Brother Chen, Can You Stay Away From Me? - Chapter 55

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"I'm gone. You look good at home!"
After four days, Gongyu Wanqing waited for Chen Shaojie to return to yuwanju from his highness Jingyun's class, gave him an instruction and left Qingyu mountain alone.
Chen Shaojie watched his master disappear in the mountain protection array, and his heart was full of reluctance.
Alas, the wonderful time spent with master had to be suspended.
With a sigh of melancholy, he turned his head and rode on the bird and flew towards the green bamboo real man's cottage.
"Shizu, are you there?"
Outside the Dharma array in front of the thatched cottage, Chen Shaojie greeted respectfully.
"Why are you here?"
When the door of the cottage opened, the green bamboo immortal came out with a surprised look on his face.
Chen Shaojie showed a harmless smile: "Shifu has something to go out. I just want to come here to see if Shizu needs any help. I'll serve Shizu."
He had thought this out before. It belongs to plan a.
He still has four plans behind him. If plan a doesn't work, he will take out the latter one after another.
"Your master is out?"
The green bamboo immortal thought for a moment. He couldn't help but turn around and look at the north, with a trace of gloom on his face.
Chen Shaojie didn't expect plan a to work so well. He tried to cross the Dharma array and go to his Shizu.
Sure enough, the Dharma array had been opened and let him pass safely without any obstruction.
Chen Shaojie asked, "Shizu, do you know where Shifu is going?"
Immortal Qingzhu looked back at him and said, "don't ask more."
After a slight pause, he asked, "what did you say you were going to do?"
"Disciple, come to serve Shizu!"
"No, you go back to Yu's house and practice well."
"Shizu, it's like this..."
Since Chen Shaojie came, he couldn't go. His mind recalled the refreshing feeling of spending a night with Shizu in the thatched cottage that night. It was a great aftertaste.
"Shizu, after I got started, Shifu has given me a gift. You... Well, as Shizu, should you show me something?"
"Meeting gift?"
Green bamboo immortal turned his head and looked at Chen Shaojie with a shy face. He couldn't help laughing: "I have promised you before. As soon as you are promoted to the upper house, you will be admitted. What else do you want?"
Chen Shaojie waited for this sentence and immediately opened his mouth and answered, "Shizu, how about you let me practice in your cottage for a few days? It will be regarded as a gift for the disciple. "
Immortal Qingzhu immediately said, "so you're staring at my spirit pulse."
Chen Shaojie touched his head shyly: "Shizu, I just use it. Anyway, you have so much aura here. It's not bad. It's better to be a meeting gift for your disciples. Your disciples will be filial to you in the future."
The green bamboo immortal shook his head helplessly: "well, since you don't come, come in."
As he spoke, he turned and walked to the cottage. At the same time, he charged: "don't walk around and touch after you go in. Just concentrate on cultivating your skills, okay?"
"I know, Shizu!"
Chen Shaojie agreed and said that the most fragrant thing in the cottage was your old man, and the other disciples were not interested.
After sitting down, Chen Shaojie resolutely closed his eyes and began to practice.
The cultivation speed is increased by 10000 times, compared with 15000 times. Of course, there is a difference.
In particular, there is a big gap in the sense of pleasure. 10000 times is the horse killing chicken between the lips, while 15000 times is the horse killing chicken on the tip of the tongue.
However, the spirit of the thatched cottage is abundant and incomparable, just like the essence, which brings back the cool feeling a little.
When Chen Shaojie swallowed Reiki, he could kill a spirit balloon in one bite, so he ate one bite on the left, one bite on the right, and opened his bow from left to right. He was so fast that he was incomparably cool.
When he woke up the next day, Chen Shaojie found that Shizu had been staring at him. His eyes were a little strange.
"Shizu, why are you looking at me like that?"
"What skill formula do you practice?"
"Vegetation formula."
"It's actually the vegetation formula..."
The green bamboo immortal thought for a moment, and suddenly took out a jade card from his arms and threw it to Chen Shaojie: "this is the common jade card of the Caolu Dharma array. If you want to come here to practice again in the future, come in by yourself."
"Thank you, Shizu!"
Chen Shaojie was surprised and happy. He took a quick look at the jade card and carefully stuffed it into his arms.
I was thinking about how to find the interface. I'll rub the signal after work today. Now Shizu took the initiative to give me a jade pass, which is much more convenient.
Of course, coming to Caolu is not the key point, but Shizu himself.
Without the presence of Shizu, the spiritual pulse of this thatched cottage, no matter how good it is, will not be fragrant.
So after thinking for a while, Chen Shaojie asked, "Shizu, aren't you going out these days?"
The green bamboo immortal glanced at Chen Shaojie: "what are you doing with this?"
Chen Shaojie smiled kindly: "if Shizu isn't here, I won't serve. I'll come only when Shizu is there."
The green bamboo immortal couldn't help laughing when he heard the speech: "so, you're still a little careful."
"Of course, the disciple must be filial to Shizu!"
"I've been here these days and don't go out."

