Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 807

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When the Devil Hall showed up, Death emerged.

This was a popular nursery rhyme in the Northern Region, which showed how mysterious and terrible the Devil Hall was.

Unexpectedly, the Devil Hall, which had not appeared in the past hundreds of years, actually showed up. Did this mean that bloody slaughter, a death feast, was about to begin?

Those who knew the inside story left as soon as possible.

The enormous black palace floated in the air and blocked the sun in the sky. It was as though a huge ferocious beast from ancient times was overlooking this land. In silence, a kind of savage and brutal aura spread out.


A stream of light flashed, like the sun in the sky.

In the sky, there was suddenly a hot mass of light, whose dazzling white flames made people unable to look directly at it. Layers of powerful aura surged like waves, covering half of the sky. It could faintly fight against the black palace.

It was a peerlessly formidable expert in the Sage Realm.

“Sure enough, even a Sage has appeared. It seems that we have not had the luck to get the Sky-fleeing Stone Key.” A few people who were hoping for the best sighed and chose to leave.

As more and more powerful experts appeared, the atmosphere around Qing River Town became so oppressive as if it had solidified. A battle at this level was not something that ordinary Emperor-level experts and forces could participate in.

The void was suddenly torn apart like a piece of white paper. A figure wreathed in flames stepped out of the crack and occupied a part of the sky. It was just a human outline, and its face could not be seen clearly, but it emitted an aura that was no worse than anyone else’s…

It was another expert in the Sage Realm.

In the distance, the sky and the earth shook as if an endless army had arrived. The neighs of horses and the sound of metal clashing could be heard. A huge mass of crimson clouds rolled like huge waves. In the blink of an eye, it approached the sky above Qing River Town. It turned out to be thousands of giant crimson puppet warriors that were all made of Crimson Divine Iron, like burning flames. They were like the army of Death.

The crimson Death army guarded a huge luxurious carriage with a 100-meter square in the middle. The person controlling the metal puppet army could not be seen, but it was obvious that he was a powerful weapon refiner in the Sage Realm since he could exert the art of refining to the extreme.

It was another terrifying existence.

In the twinkling of an eye, hundreds of different forces of all sizes appeared in the sky around Qing River Town, tightly surrounding it.

The Black Demon Immortal General from the Demon God Palace looked embarrassed. He hadn’t expected the news to spread so fast that so many forces had arrived after receiving the news. Moreover, he could see that many experts here were not from the Northern Region, but from other regions!

“How could this be?”

The Black Demon Immortal General couldn’t figure it out, but he had to retreat slowly.

Among so many formidable experts, the Demon God Palace he represented was not weak, but he was just a Demon Emperor at the peak level. His personal strength was too weak. Once the giants turned against each other and started a battle, he might not be able to resist the aftermath.

“Let’s retreat!” he said bitterly.

“Your Honor, are we really going to give up the Sky-fleeing Stone Key? You know, it represents a chance to enter the Heaven Realm…” someone said unwillingly.

The Black Demon Immortal General shook his head and said, “Of course, we can’t give up just like that. But with so many giants here, we can’t interfere in the current situation. If we insist, it’s very likely that we’ll just die. What’s more, with so many people coming, the Sky-fleeing Stone Key won’t belong to anyone for the time being. Let’s withdraw temporarily to avoid unnecessary casualties and immediately report the news to the Master of the Netherworld Hall. We must ask him to lend a helping hand with his men so that we may have a chance to get the Sky-fleeing Stone Key.”

Before he had finished his words, a palm suddenly pressed on his shoulder. A familiar voice came, saying, “You don’t have to go. I’m already here.”

The Black Demon Immortal General’s body trembled. He turned around and saw a three-meter-long striped leopard behind him. The strange thing was that the leopard’s forelimbs were a pair of hands, and there was a golden halo covering its head, like a divine light.

The man with a strange body was Netherworld Demon Saint, the master of the 36th outer palace of the Demon God Palace.

Beside Netherworld Demon Saint stood three burly figures in red, yellow, and silver demon armor. They all had extraordinary auras. They were the other three Immortal Generals of the outer palace of the Demon God Palace, who were as famous as the Black Demon Immortal General.

“Even death cannot atone for my incompetence. Greetings, Palace Master.” The Black Demon Immortal General knelt down and kowtowed.

Netherworld Demon Saint squatted on a golden chariot and said in human language, “It’s not your fault. Get up.”

Only then did the Black Demon Immortal General calm down and stand aside. He told Netherworld Demon Saint everything in detail, including the news that there was a powerful mysterious Human Clan swordmaster guarding Qing River Town.

“I didn’t expect that in just three years, Ding Hao would have grown to such an extent. Is it God’s will that the Human Clan has such a genius?” Netherworld Demon Saint squatted on the golden chariot and sighed slightly.

