicated. The three swords cannot interfere with each other and must complement each other. The system version not only instils all understanding into his head but also strengthens some of the physical instincts used.
Its level is about the same as the current Zoro.
Of course, only skills.
In fact, swordsmen competed not only for skill but also for sword speed, strength and moves.
Unfortunately, Akabane did not have them.
He has 80 points in physique, but the physical quality he has exchanged has no expertise points, and everything is mediocre.
So with the same swordsmanship, Zoro can kill people, but he might kill himself in a duel.
“What is the use of reading these books for you?”
Hatake Sagiki who came back and saw the books Akabane was reading had his frown deep.
He thought Akabane was here to learn swordsmanship, but now it looks like this is not the case at all—
It seems that he really came to “learn shortcuts”.
“My One Piece has a character who uses three swords, so I came to read the book and learn about it.”
Akabane said with a smile.
Hatake Sagiki felt a pity for some reason after hearing this.
If this guy can put his energy in this area into practice, I am afraid that his achievements will be more than what he has now.
The opponent did not practice swords and was not good at Taijutsu, so he had no idea of continuing to dissuade him.
Just let him go!
“Thank you, Uncle Hatake. I finished reading it. I turned around and I will write a volume of silent assassination and send it over.”
Akabane bowed slightly.
“Well, let’s go.”
Hatake Sagiki motioned him to leave first, then locked the door, sealed the seal, and then came down from the upper floor.
Akabane is very happy.
Not only did he gain 250 points today, but it also confirmed his guess that the points on the list could indeed be reduced by realistic means.
In this way, many expenses can be avoided.
Such as the Infinite Darkness Jutsu.
He received this Jutsu from the Third Hokage a long time ago, but due to its price, he didn’t redeem it yet.
But now, he can redeem it with low points!
The more advanced the technique, the greater the room for reduction through such techniques.
As for low-level ninjutsu such as Three Sword Style…
The methods and principles are too simple. Those points are like tuition fees, and there is no room for reduction.

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