Birth of the Demonic Sword - Chapter 1995

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Sepunia had seen Noah and King Elbas as incredible monsters throughout most of her life. She actually saw them as cynical bastards since she had managed to study and witness the entirety of their cultivation journey.

Sepunia knew that Noah and King Elbas could show affection and care toward their friends, but she had always ignored that feature due to her position in the sky. However, she felt stunned and grateful to know that those experts were doing their best to create something that wouldn't keep her stuck at the bottom of the ninth rank.

Noah and King Elbas would have gained Sepunia's help even if they limited themselves to take her away from Heaven and Earth's system. Yet, they decided to do their job properly and award her with what she had requested. They would give her a chance to become like them,

King Elbas removed most restrictions and allowed Sepunia to reveal her world. Golden lines lit up behind the layers of dark matter as soon as Heaven and Earth's influence spread in the dark area. Those inscriptions activated and started suppressing everything connected to the rulers.

Sepunia's complexion immediately paled. She felt as if the entirety of her world was under heavy pressure, but she endured that awful sensation.. King Elbas' inscriptions had fused with the dark world to create a suppression that didn't let anything connected to Heaven and Earth affect the area, but their purpose didn't involve the fear of the rulers.

Noah and King Elbas needed to isolate Sepunia's core, which couldn't happen when Heaven and Earth tainted the inspection. However, the liquid stage cultivator's true nature became clear under that suppression. That power was the only form of energy that still tried to come out of her figure.

Noah drew the Cursed Sword and approached the cultivator. He quickly cut away pieces of that energy before throwing them at King Elbas. Patches of his chest exploded after his action, but the injuries weren't too serious at that time since he had relied on the unstable substance.

King Elbas found himself with trails of white energy that carried an intense, captivating aura. They seemed able to hide parts of the dark area with the power that they released, but they were too weak in that form to trick the expert's senses.

The large black structure was an item in the liquid stage, so its dark matter and inscriptions pierced the illusions that Sepunia's core tried to create. King Elbas and Noah didn't even need to focus on those white trails to study their nature due to the remarkable properties of their creation.

"Did you finish the base?" King Elbas asked, and Noah promptly revealed a simple oval item in the seventh rank made entirely of dark matter.

"This is the seed," Noah explained before laying the item on the floor.

The dark matter that covered the floor opened to create a small cubical structure that closed as soon as Noah placed the seed in its insides. Everyone could see past that black case, but its surfaces still isolated the item from possible external influences.

King Elbas restored the restrictions on Sepunia, and the golden lines dimmed now that Heaven and Earth's influence didn't try to spread in the area anymore. The liquid stage cultivator's complexion improved as her power healed the injuries that her world had suffered due to the Cursed Sword.

"We'll need to do this a few times," King Elbas explained. "I hope you have at least mustered this little amount of resolve."

"I'm ready to die," Sepunia responded after wearing an enchanting smile that almost managed to distract King Elbas.

King Elbas shook his head to get rid of the energy that was trying to invade his mind before approaching Noah. The latter had healed by then since he had relied on one of his friend's potions, but he still stepped back.

King Elbas seized a minute piece of the white energy in his grasp and threw it inside the cubical case. The dark matter accepted that material and allowed it in its insides after performing a simple purification. The last traces of Heaven and Earth's influence vanished as the fuel lost its shades.

The now colorless energy hovered inside the case before slowly descending toward the oval seed. A faint pulling force came out of Noah's item and eventually attracted the power above it.

The seed paled, but it remained black. The item remained still, but both experts could confirm that it had come to life. It only needed nutrients to grow now.

King Elbas took out a strange jar made of a golden metal covered by bright lines. He threw the rest of the white energy in its insides before adding part of the dark matter under him.

The inscriptions on the jar tinkered with the structure of the energy and forced it to find a stable state. The white fuel fused with the dark matter to create something powerful, but King Elbas didn't feel satisfied with that result.

King Elbas started adding golden specks of light generated by his body into the jar. He made sure to fill those items with different natures, and he even requested specific versions of the dark matter to balance his materials.

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Noah followed his directives, but King Elbas remained disappointed even after the jar became full. He picked a handful of that power and put it into the case, but he threw away everything else.

Sepunia knew that the time to take pieces of her world had come, but she focused on the case during the process. The seed naturally absorbed the grey energy in its surroundings, and a crack appeared on its surface when the process was over. Something seemed about to come out of that opening, but nothing happened while Noah and King Elbas worked to get more materials.

King Elbas had to repeat the process with the jar many times to get the right combination of white energy, dark matter, and golden fuel. Sepunia inevitably suffered a lot, but no one cared about that issue too much, and she was the same. She endured everything without voicing any annoyed comment.

The seed had continued to open during the process. A few branches had come out of it, but they didn't stretch upward. Instead, they tried to envelop the item.

"It's your turn now," King Elbas explained after feeling satisfied with his creation. "These portions are perfect, so don't ruin them with your law."

Noah didn't answer that comment. He placed a hand on the jar and let his influence do the rest. His ambition naturally affected the fuel contained inside the item and forced it to evolve according to the composition that King Elbas had set before.

"Let's test it like this," King Elbas eventually exclaimed when he saw that the fuel was about to gain destructive properties.

Noah nodded and picked up the jar to drop part of its contents inside the case. The seed immediately absorbed that energy and continued to spread its branches around its structure.

Everything went smoothly, so Noah poured more fuel inside the case. It didn't take much before the branches covered the entirety of the seed by creating an oval layer right around it. The item had grown, but it was still far away from its intended level. Yet, the procedure was working, so it was only a matter of time before a replica of Sepunia's world appeared.

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