Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse - Chapter 233

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As Wang Zedong curled up on the ground on his own knees and constantly coughed up blood with fragments of broken organs, the whole scene was silent and the only sound that could be heard was that of the whistling wind as well as the faint groans of the man-turned-dragon.

On the one hand, the soldiers protecting the northern part of the Beginning Village were shocked and delighted. They had seen with their own eyes and had experienced firsthand how terrifying the man transformed into a beast was; and yet, that man who was previously slaughtering all of them and arrogantly defying the power of firearms, now lay on his knees on the ground as if he were a weak and helpless criminal awaiting the verdict of the judge of justice.

For these soldiers, Wang Zedong was a nightmare from which they could never awaken. They had never seen a human transforming into such a terrifying monster and openly and fearlessly defying traditional modern firearms. However, when the young man appeared, the arrogant Wang Zedong could not even withstand a single strike!

As Bai Zemin had his back to them, the soldiers did not know that this young man was actually the main leader of the village. However, it was not difficult for them to assume it.

Many of the soldiers had never seen Bai Zemin act in person, so at the thought of having someone so powerful leading them and opening the path, they all felt their blood boil to the brim. 

Seeing Wang Zedong in such a miserable condition, worse than that of a dead dog, the defending soldiers felt that all their grievances had been washed away for the most part and the hope of living through the disaster shone at its brightest... It was just that the sadness of losing their comrades in arms could never be washed away.


While some rejoiced, many others despaired.

The officers dressed in police uniforms could not believe their eyes and like the men dressed in military uniforms, unconsciously stopped firing. It was just that the reason was completely opposite to that of the other party.

"B- Boss Wang ... Lost?" a policeman muttered in a state of shock.


"How can this be possible... How can this be possible..." Another man dressed as a policeman repeated the same words like a broken tape recorder.

"It's over..." One man was so frightened that the Type 81 rifle in his hands fell heavily to the floor.

Despair flashed in the eyes of the thirty to forty or so men dressed in police uniforms. Wang Zedong was the most powerful person in the group, but even he had been defeated with a single punch from the young demon before them. They were aware of what this meant... They would probably be the next to pay for what they did.

Just as everyone despaired, the young man's voice traveled far and wide across the battlefield.

"My name is Bai Zemin, I am the king of this camp... If you wish to live, I can give you the chance as long as you follow me obediently... You all have five seconds to throw your guns away from your hands and leave your hiding places. If within five seconds you are still hiding, I will assume that you want to be my enemy to the end... And the consequences of being my enemy are not particularly good."

Although Bai Zemin did not speak aloud, he had amplified his voice with his own Mana. By only spending 2 Mana points, his voice traveled several hundred meters across the length and breadth of the scene, making it easy for everyone to hear him loud and clear.

While some soldiers might resent recruiting people who killed their allies, in reality, these police officers had not killed many soldiers. Most of the defending soldiers were killed by the man kneeling at his feet and the female with a hot body a couple of hundred meters away.

The hearts of humans were changeable by nature, each concerned primarily with what was in their own best interest to do. Therefore, when the men dressed as policemen heard what the young man named Bai Zemin said, they looked at each other blankly and hesitated.

While most of them were real policemen before the apocalypse and thus obeyed Kang Rong's orders since he was their superior, none of them were willing to die stupidly fighting against an existence they could not defeat.

"Don't listen to him!" Dai Yun shouted anxiously. She knew that if the rest surrendered then she would definitely not have a good fate. She had killed too many of the other party's men and she was sure that she would not be spared!

"This guy dares to call himself a king! Surely he must be out of his mind! If you go with him, you'll probably end up enslaved!" Dai Yun gritted her teeth and clung on to everything she could.

Inside a building a hundred meters distant, a tall, fair-looking police officer stopped hesitating when he heard Dai Yun's words. The man raised his gun and pointed it out the window as he shouted, "Fire! His Strength may be powerful but his Stamina and defense are not necessarily so!"

Hearing this, everyone felt that such words made a lot of sense. Even Dai Yun's eyes glittered strangely.

Just as Bai Zemin had reached the count of 'three', the enemies raised their weapons and began to fire a hail of bullets at him.






The battlefield on the north road, which had been silent for several seconds, became hellishly loud again and in the blink of an eye hundreds of bullets rained down on Bai Zemin and Wang Zedong.

The bullets were of medium caliber for the most part, so every time they hit Wang Zedong's scaly skin they simply bounced noisily before falling to the ground. Although he was seriously injured after being hit by Bai Zemin's fist that carried over 300 Strength points, his high defense was still present.

