Brother Chen, Can You Stay Away From Me? - Chapter 90

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According to the merit points of Qing Yu Xianzong, a spiritual stone has 20 merit points, and a hundred spiritual stones are equal to two thousand merit points.
You know, as the steward of Jingyun hall, Chen Shaojie only has 500 meritorious points every month, and 2000 meritorious points are enough for him to work for half a year.
After working hard for half a year, I only eat chicken one night. This chicken is too expensive. Even if it is really embedded with diamonds, it is not worth so much.
Anyway, Chen Shaojie thinks he can't afford to spend, who he loves.
After old man Lu sat down, he quickly called a jar of wine and drank it himself.
Chen Shaojie looked around. There were a lot of people in the tavern. The whole lobby was full of tables and chairs. Many people sat in their seats without ordering wine. They just sat and seemed to be waiting for something.
Chen Shaojie asked curiously, "Master Lu, what are those people doing here if they don't eat or drink?"
Old man Lu said, "it's a pub here. It's actually a black market. There's an auction tonight, so these people are waiting."
"Black market?"
Chen Shaojie has never heard of this: "Master Lu, what is the black market?"
"The black market is something that can't be bought and sold in the open. Trade here..."
After a slight pause, old man Lu said, "of course, there are things that can be bought and sold in the future."
"What can't be bought or sold on the surface?"
Chen Shaojie began to think. He was a little unclear about what could not be bought and sold in the open.
Old man Lu looked at him and wondered if he was in the right mood because he was holding a wine jar in his hand, so he explained: "let's say that your Qing Yu immortal sect's Qing Yu Hua Shen Jue can be called a treasure book of the town school. Naturally, it is not allowed to fall into the hands of outsiders.
If someone buys and sells publicly, you Qingyu Xianzong will not and cannot ignore it.
However, in this black market, as long as there are enough spiritual stones, "Qing Yu Hua Shen Jue" is not out of reach. "
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Chen Shaojie finally had some idea of the black market in front of him, which made him think of a lot of things for a moment
He thought of the traitor in Yinya ice lake more than a year ago.
Since you can buy the formula of Qingyu Xianzong in the black market, can you also buy the formula of Qingyu Yunlei?
So, the traitor doesn't have to get the Qing Yu Yun Lei Jue from the Sutra Pavilion. He can buy it from the black market. There's no way to check it.
No wonder I checked it for a year, but I didn't find anything
Chen Shaojie thought again and thought that the big guys must know this kind of thing, but they just didn't say it.
The secret formula of our school may be left out. It's not a glorious thing.
Old man Lu glanced at Chen Shaojie and said, "of course, although the formula will flow out, some things in each sect are passed on by word of mouth. This is the real secret of not passing on.
For example, there are many things that need to be pointed out by the teachers and elders in cultivating the "Qing Yu Hua Shen Jue", which is difficult for others to know, so it rarely flows out and is very precious.
Moreover, talent is very important in the process of cultivation. Those with good talent can learn naturally, and those with bad talent can learn in vain. "
After a little pause, he took a sip of wine and then said, "just like my book, you can understand it. Other people give it to him, but he can't understand it. So even if it is spread, what's the use?"
Chen Shaojie feels the same way.
If you don't connect with "lumosh" and get his buff of "a heavy primitive divine pattern", the book can't be understood at all, just like the book of heaven.
Therefore, only by quickly copying the "original divine pattern", can it be done once and for all.
Chen Shaojie himself is not sure how long it will take to copy 100 units. It is safest to be with old man Lu these days.
As more and more people enter the tavern, there are more and more people in the tavern.
Chen Shaojie asked, "Master Lu, is this always open?"
"Always open?"
Old man Lu felt very fresh about Chen Shaojie's words and replied, "this pub is open every day. You can come whenever you want to buy something. Just go to the counter and ask... But there are black market auctions not every day, once every ten days."

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"Master Lu, do you need any certificates to come here? Or can anyone come? "
"Everyone can come without vouchers."
Looking up at Chen Shaojie, old man Lu added: "people with too low cultivation are like lambs in a wolf's nest when they come here. It's difficult to go after they come in. Well, think about the guy who stopped me outside chenhaixian city."
Chen Shaojie immediately understood what old man Lu meant.
The killing of the short fat man just now left him a deep impression. He felt that old man Lu was cruel and an old pervert who killed people without blinking an eye.
But look back and think about it. In fact, the cause of the matter is that the short fat man wants to rob old man Lu's things.
Speaking of it, the short and fat man really means that stealing chicken can't erode rice. Instead of grabbing things, he took his life in.
It's a bit of the law of the jungle.
Such things can happen outside the "formal" market in chenhaixian City, not to mention in the current black market. Killing and looting should be common.
People with low accomplishments come to such places, which is really like delivering vegetables.
It's kind of people to rob you when you leave. It may be the basic operation of these people to kill people like old man Lu.
In a flash, Chen Shaojie felt that he had come into contact with the real situation of the world. This is not a place of order and legal protection.
While Chen Shaojie was thinking silently, old man Lu drank for himself, soon poured a jar down, and then called for the second jar.
At this time——
The loud gong sounded.
Everyone's attention was suddenly attracted to the high platform in the middle of the tavern.
A woman with a round buttock giant bear stepped onto the platform and said with a smile: "today's auction officially begins. The rules are still as usual. You can bid..."
The woman introduced the rules of the auction, which is roughly the set of "the higher price gets".
After the introduction, the auction will begin soon.
Chen Shaojie sat in his own position and looked at it quietly. He felt that it was really an eye opener.
From the first auction item pushed out at the auction, it is not an ordinary thing to see.
The first auction item is a faucet, which should be a protected animal, but it was cut off by Shengsheng and then pushed out for auction.
After that, there were all kinds of things that made his heart beat faster, such as Phoenix gall, ancient fairy eyes and demon corpses... These seriously refreshed Chen Shaojie's three views and made him unable to close his mouth.

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