Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse - Chapter 204

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The first thing Bai Zemin did was to take out a sheet of paper and a pencil. Then, he simply stood silently with a strange look on his face.

Lilith stood silently at a short distance, looking at him. However, after more than five minutes passed and he still showed no signs of movement, the beautiful Sixth Order Higher Existence finally became a little impatient and asked in a puzzled voice:

"What are you doing? If you continue to be lazy you won't get your paycheck at the end of the month!"

Wasn't he supposed to get to work? All she could see was a person standing around doing nothing!

"Are you my employer?" Bai Zemin chuckled. "Actually, I'm thinking about what kind of weapon I should use."

"I thought you were happy with swords?" Lilith tilted her head prettily.

"Mhm... That's not the point..." Bai Zemin seemed to have trouble describing his thoughts. After a while of silence, he finally seemed to find the right words and continued, "To be honest, while I'm more used to swords due to the fact that I've been wielding the Xuanyuan Sword back and forth since the beginning of the apocalypse, my Blood Berserker job grants me some knowledge and mastery over multiple types of weapons. Actually, the problem is something different."

The corner of Lilith's mouth twitched a couple of times when she heard what the man in front of her said... So, his Blood Berserker job gave him the knowledge to control various types of weapons... Wasn't this cheating?

"You have a unique job this cheating but you still complain about problems? Apologize to all those who spend tens of years and even centuries studying and training endlessly in order to master their weapons!"

Bai Zemin ignored the complaints of the beautiful succubus and pointed out his concerns, "Let's leave aside the daggers... Normal swords are weapons that allow me to cut quickly, its uses are numerous, and no matter the situation they can prove great utility depending on how they are used... But at the same time, swords are not good at anything specific. Basically, swords are weapons that don't specialize in anything and are instead more balanced."

"Oh? So, you don't want to use a sword?" Lilith asked with apparent surprise.

"It's not about that... It's more like... I'm looking for what kind of weapon would suit me best. An axe... I don't think so, even though my job is Blood Berserker, axes seem to be more for a barbarian with pure physical strength while I'm a mage and a fighter at the same time."

"How about a spear?"

"Spear... Spears are good, they have a long attack range, their piercings are undoubtedly terrifying, they can swing around the body to ward off enemies, and can even be used to perform long range attacks by throwing them..." Bai Zemin muttered as he gently tapped the tip of the pencil on the white sheet.

"Then I guess a spear it is?" Lilith asked as she secretly wondered what kind of weapon he had in mind.

"I don't think so... Well, if it was before evolving Blood Manipulation to Second Order, it might be... But with a second fire-type activation available and considering how high my Strength stat is, I feel like a spear isn't the right weapon of choice either." Bai Zemin was puzzled himself.

Before, he was going to forge a spear. Although he was not used to this type of weapon, and it was 100% opposite to swords, a weapon he was used to using, spears were very much suited to his skills. But now, he began to hesitate and was no longer as confident as before.

"A weapon that suits the second activation of Blood Manipulation and at the same time gets the most out of your Strength stat..." Lilith frowned slightly and considered this matter seriously for a long time.

"How about a giant hammer like the one that human named Liang Peng used? It could also be a mace." She looked at him and asked somewhat uncertainly.

"Definitely not." Bai Zemin shook his head without hesitation. He said without a care in the world, "Hammers and maces are weapons I don't like."

Besides, hammers and maces were weapons that did not suit his fighting style. On the other hand, it would also be missing the magic part of the equation.

"..." Lilith fell silent.

The two were silent for what seemed like an eternity, thinking carefully. This was a matter of utmost importance. After all, depending on the weapon and its uses, Bai Zemin's overall strength could reach new heights and could even save his life in a battle to the death.

For example, if he had a better or more suitable weapon for the situation, Bai Zemin could have fought better against the Second Order Surprisingly Strong Archaic Bear. While he wouldn't necessarily have won, at least he wouldn't have suffered a loss.

Right, loss. For him, that was a battle he was defeated even though the Soul Record considered him the winner.

It was true that Bai Zemin had exploded the head of the Second Order Surprisingly Strong Archaic Bear with a kick and it was true that he had seriously wounded it before that. But he was aware that had it not been for the quick arrival of the IFV M3, the one who would have died would not necessarily have been the bear.

The M3 IFVs made the already wounded beast suffer greatly and it was thanks to Shangguan Bing Xue that Bai Zemin was able to kill the enemy. If it wasn't for her intervening just in time, he could not have stopped the beast's footsteps nor could he have prevented it from fleeing deep into the forest.

Seconds turned into minutes and before Bai Zemin or Lilith realized it, more than thirty minutes had already passed in silent thought.

There were simply too many weapons and too many possibilities!

Suddenly, Lilith's eyes glittered and she looked up to look at him, "How about a two-handed greatsword?"

"...A two-handed greatsword..." Bai Zemin's eyes lit up like stars in the night sky when he heard Lilith's words.

A greatsword was a rather special and rare weapon. Greatswords not only had the edge of a normal sword, but also possessed the power of a heavy great hammer and at the same time possessed a range similar to that of a spear. 

As if that wasn't enough, with the second activation of Blood Manipulation the weapon's power would increase explosively! Moreover, Bai Zemin could already imagine a powerful attack by using the Unstoppable Frontal Charge magic skill that he obtained after defeating the Reinforced Iron Boar back then!

"That's it! A great sword!" He jumped up excitedly and unconsciously took a big step forward, closing the distance between him and Lilith. 

Under Lilith's surprised and slightly incredulous eyes, he clung to her face and planted a big kiss on her forehead. 

It could be said that this was the first time he initiated contact between the two of them on his own initiative.

"Lilith, you really are awesome!" Bai Zemin seemed especially excited and didn't seem to realize what he had just done as he immediately began to draw on the sheet of paper with a smile.

Lilith touched the spot he kissed just now with her fingertips and a strange glint flashed through her ruby-colored eyes as she looked at his back. Only she knew what she was thinking.

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