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"OK, I'll finish my work in Jingyun hall and come back to serve Shizu."
For several days.
Chen Shaojie spent the night in the green bamboo immortal's cottage.
Because of the rich Reiki supply of the spiritual pulse, the speed of cultivation is not much lower than that of Zhanguang's master.
Within a few days, Chen Shaojie felt that he was about to complete his first product.
That day, he just came out of Jingyun hall. He was riding a bird and wanted to go back to the cottage. Unexpectedly, he suddenly heard some shouts on the mountain road below.
"Meng Tiancheng, don't run!"
"Boy, I see where you can go!"
"If you hit someone, you want to run. It's not so cheap..."
Hearing the words "Meng Tiancheng", Chen Shaojie was curious. He quietly let the bird fall down, and then touched it to peek.
Meng Tiancheng was surrounded by several young disciples in the open space on one side of the mountain road. It seems that both sides have contradictions and are ready to fight.
Meng Tiancheng is alone and surrounded by people. Basically, he can't escape the fate of being beaten.
Although private fighting is prohibited in the sect, no one will investigate as long as there is no death or serious injury.
A young disciple pointed to Meng Tiancheng and said, "Meng Tiancheng, I just said a joke. You punch me. If you don't apologize to me today, don't blame me for being rude to you."
"What joke?"
Meng Tiancheng looked gloomy: "you humiliated my dead brother. I punched you even if it was light. Hum, you want me to apologize. Dream!"
"What do I have to do with your brother's death? We are also people who work together in Jingyun hall. I only said that your eldest brother was only a steward of the animal feeding yard. Why did you beat people? "
"You say my eldest brother just can't. don't talk nonsense. Come if you want to fight. I'm not afraid of you!"
What a troublemaker
Chen Shaojie knows Meng Tiancheng's temperament very well. This man is a neuropathy.
I don't know what to think all day. Negative energy is very heavy. There's nothing else except practice at ordinary times.
At present, it seems that he was stimulated by someone else's word, so he hit people, and then surrounded by people, which became what he is now.
The only thing that makes Chen Shaojie a little curious is that this man actually has a brother, who is also a disciple of Qingyu Xianzong, and has died.
In addition, the man came to him and said he wanted to enter Jingyun hall, but he didn't care.
Unexpectedly, in the end, the man still entered Jingyun hall. He just didn't know where to do errands.
I saw a fight on both sides——
Chen Shaojie thought for a moment and turned away secretly.
It has nothing to do with him. He is not going to take care of it or can't.
Riding on the bird, he flew up to the sky again. He soon flew back to Yu Wanju all the way.
Before she left, master said that she would come back in five days or ten days.
Today is the tenth day
From the fifth day, Chen Shaojie went back to yuwanju every day, hoping that master would come back soon.
If Shifu doesn't come back, he starts to worry a little
... worried about going to the grass house every day to rub Shizu's signal and spiritual pulse, sooner or later Shizu will be bored, and then drive him out.
Alas, master, come back soon. I really miss you.

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