Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse - Chapter 234

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Unlike Strength, Agility, Health, and Magic: Mana and Stamina stats were consumable type stats. This did not mean that the Mana and Stamina of an existence dropped, it was simply consumed from its maximum.

To recover Stamina and Mana, one needed to rest properly, and depending on the type of rest and the circumstances, the recovery speed would be affected positively or negatively.

When an existence exhausted too much Stamina, they could walk around and slowly recover their Stamina. However, if such an existence stayed completely static, that recovery speed would be far higher and if they slept, thousands of points could be recovered with one night's sleep.

Mana was similar. 

To activate magic spells or skills that required Mana to show their effects, the user needed to have the necessary amount of energy just as they needed Stamina to run at high speeds or fight hard battles to the death.

To recover the wasted Mana, the user needed to stop not only casting spells or activating skills; they also needed to rest as if they had lost high amounts of Stamina.

The current Bai Zemin had directly consumed two hundred Mana points in a matter of seconds, depleting almost 2/3 of the Mana inside his body. This meant that he could not shape such a horrifying spell a second time in the midst of battle. However, the current him only needed one cast of such magnitude to forcibly imprint his image in the minds of everybody... To warn those who had evil ideas in their heads of the consequences of offending him!


Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

One by one with small margins between them, the three-meter-long blood spears cut through the sky, tracing hundreds of crimson lines before everyone's eyes. The speed at which the blood spears fell from several hundred meters high was terrifying to the point where the air itself was slashed into slices and pushed aside.


The blood spears were not only falling due to the Earth's gravitational force; Bai Zemin was using Blood Manipulation to boost the speed of the spears' movement much more!







Like thunderbolts sent by the god Zeus of Greek mythology, blood spears descended from heaven to punish sinners. The blood spears took it upon themselves to punish those who offended and angered those they should not have provoked.

The surrounding buildings began to be attacked by the blood spears and after several explosions, the houses began to fall. It didn't matter if they were one-story bungalows, apartments with three or four stories, or buildings that exceeded five or six stories in height; after being slammed by the spears, all the buildings were crushed and turned into a pile of broken and useless rubble.



"We surrender!"

"Please! Stop!"


Dozens of armed police officers who were previously shooting at Bai Zemin burst into a mist of blood as the spears pierced through the buildings. Those less fortunate who were farther away from the aftershock of the attack managed to survive a second longer, only to despair in the next instant as their pupils reflected the collapse of the roof and walls above them.

It didn't matter if it was male or female; all those who shot at Bai Zemin and who had killed soldiers in their attack on Beginning Village were slaughtered one by one and even died in groups at the same time.

Those who were taking cover with the trees on the side of the road or using cars or any other blunt object as cover began to run like a group of ants without a leader. They yelled, cried, panicked, tried to surrender, and begged for mercy. They deeply regretted attacking again when they had been granted salvation; but what they regretted most was coming to this place!

Unfortunately for these men who did not know how to differentiate between the strength of their group and the strength of the other party, the blood spears had no ears to hear their words.

The blood spears continued to rain down from the sky as if they represented the coming of the second apocalypse. 

Those police officers, who fortunately or not were considerably far from a building at the time of the destruction, could not run too far as a blood spear struck their bodies with masterful exactitude, causing them to explode in a mist of blood and flesh that flew all over the place.

[You have obtained the Soul Power of Yi Yemin level 1.]

[You have obtained the Soul Power of Lim Qiyue level 2.]

[You have obtained the Soul Power of Ye Fei level 0.]


Tiny, glowing orbs of Soul Power flew from all directions and gathered in the same place: Bai Zemin.

The green messages flashed in his retina constantly informing him of the obtaining of Soul Power practically non-existent for someone like him. But most of all, informing him of the death of his enemies; the death of those who did not appreciate the kindness he bestowed upon them.

About thirty seconds later, the approximately five hundred blood spears floating in the sky several hundred meters above the ground finally disappeared completely. More correct would be to say that all the blood spears had already fallen to the ground, fulfilling the purpose for which they were created.


Although there were no longer any attacks from the sky, the buildings that had been hit by a single spear but were beginning to crumble finally could not take it anymore and fell heavily to the ground.

A cloud of dust hundreds of meters high rose into the sky like a white dragon, making everyone's sight somewhat blurry. But even those who were just normal people could see the world before them.


"God protect us..."


The soldiers could not believe the scene reflected in their eyes. Those weaker in mind simply collapsed on the ground and fainted after suffering such a great slide of emotions.

However, the ones who got the biggest surprise were not the soldiers on the ground; it was the snipers in the back who occupied high positions and the high-level soul evolvers who had superior eyesight to the average person and were standing on top of buildings.

Nangong Yi opened and closed his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but the surprise was so great that there were no words to say. Even for someone like him who was already in his late 40s and thought that he had seen everything, the scene before his eyes was senseless.

Nangong Lingxin's knees gave out and if it wasn't for Shangguan Bing Xue's support beside her, she would have collapsed on the ground. Her hazel eyes were wide open and her pupils were constantly contracting and expanding.

It was no wonder!

Because right before their eyes, there was only pure destruction!

The former battlefield was far from looking good. Many houses were in bad shape with some about to fall down after suffering some explosions and corpses were scattered everywhere. However, the current battlefield was unrecognizable to anyone.

Everything about a kilometer in front of them had been razed to the ground in its entirety. 

