Comic System in Naruto’s World - Chapter 159

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Sir, shall we still chase?"

Not far away, Uchiha Ensho brought a group of subordinates to the tail.

These ninjas were the people who were reluctant to leave Konoha at the beginning, and most of them were confidants cultivated by Uchiha Yuan for a long time.

Uchiha Ensho stopped, shook his head and said, "Wait for them to end. It is now at night. If we rush into the battle, we will easily be killed together as those of the tribe."

He paused for a moment, looked at the rear and said, "There is nothing wrong with here, two teams will be left behind, and the rest… go back and clean up the corpses of our tribe."

Speaking of the end, Uchiha Ensho couldn't help feeling a little sad.

The feeling of raising the butcher knife to the tribe is not beautiful or wonderful, and he is one of the planners, so he feels more guilty at this moment.

"Then you…"

"I will wait here and bring them back to the family when it's over."

The rest of the ninjas hesitated for a moment, but they still followed his order. In the end, there were only eight ninjas left here.Advertisements

The screams were endless, Uchiha Ensho took a deep breath and drove away the guilt in his heart, and then he said to others with a heavy heart: "Bleeding is necessary for change, and their death will not be in vain as the Uchiha will be born again."

"My lord, we understand."

Others responded, but the atmosphere was still dull.

After all, they are all from the same family…

Under many encirclements, the disabled brigade that had been hunted down gradually could not support the line of defence.

How can a family fight against a village?

Uchiha Teru was desperate, and he deeply realized his stupidity. He secretly paid attention to his surroundings——

The people of his tribe have suffered heavy casualties, and it is impossible for them all to escape.

Run, can't care about them!

He knotted his hands and quietly left a shadow clone, while he started running away.

Under his mastery of earth jutsu, Uchiha Teru escapes from the siege.

Unfortunately, when he was halfway out, he found a strange chakra covering him.

Following that, the surrounding earth gradually compressed, he wanted to leave under the ground but couldn't move.


Under heavy pressure, Uchi Teru felt that his bones were almost crushed.

Earth escape?

He thought quickly in his mind but thinking about it carefully immediately rejected the possibility.

"The Chakra just now was an illusion!"

As a former elite Jonin, even if he hasn't been fighting for many years and his body is ageing and declining, he still has high combat experience after he calms down.

He immediately judged the source of the illusion, and then…

"The five sense control of the Kurama clan!"

Uchiha Teru's face was difficult to look at, and the best way to break the five sense control was to fall into a coma so that he would exit the illusion.

However, he could not bear the consequences of being in a coma.

So he can only do it the hard way!

He gathered his mental power and was about to forcefully break through the illusion, but at this time he found that the illusion had disappeared.


Without any hesitation, Uchiha Teru quickly escaped.

However, when he passed through the ground and planned to drive away, he saw magnificent water dragons swooping in.

He used his both hands, and with a fats hand seal, he created an earth wall to resist it, but at this moment—

Is it an illusion again?

He was slightly startled and immediately gathered his mental strength, condensing his pupils to forcefully break through.

Akabane was not sure whether the mental power and the pupil power of the Sharingan could break through his illusion and did not want to experiment with it, so he immediately cancelled the illusion.

But even if the illusion is cancelled, his goal has been achieved.


Water Escape·The Art of Water Dragon Bomb!

The two clones used the Ninjutsu at the same time, and two water dragons rose up, attacking one after another.

Under the huge impact, Uchiha Teru, who was originally injured from the manipulation of his five senses, immediately vomited blood.

Throwing a few kunai in his hand from a distance, Akabane let the Shadow Clone stab Uchiha Teru in his heart using the kunai, when he was sure that his enemy had fallen, Akabane released his shadow clone with a poof~.

With their position being a little far away from the battlefield, Akabane walked over and put his hand on Uchiha Teru's eyes.

He glanced at his points, but nothing happened.

"Do I have to pluck it out?"

Akabane felt cold all over, it was too risky to pull it out, and the most important thing was that it was disturbing.

Against the idea of taking it out, Akabane thought of another idea and directly put his hand on Uchiha Terus' eyeball that was bleeding.

The points did not move, but a new exchange suddenly appeared under the Sharingan.

Uchiha Bloodline: A descendant of Indra's bloodline, it can reduce the cost of using the Sharingan, and has a chance to acquire it. The point requirement is 2,999.

Blood exchange?

Akabane's eyes widened.

No wonder the three Tomoe only need 1000 points!

Fortunately, this young master (I) is cautious by nature. Otherwise, he has to exchange for Sharingan for a small bargain. 

However, seeing the required points, he was silent.

In the past few days, he worked hard to update and spent some exchange of ninjutsu and attributes, and there were only a thousand left.

Poverty makes me sober…

Akabane glanced silently, then thought for a moment, and when he saw Uchiha Teru's blood, an idea came to him!

He carefully observed his surroundings, specially summoned a shadow clone to become a watchman, then took out a kunai.

In an instant, blood sprayed.

Akabane put his hand on the wound, his eyes kept staring at the panel, and just like what he thought, the points decreased a little bit!

