Birth of the Demonic Sword - Chapter 1665

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Chapter 1665 - 1665. Blackness

Noah didn't want to send attacks directly inside Otto's body. It was clear that his figure had only light to offer, and he didn't want to endure that threatening damage anymore.

Roots and dark matter covered Noah's figure and gave him his usual fiendish shape. A dark halo also spread inside the Shadow Domain as the parasite's corrosive aura flowed through the dimension.

The parasite's influence enlarged the Shadow Domain. The pressure generated by the magical plant could push the edges of the dimension backward and spread the technique until it reached Noah's opponent.

Otto didn't seem to care about the invisible threat. Lumps of dense light continued to acc.u.mulate around him and send piercing beams that destroyed everything in the environment.

Harold was still suffering from Noah's suppression, but he had managed to hide inside the underground world before Otto unleashed his destructive attack. Needless to say, Harold was cursing Noah to no end.

A crack eventually appeared behind Otto. The expert didn't bother to turn, but a diagonal cut suddenly divided his figure in half.

A burst of light exploded from the injury. Noah didn't have the time to retreat, and the attack ended up engulfing him. His figure shot backward, but the radiant energy didn't manage to touch his skin.

The light was trying to reach Noah's body, but the parasite's corrosive energy destroyed it before it could touch the fiendish armor. The dark matter remained intact, but some roots crumbled during the exchange.

The parasite absorbed more of Noah's energy to grow. His figure obtained sharper features after more roots joined the defensive array.

Noah became a dark spot immersed inside Heaven and Earth's whiteness. He was a flaw that tainted that pure perfection.

Dense spheres of light continued to gather above him and discharge their piercing attacks. A rain of blinding beams fell toward the ground and tried to converge in his position. Otto's offensive had never stopped, and it seemed to have no end.

The corrosive aura kept Noah safe, but he had to wave his swords whenever too many beams converged on his position. His abilities could fend off part of those attacks, but he couldn't handle the full power of the sky.

Noah entered the Shadow Domain when he found an opening among the barrage of light. Otto's body had healed, but Noah quickly appeared above him and cut his figure in half.

'I can't continue like this!' Noah shouted in his mind while waving his blades to destroy the beams of light that flew toward his figure.

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His flames came out of his mouth as the dark world expanded. Noah didn't dare to summon his companions for fear that the light could affect their existence, but they were screaming to come out. Night's voice was the loudest among them due to his deep hatred toward that whiteness.

'Let me out!' Night roared through the mental connection. 'Give me the chance to fight!'

A rain of beams pierced the dark world and his sea of flames. Noah watched as light invaded his domain and tried to find him among that blackness.

His situation was far from good. His attacks were useless, and he suffered injuries whenever he landed a blow. Noah didn't even know if Otto had a limit, but he could understand that the battle would end in a loss if it continued like that.

'My existence seems useless here,' Noah sighed while light invaded the dark world.

A heavy presence eventually landed on his mind. Heaven and Earth had found him. They redirected Otto's attacks toward him and released a tight array of beams.

The darkness that had tried to cover the sky quickly disappeared. Noah could see blinding light invading his vision. The attacks were about to land on his figure, but he didn't activate the Shadow Domain again.

'Take my potential,' Noah thought right before the beams could land on his figure.

The beams stopped right above his skin. They didn't move anymore. The strange event managed to attract Otto's attention, who turned to show a confused expression.

Otto raised his hands, and more light condensed in the sky. Noah was out in the open, so the expert could send the entirety of his attack toward him.

A wave of whiteness flew toward Noah. The beams fused to create a raging sea of light that tried to crash on his figure. However, the attack stopped before reaching his figure.

Otto didn't know what was happening, but the answer to his doubts arrived in the next instant. Dense ambition spread from Noah's figure, but that power didn't affect his cultivation level.

"Destroy this place," Noah whispered as growls fused with his human voice.

The bloodl.u.s.t that had acc.u.mulated in his mind retracted as a large figure materialized above his head. The Pterodactyl gave voice to a roar that sent sharp soundwaves through the white array and destroyed its structure.

Noah's potential and bloodl.u.s.t flowed inside Night and increased its power. The violent thoughts generated by the Demonic Deduction technique also amassed in his mind before reaching the Pterodactyl.

Night reached the middle tier in an instant, and its power continued to increase. It soon touched the edges of the tier and stopping before spreading into the next level.

"With p.l.e.a.s.u.r.e," Night roared, and its figure disappeared.

The light around Noah shattered at that point. A series of black cuts opened through its structure and filled the entire area with darkness.

A black patch had appeared among the sky, and that color didn't come from techniques or spells. Night had destroyed the light while it was inside Noah's figure, so the area turned dark on its own.

Otto tried to wave his hands, but he soon discovered that his limbs were falling toward the ground. A burst of light came out of his figure, but cuts opened through its structure and generated another black patch.

"What is happening?!" Otto shouted, but his head disappeared after he finished his line.

Light tried to come out of his injury again, but Night destroyed it before it could spread in the environment. Black patches continued to acc.u.mulate around Otto, and his body soon vanished among that blackness.

Heaven and Earth immediately began to rebuild the expert, but Night was relentless. The Pterodactyl shot toward the lumps of light condensing high in the sky and severed the laws in their fabric.

Then, Night flew across the sky and opened a long cut in the very whiteness of the sky. A black patch that spread through entire regions began to float among Heaven and Earth's shining light.

It seemed that the creature could bring the Immortal Lands to a state where light didn't exist. Night was forcefully severing the whiteness to make room for the darkness.

"This won't be enough to defeat me!" Otto shouted. "I can hear Heaven and Earth whispering your name into my ears. Noah Balvan! The world wants you dead!"

"You aren't fighting me," Noah laughed while sitting cross-legged in the air and filling the area with black flames.

Noah had used his potential to force Night to grow. He had even given his bloodl.u.s.t to the creature, and he was continuing to provide violent thoughts to its mind.

It was clear that his existence couldn't handle Otto's power, but Night was a different being. It was a magical beast, one of Heaven and Earth's sworn enemies, and Noah's existence had even tainted its species.

The Pterodactyl was the perfect creature to deal with Heaven and Earth's light, and Noah could sense its ecstasy through the mental connection. Night was having the time of its life on the battlefield.


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