Comic System in Naruto’s World - Chapter 160

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Uchiha Ensho took all the corpses back and displayed them in front of the family square. After checking them one by one, he went to Uchiha Yuan to report: “Patriarch, all the defectors are here, there is nothing wrong.”
“Thank you.”
Uchiha Yuan nodded and motioned for him to retreat.
In front of the square, everyone from the whole clan was present, and there were choking sounds from time to time.
He walked to these corpses and said after a long silence: “People of the tribe, maybe you think I am hypocritical, that I am cruel and have no affection, but everything I do is for the continuation of the family.”
Afterwards, Uchiha Yuan walked around and asked, “Uzumaki family, are you familiar with them?”
“The wife of Senju Hashirama is the princess of the Uzumaki clan.”
An old man replied.
“Yes, they are the biggest force in the Land of Uzumaki, and in the Ninja World, they are also a very powerful family. Similarly, everyone knows that the Uzumaki family sent ten children over some time ago, right?”
Everyone nodded.
The ten children of the Uzumaki clan are low-key, but they are noticed by everyone when they enter the village, so everyone still remembers.
“The Uzumaki clan also sent people to Konoha for the continuation of their bloodlines.”
Uchiha Yuan continued, “Because, in a few years, their home, village, and country will be destroyed.”
“This… how is this possible…”
“Konoha won’t help them?”
Many tribesmen stood up noisily, with a look of bewilderment since it’s unbelievable for them.
Some old people were stunned when they heard it, and immediately thought of the abilities of the Uzumaki family, and they understood everything.
An innocent man treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime!
“How can they help? Our village has just gone through a big battle and didn’t even catch a breath. It is not one or two villages that are aimed at the Land of Uzumaki, but all Shinobi villages outside Konoha.
Uchiha Yuan sneered, “Now everyone still thinks that with our abilities, we can create our own Ninja Village without Konoha?”
“But… there is no need to kill so many people.”
Some old men burst into tears, Uchiha’s relationship is more complicated, and many of these people are his juniors.
“Clan elders, they chose to leave because they don’t trust Konoha. Them staying will only invite disasters for our family. Some diseases cannot be cured and can only be removed!”
Uchiha Yuan said firmly.
Before he knew it, he had already activated his Mangekyo Sharingan, and his scarlet eyes scanned the audience.
All of a sudden, everyone was silent.
Before absolute power, no one dared to object.
Moreover, what Uchiha Yuan said was not wrong, and the saying that even their hands were more or less stained with the blood of their tribe was not wrong.
No one was innocent when the tragedy happened!
“Buried them properly as they all deserve it. While some clean up the street!”
Although it was only the defection and death of more than one hundred people, more than one hundred were all ninjas, that number was quite high.
Many villagers who heard the disappearance opened the window and peeked out from inside their houses. As a result, when their window opened, the smell of blood was strong and pungent.
At the same time, the rest of the Uchiha clan can be seen washing the ground.
what happened?
Everyone was at a loss, but they didn’t dare to go out and ask, so they could only endure the curiosity in their hearts and force themselves to sleep.
Early the next day.
Konoha looked calm, and there was no strong smell of blood on the street.
“It was done overnight, Uchiha sure is efficient!”
Akabane rarely gets up early.
Having lost the chance to earn big, he was so heartbroken that he couldn’t sleep at night.
Akabane walked on the street with a mixed mood.
Arriving at the shop.
He looked up and saw a large group of people around the shop door.
What do these people want?
Kurama Yunlang saw Akabane across the crowd and immediately yelled ecstatically: “My master is here, everyone back a little bit, don’t block the door, don’t block the door!”
In an instant, everyone turned around.
Just now they all surrounded Kurama Yunlang, and now they all came to surround Akabane.
“What happened to Uchiha last night?”
“As soon as the comic was drawn to when Uchiha’s extermination happened, they had an accident. Is there a problem with your comic?”
“Is the village going to change the sky!”
Akabane listened and watched, taking a look around and realizing.
Most of this group of people are ordinary people, and there is no way to get the news. 
The result is they become very curious.
Each one ran as fast as a reporter, earlier than him.
Akabane felt uncomfortable. After pondering for a moment, he said, “Is there any misunderstanding? First, I didn’t hint at anything. Second, I just also learned about it. So It’s useless for you to surround me.”
“Aren’t you Master Danzo disciple?”
Someone whispered.
Akabane’s teacher, all ordinary people in Konoha, knew who he was, Danzo Commander of Konoha’s Anbu.
So how can he not know?
Konoha has been relatively peaceful since the end of the war, so there has been no war. But this time, Uchiha’s internal chaos was a big “surprise” to say the least.
In addition, Akabane happened to draw the plot of annihilation, so everyone’s brains came to this side.
“I don’t know what happened last night, and don’t make me embarrassed.”
Akabane was helpless.
Although in a sense, everyone’s guess is also a fact, but he cannot admit it.
Then, under the persuasion of Kurama Yunlang, everyone gradually dispersed.
The enthusiasm of the people who eat melons cannot be controlled!
Akabane sighed softly and followed Kurama Yunlang to clean up the messy shop.
“Master, last night…”
“Uchiha’s internal cleanup.”
A similar thing happened in the Kurama family before. Ten elders and many clan men were cleaned up for this. Now there are only five elders left.
Uchiha’s situation is similar, but the methods are more ruthless.
of course……
The situation of the two clans is different. The Kurama clan has not been secretly targeted by Hokage’s line, while Uchiha and Hokage’s line have been grudges for a long time.
After a day of leisure, I will continue to paint.
The original two comics have been updated, but compared to the reality and the explosive plot of the comics, it is only that the initial One Piece is obviously not so noticeable, so the relative response in these two days is relatively small.
However, when Uchiha’s popularity passes, and the next comic is updated, the points should burst.
Akabane thought about it and then opened his system panel.
Uchiha’s blood exchange is very eye-catching…