“Palace Master, do you mean… Is that person Ding Hao, the Saber and Sword Addict? But doesn’t he go missing?” The Black Demon Immortal General was astonished. He hadn’t expected that the mysterious master in Qing River Town, who had put him in a tight spot, was actually the young genius Ding Hao, who was famous in the Northern Region three years ago.

Now that he thought about it, the pattern of the huge intersecting sword and saber soaring into the sky back then must represent Ding Hao’s identity as the Saber and Sword Addict.

At that time, he had never thought of Ding Hao, a promising young man of the Human Clan from Snow Province who had been missing for three years.

Netherworld Demon Saint didn’t answer him.

His leopard head seemed to be made of gold. He looked up and swept across the Devil Hall, Deep Blue Mansion, Crimson Puppet Army, and other super forces, as well as Martial Sage experts. It seemed that he was measuring their strength, and a fierce battle was on its way.

“Some people are spreading the news that the Sky-fleeing Stone Key is in Qing River Town. Now a commotion has been caused in each one of the parties, and countless super forces are rushing here. Not only the two clans in the Northern Region, but also the experts of the Divine Central Continent, Western Desert, Southern Wilderness, Eastern Frontier, and other major regions have also shown up… Palace Master rushed here as soon as he got the news, and more experts from our palace will arrive soon…”

The Crimson Demon Immortal General, one of the four Immortal Generals, secretly transmitted his voice to the Black Demon Immortal General.

The Black Demon Immortal General opened his mouth and was extremely shocked deep down. Only then did he realize that so many things had happened in the outside world in less than two days.

In Qing River Town, Ding Hao gaped at the powerful forces in the sky.

“Well… Why do I feel as if I’ve been slapped in the face?”

He smiled bitterly. He had said that if anyone appeared within 50 kilometers of Qing River Town at dawn, he would kill him without mercy. But now so many masters of different forces had appeared, and they were all on par with sect masters. If he fought one of them alone, relying on the Devil Saber or the Rusted Sword, he might stand a chance of winning. If these people attacked him together, he could only admit defeat.

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“What on earth is the so-called Sky-fleeing Stone Key?”

This time, he finally realized clearly that he might have overlooked something.

The thing that even Martial Sage experts showed up to fight for must be a super precious treasure. The value of the Sky-fleeing Stone Key was definitely no less than that of the Three Great Divine Artifacts in the Towering Buddha Pagoda, the ruins of the Sacred Hall back then.

“But why were so many people so sure that the thing was in Qing River Town?

“What kind of story was behind this?”

“Senior Brother Ding, what should we do?” Li Yunqi and Wang Xiaoqi also saw something wrong at this point.

The matter went far beyond their imagination.

“Why don’t we hand over the Sky-fleeing Stone Key…” Wang Xiaoqi said with a wry smile.

Li Yunqi asked, “Do you know what the Sky-fleeing Stone Key they want is?”

Wang Xiaoqi gritted his teeth and said, “I don’t know.”

Ding Hao thought for a moment and said, “You two go and carefully check the goods you bought this time. Take all the suspicious stuff here, and then gather all the things in every storage space here for me.”

No matter what to do next, he had to figure out what the Sky-fleeing Stone Key was.

He was going to capture the Black Demon Immortal General of the Demon God Palace and interrogate him, but now it seemed impossible.

The situation was quite delicate since all the major forces were gathered here and surrounded the entire Qing River Town tightly. Obviously, the major forces did not take Qing River Town seriously. The reason why they did not take action was that they were afraid of each other, for fear that they would become the public target if they were the first to make a move.

The current situation was so tense, and even a slight move in one part may affect the situation as a whole.

Ding Hao sighed. He asked Town Mayor Li Ying to handle the measures related to the refuges in the formation. At this point, any resistance was useless. He could only hope that these superior giants would disdain to kill ordinary warriors and people of the Human Clan. Otherwise, the whole town would become ruins.

Slowly releasing his Divine Senses, he cautiously began to observe the power of the surrounding forces.

All of a sudden, his expression changed, and a hint of joy appeared at the corner of his mouth.

At the same time, something finally changed in the sky.


The huge black outline of the Devil Hall shook slightly and disappeared in the distance like a wisp of smoke.

The next moment, it came to the sky above Qing River Town and pressed down like a majestic hill. The dark entrance of the main hall suddenly emitted incomparably great suction force…


Someone let out a shrill cry as he was directly sucked toward the pitch-black entrance of the hall.

This suction force was weird and terrible, and even many houses and boulders were sucked up. Some of the warriors and citizens in town were caught off guard. Like rice husks in a hurricane, many of them screamed in horror as they were sucked up. Like ants, they drifted toward the huge black gate of the hall…

Some weird black mist spread out from the huge outline of the Devil Hall and enveloped the whole Qing River Town.

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