Brother Chen, Can You Stay Away From Me? - Chapter 52

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Gongyu Wanqing looked at Chen Shaojie's face and didn't speak for a while.
Chen Shaojie was a little embarrassed and tried to interrupt: "master, I think you usually like drinking. Do you make this wine yourself or buy it?"
After last night's connection, Chen Shaojie had a great affection for his master.
Even if we put aside the powerful signal from master and only talk about bearing, it is particularly convincing.
I gave him more than 2000 meritorious points. Just now I opened my mouth and said that I would get a spirit gathering array for him in liulixuan
You know, although they are teachers and disciples, they are not familiar with each other
These signs show that our master is definitely not a stingy person.
Such a master is really worthy of worship.
It will take a long time for each other in the future. We must please each other.
Chen Shaojie felt that since master liked drinking, he would be filial to master in this regard, so he couldn't help asking about this.
In Qingyu mountain, he really didn't know where to get wine.
When Chen Shaojie asked about "wine", Gong Yu Wanqing looked away from his apprentice's face and said, "there is one in the Guangchu hall. You can exchange it with merit points."
"What kind of wine does master like to drink?"
"Why do you ask this?"
"I think I'm working in Jingyun hall now. After I earn some merit, I want to buy a jar of wine to honor my master."
Gongyu Wanqing didn't say a word for a while and said, "as a teacher, I like drunken fairies best, but you probably can't buy that merit. It doesn't matter what other wine you have."
"Master, don't deceive the young man into being poor!"
Chen Shaojie put on a Xiao Yan face and looked at his master unconvinced.
"Don't bully the young man... Ha..."
Gongyu Wanqing seemed to hear a joke and couldn't help turning his mouth.
After getting along with master for so long, Chen Shaojie saw his master smile for the first time. The exquisite PUA technology broke the scabbard at this moment: "master, you... You smile so good!"
Gongyu Wanqing shook her head, glanced at him and said, "you'd better hurry back to liulixuan. Don't stay here anymore. I want to drink quietly!"
Good, I'm in a hurry
At this moment, Chen Shaojie felt that he had encountered a challenge.
For a weak person, in such a situation, he will cry and cry and plead with his master not to let him go.
But for a strong man, he will show his firmest attitude in such a situation
Chen Shaojie knelt down directly and said firmly, "master, I won't go. I promised Shizu to take care of you... And I want to stay here to practice."
After a slight pause, he added, "master, I promise I won't make you drink."
Gongyu Wanqing shook his head helplessly and poured himself a mouthful of wine: "it's up to you!"
Chen Shaojie changed from kneeling to sitting and began to practice.
Gongyu Wanqing drank wine like this and looked at his apprentice from time to time.
As a six grade monk, she can sense the changes of aura around her.
Chen Shaojie's posture of swallowing Reiki is so terrible, how can she escape her eyes.
In her opinion, her apprentice is not only qualified, but also very good. She hasn't met her in these years. I don't know what happened during the initial entry test.
At this time, she finally understood why Shifu took back such a disciple for her.
With this talent, people can't help but love talent.
Moreover, it seems that although the disciple is a little jumpy, he is still obedient.
The only problem now is that she doesn't have the mind to teach her disciples at all. She is a little helpless because master is so hard to squeeze people over.
Let it be
If only he were here
Gongyu Wanqing sipped the wine. Suddenly, he seemed to think of something. He pinched his fingers and calculated. He couldn't help looking at the north. There was a faint sadness in the bottom of his eyes.
the second day.

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Chen Shaojie was awakened by his master.
After enjoying the master all night, he rode on the bird and flew to Qingming peak.
Continuing to train the "martial nephews", Chen Shaojie took the time to find Tuoba Guoyun.
"Elder martial Brother Guo Yun, I've been in Shifu's cave for two days since I became a teacher. I found Shifu drinking every day. Do you know why?"
Tuoba Guoyun wanted to talk and stopped. Looking at Chen Shaojie, he looked very constipated: "after all, it's the elders. I shouldn't say something about the elders."
Chen Shaojie turned his head and said, "elder martial Brother Guo Yun, I'm just getting started. I don't want to know the secrets of Shifu. I just want you to tell me about what's going on. I'll be careful in the future, so as not to upset Shifu accidentally."
This reason is very legitimate
After a little meditation, Tuoba Guoyun finally opened his mouth: "in fact, I don't know much about martial uncle Wanqing.
When I started, martial uncle Wanqing was not like this.
At that time, martial uncle Wanqing had a Taoist priest who was a disciple of my Shizu, martial uncle muqingcheng.
At that time, the two martial uncles lived in the middle of Yuwan. They were two people like fairy couples.
Sixty years ago, martial uncle Mu Qingcheng suddenly left zongmen and went to the Far North Sea... I don't know why martial uncle Mu Qingcheng went to the North Sea at that time, but I heard that he met a strong enemy on his way back. Finally, he only had time to send back a message and disappeared from there.
Since then, martial uncle Wanqing has become what he is now.
Martial uncle Mu Qingcheng has no news. He may have died
Tut, calculate the time. It seems that the day when martial uncle Mu Qingcheng went to the North Sea was this time. "
Sixty years ago?
Chen Shaojie's heart sank. It's not mom, it's grandma... Oh, no, it's grandma!
Of course, this is not the point. The point is that grandma was hurt.
Although it's not emotional injury, the cause of this is Grandpa's disappearance. It's almost like emotional injury. It's also trapped by emotion.
Alas, what is love in the world
Chen Shaojie suddenly felt a little sympathy for his master. He felt that an experience like her would really hurt him.
At the same time, he was once again convinced that his way of dealing with feelings was more appropriate. Every time, it was the end of shit and would not be too serious.
This may be the ultimate state of love: if you don't specialize in love, you can't hurt it!
Seeing Chen Shaojie's silence, Tuoba Guoyun couldn't help comforting him: "younger martial brother, don't think about it. If you have a chance, you can persuade martial uncle of the late Qing Dynasty to stop drinking so much wine and cheer up. She was known as the friar of our school for thousands of years and had the best chance to surpass the founder of the school, immortal Qingyu."
Chen Shaojie still didn't say anything. He felt that the boss didn't know much about emotional things.
A devoted person like her master can't be persuaded or enlightened. She can only let time heal her heart.
Or, when she meets an opportunity, let her figure it out by herself.
That year, after Chen Shaojie's first love was broken up, he encountered such an opportunity, that was another girl with sweeter and better figure.

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