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But it’s useless, and the Sharingan can’t be used right away. 
After taking a look, he felt that these various ninjutsu tricks were temporarily useless.
On the premise of chakra strengthening, the power of the water dragon bomb and the Great Waterfall Jutsu is sufficient, and facing ordinary enemies only need illusion to deal with it.
“So better strengthen my body first!”
After thinking about it for a while, Akabane thought of laying a solid foundation first.
The speed that Hatake Sagiki showed last night gave him a psychological shadow. If he encounters this kind of enemy on the battlefield, he will not be able to run.
After pondering and understanding, he didn’t hesitate anymore, all the points were all on the body stats.
In the morning, there were more than 1,500 points in total, and it was exactly 30 points after the redemption. As a result, the physical attributes reached almost the level of Peak Chunin.
After finishing this, he separated two shadow clones.
Previously, the update was intensive, so Yamano Izumi will not deliver the goods today, and working overtime tomorrow morning may not be able to drive out one of the updates.
For now, Akabane is more inclined to the updates of Naruto.
After finishing all these trivial things, a snake crawled in through the window.
“Akaba, I have researched two of the three pieces of equipment, but I haven’t figured out the last one yet.”
The snake clone opened its mouth and said.
“Need my help?”
Akabane knew he couldn’t help but still pretended to be shameless.
The snake clone spat out a letter.
After a while, it said: “No, I am looking for you for another thing…”
“what’s up?”
Don’t tell me Danzo starts to make trouble again?!
“Do you think the Sharingan can be moved?”
Although it was a snake clone, Akabane felt that this guy must have a look of excitement and desire.
The Sharingan is the most famous bloodline limit in the Ninja world.
No one can resist this temptation, especially for researchers like Orochimaru
“Don’t ever think about it!”
Akabane said solemnly.
Uchiha’s current situation is half of their previous strength. Although they have lost so many family elites, Konoha will definitely protect them in the future as long as they don’t mess up.
So next is the honeymoon period between Konoha and Uchiha.
Don’t forget that in addition to being a Ninja Court Academician, the Third Hokage also has the title of God of Shinobi, so whoever reaches out for it, the Third Hokage wouldn’t just hide his fang!
Moreover, after one night, Uchiha’s dead body is probably all buried.
Doing something in the cemetery is really going to be a betrayal.
Orochimaru is usually very sensible, but the lure of the Sharingan is too confusing. Even if he knows it is dangerous, he still wants to engage in it, but after being persuaded, he can only give up and ask another question he was very curious about. 
“In your comics, do you think it’s possible to develop the seal?”
Curse seal!
When he saw the thing, his eyes lit up immediately.
Had it not been busy yesterday, and Akabane was also unstable, he would have come to ask.
Akabane thought for a while and said, “I learned from my Dream Tapir that it’s a kind of power called natural energy, and some powerful psychic beasts control this power.”
Orochimaru’s tone was a bit surprising.
Although he signed with Manda, he did not directly learn about the existence of the Holy Land like Jiraiya, so he did not know the existence of natural energy.
of course……
Just like the Little Tapir confusion, how can he know so many things.
Not to mention that they have no natural energy, even if they do, they may not be able to use them.
Orochimaru thought for a while and said excitedly: “So, there are powers other than Chakra in the world. By the way, what is the summoned beast signed by Jiraiya?”
“Toad from Myoboku Mountain.”
Akabane said simply.
“I’ll ask Jiraiya…”
The little snake quickly crawled out of the window and slid towards the laboratory.
Akabane sighed slightly, but Orochimaru couldn’t even meet Shigeo’s family now, and it might be a long time to study the curse seal.
Rather than looking forward to those, it would be better to ponder about the Ryuchi Cave.
But thinking about it carefully, the rules of Ryuchi Cave are painful, far less gentle than Myoboku Mountain.
It’s difficult!
Akabane sighed slightly, thought for a moment, and the main body stood up, ready to go to the Hatake clan.

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