Family homes, clothing stores, small convenience stores, apartments, automobiles of all kinds; everything was destroyed to the point of no return. Rubble and metal parts were scattered all over the place with blood stains decorating the scene as if it were painted on a canvas.

Even the farthest trees were not spared from the destruction of the blood spears. The smaller ones simply disappeared while those that were more robust exploded into countless pieces. The bright green grass overflowing with life force had disappeared, and all that could be seen were large holes of earth ranging from two meters for the smaller ones to up to ten meters in diameter for the larger ones.

Shangguan Bing Xue sighed inwardly and her blue eyes were complicated as she looked at the back of the young man even younger than her a few hundred meters ahead. 

She was confident that she could launch an attack similar to this with her Ice Maker skill and not lose to Bai Zemin's attack. However, she could only do such a thing once and her Mana would be consumed in its entirety, leaving her weakened and at the mercy of any enemy.

But judging by how straight Bai Zemin's back was and how firm his stance was, Shangguan Bing Xue came to the conclusion that even if he could not launch such a destructive and devastating attack a second time, he definitely had the strength to protect his life.

Chen He sucked in a breath of cold air and his eyes flashed with terror. He was confident in his fighting skill and was confident that with his improved Agility and reflexes he could avoid most attacks. However, faced with such an attack, he would not even be able to leave the area of effect before being overwhelmed.

"Are you sure you want to fight against him?"

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Chen He was surprised to hear the voice beside him. Looking to his side, he was even more surprised to see Wu Yijun looking at him with a smirk.

Hearing that question, Chen He did not reply and simply clenched his fists secretly. That was his answer.

But Wu Yijun ignored him as after asking that question, she looked at Bai Zemin again. Her big dark eyes were shining and as she looked at his back her face blushed slightly. Her breathing turned a little heavy, and she suddenly began to feel some discomfort between her legs, a strange itch that any woman was familiar with at her age.

Just thinking about it made the blush on her baby face increase even more and her charm went through the roof. This could not be blamed on Wu Yijun in any way as even a cold person like Shangguan Bing Xue or Nangong Lingxin who was frightened by the sight could not help but be a little moved.

One had to admit that the appearance of the current Bai Zemin was simply too striking. 

Even little Luo Ning had bright eyes and a big smile on her face as she seemed oblivious to the bloody scene of wounded soldiers and corpses strewn on the ground. Of course, her stare was not lustful or anything similar, just appreciation like children had for their favorite superheroes.


Bai Zemin sighed inwardly.

The sound of stones that had been sent flying into the sky several hundred meters as a result of the explosions falling to the ground once again was the only thing that entered his ears.

The enemies... They had been completely decimated.

No. Not all of them. Bai Zemin thought as he looked at the status of his Blood Will skill.

[Blood Will: 38.1% / 50%]

There was still one left alive.


A small groan, so minuscule that it could be ignored, sounded amidst the total silence. That small sound that on normal days would not attract anyone's attention was as clear as the sunrise on the horizon marking the arrival of a new day and the end of the night.

Bai Zemin moved forward and when he reached a pile of rubble casually lifted some rocks and threw them to the side of the road.

Dai Yun looked at the young man in front of her with eyes filled with horror. Her seductive body was still there, but it was currently covered in blood from head to toe. In addition, her two legs were curved into strange angles and her left arm had several visible fractures.

Her Second Order Third Eye skill was powerful. But it had limits that were too big.

While Dai Yun could feel what might happen 0.2 seconds in advance, it was useless if she could not react in time before the event happened. She was fast, but her Agility had not reached the level of traveling more than a kilometer in less than the blink of an eye.

Although she escaped from the death, she ended up in such a miserable state that she didn't even have the strength to move a single finger of her body. She was now in the hands of the young devil in front of her.

"... se..."

"Em?" Bai Zemin frowned and looked at her in confusion. Even standing from close by and with hearing as good as his, he couldn't hear with clarity what the woman in front of him was saying.

"Ple.... ase..." Dai Yun looked at him with teary eyes and pleaded in a soft voice.

"Oh..." Bai Zemin finally nodded with understanding.

Dai Yun's weak appearance coupled with her extremely hot body, her voice as soft as silk, and the strength she possessed along with that small faint trace of pride in her eyes formed a set of qualities that could charm any man.

In fact, her beauty was just below women like Shangguan Bing Xue and Wu Yijun. Roughly on the same level as Nangong Lingxin. It was a beauty rarely seen.

Unfortunately, Bai Zemin's heart was not moved by beauty.

Regardless of whether it was male or female, old or child, beautiful or ugly; if they were his enemy, then they had to die.

"I gave you a chance before, but you didn't appreciate it." Bai Zemin shook his head and raised his right foot high. "Therefore, even if the god of the heavens descends you must still die."

Under Dai Yun's disbelieving, panicked, and hate-filled gaze, the young devil's right foot descended on her head.


The ground cracked and several pieces of rubble were sent flying while the heavy cloud of dust was mostly dispersed. Dai Yun's head exploded into a bloody mess with pieces of broken skull and brain matter splattering all over the ground messily.


[You have obtained the Soul Power of First Order Dai Yun level 30. Magic +20, Mana +10, Agility +10.]

Bai Zemin moved his bloodstained foot away as the message from the Soul Record flashed across his retina and muttered under his breath, "What a pity... Now I'll have to throw this pair of shoes away."

It didn't seem to bother him that a charming flower had been destroyed by him.

* * * * * * *

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