As for Bai Zemin... He simply injected some Mana into the Broken Bronze Bell to stimulate and activate it.


The bell flew out of his pants pocket and floated a few inches above his head, releasing an earth-colored barrier around his body.




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The bullets bounced off the magic barrier without even being able to shake it.

Bai Zemin observed everything indifferently. Although these bullets posed no danger to the current him, the pain of being hit still could not be avoided. Therefore, he did not hesitate to activate his magic-grade treasure.

Seeing that their attacks were ineffective and could not even break through the young man's defense, the policemen felt the Reaper's scythe lying on their necks.

But what happened next made these men deeply regret their choice... The Grim Reaper's scythe actually severed their heads.

"Since you decided to oppose me, then you can go to hell." Bai Zemin said with murderous intent brimming.

He raised his left hand pointing to the sky and directly expended one hundred Mana points. Although his face turned quite pale, he wanted to make a great impression here so he endured the slight seasickness and activated Blood Manipulation.

All the blood on the battlefield, regardless of whether it belonged to the corpses of the soldiers or the policemen, regardless of whether it was blood that was on the ground or even inside the corpses, floated in the air as God's decree. But this was not all.

"AAAH!!!" Wang Zedong screamed as if he was suffering the worst torture and began to roll on the ground. The scales on his body began to break off one by one and blood began to pour out of the cracked skin. Soon, blood began pouring out of his eyes, his nostrils, his mouth, and his ears. However, his body was not stained with blood as all the blood that came out of his insides floated up into the sky.

In a matter of a second or two, Wang Zedong's movements came to a complete stop. His once gigantic body over three meters tall and sturdy as a machine was now as thin as a matchstick without a drop of blood inside.

[You have obtained the Soul Power of First Order Wang Zedong level 33. You have received Strength +12, Agility +10, Stamina +10, Health +10.]

Wang Zedong, who had committed countless atrocities in the past, who had abused many innocent young girls during the apocalypse by making use of his superior power, and who had been mockingly roaring and arrogantly killing soldiers, was dead. He had one of the worst possible deaths as until the last moment he felt his muscles and veins bursting one by one as the blood exploded inside his body in search of a way out.

Even until the final moment, his eyes filled with pain, anger, and unwillingness stared at the young man in front of him. Unfortunately for Wang Zedong, while he was strong, in the eyes of Bai Zemin his strength was no different than a fart. In fact, if not for the fact that he was disgusted with Wang Zedong's arrogant attitude while killing his soldiers, Bai Zemin would not even waste his time saying a few words to ridicule him and show him that in his eyes, his arrogance and power were nothing more than a joke.

This was the first time Bai Zemin received stat points from killing a being of his own race. However, his expression remained impassive and he continued to work while desperate policemen tried their best to stop him and rained bullets on him ineffectively.

Under Bai Zemin's careful control, all the liquid blood began to harden and stretch until it reached the maximum possible and released a slight ruby-like luster when the sun's rays shone on it. Then, all the blood separated and began to take shape as he expended another hundred points of Mana.

"My god..." Nangong Yi turned pale and unconsciously took a step back as he looked up at the sky.

Nangong Lingxin's beautiful face was also pale and disbelief shone in her pretty eyes. In her pupils were reflected hundreds and hundreds of blood-red spears three meters long floating three hundred meters above the ground. The number of blood-red spears was so great that the sunlight was partially blocked and a great shadow was cast over the battlefield and over everyone's heads.

"He... He is a mage? How is this possible.. But his Strength..." She muttered under her breath before slowly lowering her head and looking at the back of the young man who still had one hand pointing towards the sky. She could feel a great quantity of Magic and Mana circulating inside his body and around him at the same time. 

With the Strength displaced by Bai Zemin, Nangong Lingxing and Nangong Yi believed that he was a melee warrior with skills meant for close combat. But... A magic spell capable of covering almost a full kilometer? This was not something that could be done casually even if one possessed the active skill!


Chen He, Shangguan Bing Xue, Wu Yijun... None of them said anything. Their eyes were fixed on Bai Zemin's back and none of them could help but shudder a little. Some more timid soldiers couldn't help but scream in fright.


"Die." Bai Zemin declared indifferently as if he was sealing everyone's fate. The hand pointing to the sky moved to the side as if he was swatting a fly out of the way.

More than five hundred blood spears that previously pointed toward the horizon and formed a wall blocking the sun moved in unison. Their sharp points now pointed towards the ground and one after another began to fall at astonishing speeds as the air steadily swooped.

A simple gesture on his part unleashed a veritable living hell.

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