In the end, the wound no longer spurted blood.

At this time, in his panel, Uchiha's bloodline exchange only left more than 2,300 points.

It decreased by less than 600 points!

However, as the points decreased, all the blood spewed out was absorbed by Akabane, and there was only a little blood left on the ground.

Thinking for a moment, he then stomped on Uchiha Teru's heart then blood once again spilled from the body.

After finally knowing that no blood would come out, Akabane got up and walked out to the small mound, pretending to look tired.

At this time, the outside battle was over, and Hatake Sagiki stood by and watched the surroundings while breathing heavily.

This kind of high-speed combat seems to be quite serious even for him.


Hatake Sagiki saw the body, and coupled with his familiarity with Chakra's breath, he recognized Akabane without turning around.

"Yes, I was chasing Uchiha Teru, I don't know if there are other people."

Akabane nodded and replied.

"It's okay, there are others."

Hatake Sagiki leaned against the tree, not bothered about the corpse and scanned the surroundings.

Before long, the shadows returned.

"Master Hatake, the rest of the rebels have been cleaned up."

After making a return, many ninjas dragged out the corpses from the forest.

Behind Akabane, an Anbu appeared and dragged Uchiha Teru's body out and placed it on the open space in front.

"Master Hatake, there are 34 rebels who fled here, and there are currently 34 dead bodies."

An Anbu reported.


Hatake Sagiki got up, walked a few steps forward, and said to Uchiha Ensho in the distance, "Ensho, please check it out."

"Thank you, Master Hatake."

Uchiha Ensho bowed respectfully, followed behind, and walked over to check the condition of the thirty-four bodies.

He checked them one by one, and couldn't help but sigh secretly in his heart-it was very tragic, some of them had changed beyond recognition, but they could be vaguely distinguished from being an Uchiha.

And judging from the traces, attire and some details of appearance, these are all tribesmen.

Uchiha Ensho didn't find anything suspicious, so he nodded comfortably and said, "Thank you for helping our family remove the traitors. To let these traitors escape from the village, the consequences will be unimaginable."

"It doesn't matter, we just happened to be on guard."

Hatake Sagiki didn't bother about his nonsense, as he nodded slightly then turned to leave.

When things are done, go home and sleep.

Thirty-four bodies…

As long as he can get the blood from three or four of them, he can obtain the blood of Uchiha for free.

But it's not easy with how sensitive the Uchiha clan right now about their clan members.

"Let's go."

Hatake Sagiki said lightly.

Akabane regrets that there is still a lot of blood on the ground…

If it weren't too conspicuous at the moment, he would like to go down and collect it.

Although the amount is not large, there are hundreds of points for less, right? Although not free but less is still acceptable.

It is a pity that due to how Uchiha Teru's blood got drained, it will be a scene if the blood on the ground disappears after he touches it. So he had to give up this huge wealth.

Akabane sighed softly and followed with a heavy heart.

A group of Ninjas walked for a while, and then they scattered and went back to their homes until Hatake Sagiki and Akabane were left…

"Uncle, this is not the way to the Hatake clan."

Akabane saw Hatake Sagiki turn left and couldn't help but remind him.

"Although Uchiha has cleaned up a batch, it is difficult to say whether there wouldn't be any lunatics, and it is also to prevent you from going back."

Hatake Sagiki said lightly.

Although he didn't see it, he could think of it by guessing—Akabane must have done something after killing Uchiha Teru.

After all, from the disappearance of the double water dragon and Uchiha Teru, and the return of Akabane, it took a full half-minute in between.

"Cough!, Uncle what are you saying…"

Akabane scratched his head awkwardly.

Sure enough, it was too difficult to hide from an Elite Jonin, especially from Hatake Sagiki.

"I'm just curious, what is the power in those eyes."

Akabane explained.

Hatake Sagiki sent Akabane to the Kurama clan and then said in a deep voice: "Akaba, no matter how strong the Sharingan is, it depends on how they use it. The blind pursuit of the power of the bloodline will only lead you towards your destruction. Remember that"

"I understand, thank you for your teaching."

Akabane was helpless and grateful.

Having said this, it is clear that Hatake Sagiki is not malicious to him, but is very willing to support and train him.

Like Sakumo, he is a cold-hearted person outside but warm inside.

"The situation is sensitive tonight, don't go out again."

When Hatake Sagiki finished speaking, he disappeared like a wind.

So fast!

While Akabane was amazed, he couldn't help but sigh with emotion——

This family's intuition is simply outrageous, and Hatake Sagiki is more terrifying than Sakumo in that aspect as his father is both mature and experienced.Advertisements

Those plus intuition are enough to make accurate judgments in the end.

If you think of him as a powerful elite with pure swordsmanship, physique, and ninjutsu, the end will be a dead end.

Think about it, if it weren't for such a character, how could he become the leader of the family.

However, due to his failed attempt of decreasing the points needed, he doesn't have any other choice but to redeem the Uchiha Blood using the hard way.

And that's to update the book faster for his points to increase!

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