Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 3071

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Chapter 3071: Refining Godking Pills (2)

Afterwards, Jian Chen continued to refine the pills, but without any exception, the end result once he reached the step of adding the Godking grass would all be an explosion.

As a result, explosions constantly rang out in the secret room buried deep beneath the Tian Yuan clan. The collateral energy from each explosion was formidable, basically reaching the level of Infinite Primes.

The energy hidden within Godking grass was far too powerful. When this energy and the effects of the many supplementary materials exploded at the same time, the power they released truly reached the Primordial realm.

Each explosion would lead to a certain level of damage to the low quality god artifact cauldron Jian Chen used, and as the number of explosions increased, it obviously worsened the damage.

Finally, after over a thousand explosions, the cauldron was completely destroyed.

Fortunately, the God Tier cauldrons that he had made Xi Yu gather had been delivered in time, which was the only reason why Jian Chen had not encountered any delays in his refinement process.

Xi Yu found a total of four low quality god artifact cauldrons for Jian Chen. Every single one of them had been purchased from a different region on the Cloud Plane after paying up a certain amount of resources.

Xi Yu had even sent out some Infinite Primes to other planes in search of medium quality god artifact cauldrons.

Time trickled by silently. With each repetitive day of pill refinement, Jian Chen’s comprehension of the Way of Alchemy gradually increased. Even though this increase was nowhere near enough for his Laws of Alchemy to break through to Infinite Prime, they were enough to consolidate his current cultivation further.

As for the Hundred Tribulations Godking pills, Jian Chen had not refined a single one successfully yet, where each attempt ended in failure. However, through his countless failures and experiences, his teamwork with Xu Ran was becoming better and better. As he constantly experimented around, they gradually began to grasp the trick for suppressing the power in the Godking grass.


Another explosion rang out in the secret room, and a low quality god artifact cauldron was blasted to pieces. Out of the four cauldrons Xi Yu had gathered for him, he had already destroyed three.

Gazing at the fragments of the cauldron on the floor, Jian Chen was not defeated at all. With a wave of his hand, he placed a brand-new cauldron before him and exhaled deeply. “This is the last cauldron. If it gets destroyed, I don’t have any more of them.”

Xu Ran sank into her thoughts in response. “I’m gradually grasping the method for suppressing the power. You should be able to refine the pill if we try a few more times.” Reaching there, she could not help but let out a great sigh. “I’ve lived for all these years and seen and experienced so many things, but I have never seen such a difficult pill to refine. It’s actually still so difficult even when you have the support of a Chaotic Prime like me.”

Afterwards, they continued with refining pills, but as Xu Ran had said, she had started to grasp the method to suppress the power within the Godking grass after so many failures.

As a result, after another dozen or so explosions, the power within the Godking grass was finally fully suppressed under Jian Chen and Xu Ran’s teamwork, such that the pills did not explode this time.

Jian Chen immediately beamed with joy. The most critical and difficult step was finally over. The refinements process was not complete, but he could follow through with the next few steps smoothly after having reached this point. It would not be too difficult.

Before long, as the Laws of Alchemy descended, the pills were finally refined successfully after being baptised by the laws.

Jian Chen opened up the cauldron, and a perfectly-round pill the size of a thumb immediately flew out. As it gave off a heavy fragrance, scorching heat lingered.

“Is this a Godking pill? I’ve finally refined you.” Jian Chen smiled as he gazed at the pill in his hand.

However, he was also aware that this Godking pill was only a Hundred Tribulations Godking pill, a Godking pill of the lowest level. The side effects were extremely severe. Upon ingesting the pill, it could lead to the strength of a Godking, but that was only the powers, not the corresponding laws.

On top of that, their lifespan would be limited to a century!

A pill like that was only suitable for nurturing sacrificial soldiers.

“Hundred Tribulations Godking pills refined from low grade Godking grass give the strength of Godkings and limit the lifespan to a hundred years.”

“Hundred Tribulations Godking pills refined from mid grade Godking grass still limit the lifespan to a hundred years, but those who ingest it will obtain both the strength of early Godkings and the corresponding comprehension of laws.”

“Only Godking pills refined from high grade Godking grass have absolutely no side effects at all. Not only do they give the ingester the complete strength of a Godking, but it doesn’t limit the lifespan to a century either.”

“Of course, the effects of high grade Godking grass have only been deduced through many years of research and investigation by the Darkstar race. It still hasn’t been truly proven whether its exact effects are that or not,” Jian Chen thought to himself. The Darkstar race would never accept low or mid grade Godking pills.

As a result, he had to refine high grade Godking pills.

Shortly afterwards, he continued with refining pills. This time, he was still refining a Hundred Tribulation Godking pill with low grade Godking grass, but with his first success, his success rate immediately increased drastically. He gradually went from an initial twenty to thirty percent success rate to fifty, sixty, seventy and eighty percent…. 

Jian Chen was building up experience with low grade Godking grass. Only when his success rate reached a hundred percent did he finally switch over to mid grade Godking grass.

Compared to low grade Godking grass, the difficulties in refining mid grade Godking grass had climbed a little higher yet again. However, it still was not enough to stump the experienced Jian Chen and Xu Ran. After several failures, they also successfully refined mid grade Godking grass into Godking pills.

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By now, the last low quality god artifact cauldron in Jian Chen’s possession had already become a wreck. It was riddled with cracks, clearly close to falling apart already.

Refining Godking pills was different from other pills. The power within Godking grass was far too great. It required the suppression of a Chaotic Prime.

With each passing day of flowing power from a Chaotic Prime, it would cause a certain level of damage to low quality god artifacts, such that the cauldron would be damaged whether they successfully refined the pill or not.

After all, low quality god artifacts were normally used by Infinite Primes. It was not particularly difficult for a powerful Chaotic Prime to destroy a low quality god artifact.

Fortunately, Xi Yu had finally purchased a medium quality god artifact cauldron from another great plane at a great price and had delivered it to Jian Chen in time.

With a medium quality god artifact cauldron in his possession, Jian Chen completely settled down. He no longer had to worry about the cauldron.

Medium quality god artifact cauldrons were completely sufficient to withstand Xu Ran’s power.

Even if they failed to refine Godking pills again, the explosion would not damage the cauldron at all!

Next, Jian Chen finally began to refine high grade Godking pills.

Many more difficulties existed in refining high grade Godking pills compared to mid grade Godking pills. Despite pouring in all of their efforts, it took them several thousand failures before finally refining a high grade Godking pill.

However, when the high grade Godking pill fell into Jian Chen’s hand, his smile rapidly vanished. He furrowed his brows, and his face became twisted.

High grade Godking pills had actually reached God Tier!

Chaotic Sword God

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