Billionaire Matrilocal Son-in-law - Chapter 1482 (END)

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"As long as you try to help me win the first place this time, I will naturally try my best to give you everything I can give to the greatest extent I can. I hope you won't mention such boring requirements in the future."
Obviously, they are not strong enough and are so greedy. This practice is really disgusting and really boring Lengfeng. Why do these people always have no self-knowledge? I really can't figure this out.
When Leng Feng said this, Kuang Shan knew that the so-called conversation had failed. Although he had long known that success was a very slim thing, he was still frustrated when he was defeated by reality.
"Well, don't talk so much. The purpose hasn't been forgotten, right?" Leng Feng looked at the people and said, "you'd better finish the task of the stone tablet quickly and don't waste time."
Then Leng Feng began to watch the stone tablet. He didn't think these people would help anything. They would definitely agree to Leng Feng's request, because they couldn't compete for the first place with their single strength. What's more, what Leng Feng gave was actually too generous and difficult to keep people from moving.
For this situation that has been completely guessed, Leng Feng has imagined countless situations as early as before, but they are going on exactly.
He is a guy who is very good at calculation. At the same time, his own strength is outstanding. Although he is not the type of God's favorite, having a brain is more reliable than anything.
Tang Tianlin came to the stone tablet and looked at these thick inscriptions. He couldn't help but feel an amazing feeling. What kind of power can be completely systematized. It's true that it's a little powerful.
Can you observe the tasks you have completed exactly and refresh the ranking rapidly? Is it all because of the token in your hand?
Looking at the ordinary things in his hand that have shed blood to recognize his relatives, it seems that the link is the whole palace. The powerful system shows the strength of the master in a violent way.
I don't know how the five elements heavenly palace was built when it was built. Tang Tianlin really cares about the energy.
If he had a chance, he wanted to go in, but there was a prohibition in the palace. If he touched it gently, he would be bounced off. If he attacked with genuine Qi violently, he might die. No one dared to try.
In this world, there are people who cherish their lives, so no one will do such boring and stupid things.
Of course, except for a fool like Tang Tianlin, he tried it violently with his own body, and was directly crushed into blood foam by the power of the palace. There are still a lot of blood around the ground, which is the best proof he got from practice just now.
However, he has the body of Yimu, so he dares to do such a thing openly. It is really fearless for ignorant people, but ordinary people dare not.
But speaking of it, why didn't the old leader remind me that this prohibition is very dangerous. If you break in hard, something terrible may happen. You probably want to see these disciples suffer from itching.
What a funny old man.
"Ahoo, ahoo!!!"
On the other side, the nine elders on the spirit boat kept sneezing. The tea they drank into their mouth was choked and vomited on the ground.
He doesn't understand some. Is someone beating up himself or thinking about himself?
It should be your granddaughter.
After taking a look at the palace in front of him, Tang Tianlin didn't continue to see it in detail. He still had important things to do.
But just then, a group of people came to him.
"It's really good luck. I didn't expect to meet you here, boy."
Staring at Tang Tianlin in front of him, a fierce looking man suddenly appeared. He spoke coldly to Tang Tianlin, and there was a lot of hatred in his tone, as if he was facing an enemy who killed his father.

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Tang Tianlin also looked at the past and looked at the person in front of him. He felt familiar, but he couldn't remember where he had seen this person, so he was a little distressed.
He pondered for a moment, then asked, "who are you?"
This sentence successfully made the other party's eyebrows pick. After all, it felt ignored, but it was very uncomfortable. Then he said to convenience with a sneer:
"You shouldn't be so forgetful? Forget me? It's really incredible, or you want to think I'll let you go in this way. It's really wrong."
Tang Tianlin was puzzled by the other party's words. If he insisted, Tang Tianlin didn't know the person in front of him at all.
Tang Tianlin tried his best to shield the unfamiliar things in his brain, including the unimportant things. His brain was not bored enough to remember those boring things.
"If you have anything to say, I don't remember you, and I don't have time to waste with you here."
"It's really a big tone. Who do you think you are? Just, I came to you this time to settle accounts. I'll give you a warning and let you know my horror."
The man in front of him said something inexplicable, and then reported his name, "you must have not forgotten me? Xiao County, do you remember this name?"
In his memory, some familiar feelings came over. Tang Tianlin slowly remembered, as if he had been the man in the Baiyao forest before?
In the past so long, Tang Tianlin really admired his memory and was able to remember it. At the same time, he also understood what the guy's purpose was.
At the beginning, I killed his brother in front of him, and the other party will retaliate. Isn't it normal?
Thinking of this, Tang Tianlin understood everything. When the other party saw Tang Tianlin's expression, he naturally understood everything, so he sneered:
"Do you finally remember this name? You should know what will happen next?"
Several people next to Xiao county began to quickly come forward and surround Tang Tianlin. After keeping a certain distance, the other party said again:
"The last time you killed my brother, you can't forget it now? This time I can obviously tell you that I came back for revenge."
"Last time I thought you would die in the hundred demon forest, but I didn't expect your boy's luck to be so good. He not only came back alive, but also won the first place. Needless to say, do you know how to get those points?"

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