Breeding Dragons From Today - Chapter 450

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Chapter 450: He Came from the Supreme Academy

Joelson looked up at the violently shaking sky.

“You guys can go out first. The space here will soon become unstable.”

Joelson said.

Clemente nodded and said, “Okay, then you take care.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t be in danger here.”

“I’ll send you out.”

Joelson said.

After saying that, Joelson waved his hand and sent Clemente and the others, along with the rest of the people in the lost divine kingdom.

He hadn’t completely controlled the lost divine kingdom yet, but he had already accepted a part of the control of the lost divine kingdom.

He could still do something like sending everyone out of the lost divine kingdom.

Everyone followed Joelson’s wave of his hand and disappeared from this space.

Everyone felt a strange feeling.

It was the same feeling they had when they entered.

When they opened their eyes again, they had already left the lost divine kingdom.

They arrived outside the sovereign’s tomb.

Seeing that everyone who had entered the lost divine kingdom had returned without a chance to enter, everyone who had chosen to wait here suddenly revealed curious gazes.

They wanted to know what had happened in the lost divine kingdom?

In the end, who had passed the final trial and obtained the legacy of the previous God of Slaughter?

However, the first opportunity to ask didn’t belong to them.

The many highgods of the various empires who had been waiting here for a long time.

The moment everyone appeared, they all gathered around.

They were afraid that the geniuses of their empires would obtain the legacy of a sovereign, and the other highgods would act to capture or even directly kill them!

It must be understood that there were no simple highgods who could come here to escort the most supreme geniuses of their empire.

The highgods of the Orencia Empire and the Quince Empire immediately charged forward upon seeing Clemente and Valentine.



The many highgods of the two empires immediately protected the two behind them, preventing them from suddenly attacking.

At the same time, the many highgods looked towards the two, their eyes filled with puzzlement.

These two were old rivals.

In the past, when they met, they would definitely fight.

Why would they appear together now?

In addition, the two didn’t seem to have any signs of fighting.

“Clemente, why are you together with him?”

The leader of the Orencia Empire, a highgod, asked.

The highgod of the Quince Empire also asked Valentine.

“Milord, the situation is like this. We each led our own people to search for good fortune in the lost divine kingdoms.”

“In the end, we ran into each other.”

Clemente began to explain to the highgods of the two empires.

“The two of us immediately began to fight with our own people.”

Hearing this, the highgods became even more puzzled.

“Then why does it seem as though the relationship between the two of you is better than before?”

A highgod asked in puzzlement.

Clemente continued to explain.

“It’s like this. We were indeed fighting, but before we could decide who would emerge victoriously, the people of the Divine Kingdom of Slaughter arrived.”

“The people of the Divine Kingdom of Slaughter were too arrogant. They wanted the two of us to give up on the others and flee on our own.”

“Of course the two of us wouldn’t agree. We joined forces to force the people of the Divine Kingdom of Slaughter away.”

“And because of this matter, we ended our war.”

Hearing this, the highgods of the two empires revealed looks of delight.

When they heard Clemente describe how they had encountered the Divine Kingdom of Slaughter, they couldn’t help but feel shocked.

The people of the Divine Kingdom of Slaughter had always been tyrannical. It wasn’t strange for them to do such a thing.

But fortunately, Clemente and Valentine were here.

Both of them were the number one geniuses of their respective empires. As long as they didn’t encounter Bartholomew and Wilfrid, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to force the people of the Divine Kingdom of Slaughter to retreat.

“No matter what, as long as you can come out, that’s a good thing.”

The leader of the Orencia Empire, the highgod, said.

The highgod of the Quince Empire nodded as well.

To them, as long as they were able to come out on the first day of their empire, that would be a good thing.

If the number one genius of their empire were to have fallen in the lost divine kingdom, then the losses would be too great.

Clemente was just about to continue explaining what happened next.

But before he could say anything, the highgod asked once more.

“Who passed the final trial this time and received the legacy of a sovereign?”

“Was it Wilfrid or Bartholomew?”

“It should be Wilfrid. His power is a level higher than Bartholomew’s.”

Hearing the highgod’s question, Clemente and Valentine exchanged a glance.

A strange look appeared in their eyes at the same time.

They didn’t know what to say.

Before the two could speak, a few streaks of light flew over from not too far away.

Seeing this, the highgods of the two empires immediately shielded the two behind them, their gazes wary as they looked at the newcomer.

The streaks of light came to a halt, staring at Clemente with an extremely anxious look on their faces.

“What are you doing here?”

The leader of the Orencia Empire, a highgod, asked in a cold voice.

The leader of the group, a highgod, said frantically, “I don’t have any ill intentions. I just want to understand the situation.”

After speaking, without waiting for the leader to agree, the leader turned to look at Clemente.

“Clemente, do you know what the situation is like for the people of our Litlan Empire?”

“Why didn’t they come out with you?”

The leader of the Litlan Empire, a highgod, asked anxiously.

Hearing these words, a strange look appeared on Clemente’s face.


“How are they?”

Clemente looked at the highgod, then said, “They’ve already died in the lost divine kingdom.”


“All of them?”

“That’s right. All ten thousand of them.”

“How is that possible?”

“What about Sapir? Did he die in there as well?”

Clemente let out a sigh. Sapir, as one of the four great geniuses, he knew him as well.

“Right. Sapir died in there as well.”

Hearing these words, the leader of the Litlan Empire, a highgod, was instantly stunned. He was completely stunned, not knowing what to say.

“Who did this?”

The few highgods of the Litlan Empire shouted furiously.

“Is his death related to you?”

The leader of the Litlan Empire, a highgod, asked in a cold voice.

“The two of us were in the lost divine kingdom and, before we even met Sapir, he was already dead.”

Clemente shook his head.

“Who was that?”

“Bartholomew? Or Wilfrid?”

“It must have been the two of them who gathered the twenty thousand members of the Divine Kingdom of Slaughter and attacked the people of our Litlan Empire!”

The highgods looked at Clemente, waiting for an answer.

“It wasn’t Bartholomew, nor was it Wilfrid. In fact, it wasn’t even the people of the Divine Kingdom of Slaughter who did it.”

Clemente just shook his head.

He continued, “The murderer who killed Sapir and the 10,000 people of the Litlan Empire was called Gladstone.”

Hearing Clemente’s words, everyone had puzzled looks on their faces.

They had never heard of this name before.

Clemente continued speaking slowly.

“He’s not from the Plane of Slaughter.”

“He’s from the Supreme Academy.”

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