Big Shot's Reincarnation Sweeps the World - Chapter 274

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Chapter 274: Sister Is Biased

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Sheng An was stunned and suddenly felt envious. He envied Sheng Hanjing for having Sheng Yang’s protection and for having this kind of family.

Meanwhile, in his own home… Alas, it was really hard to explain.


Ever since he encountered that scene that night, he had been very difficult with everyone at home. When he closed his eyes, he would see that nightmarish scene.

“Sister, it’s okay.” Sheng Hanjing suddenly patted Sheng Yang’s head gently. Their height difference made it very easy for him to pat her head.

His sister’s hair was soft and delicate, extremely soft to the touch. At first, he only patted her head to comfort her, but later, he started to enjoy the feeling.


However, Sheng Yang still stood in front of Sheng Hanjing like a stubborn little beast, staring at Sheng An.


Even Sheng An didn’t understand the look in her eyes. It was as though she was looking at a monster.

However, he was so much younger than Brother Hanjing. How was it be possible for him to bully Brother Hanjing? Was she not overthinking it?

At this time, Sheng Yuxi also came home. To be precise, he had been back for quite a while. It was just that he had been standing by the door and watching them. Sheng Yuxi suddenly came up with a plan. “Come on, Sheng An, let’s play games! We’ll play games!”

Sheng Yuxi was very excited today and tugged at Sheng An. In the past, he wouldn’t have bothered to play games with Sheng An because Sheng An would always pester him.


After all, Sheng An was much younger than him. Sheng Yuxi wasn’t interested in playing.

But today, he was acting out of the ordinary. No one knew what he was up to, not even Sheng An.

However, since someone had invited him to play games, it was definitely much more interesting than these boring questions.

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He looked at the questions hesitantly for a moment before finally deciding to play. He would just take these questions back with him and ask his tutors to do them. After all, he had a group of tutors to do this kind of stuff for him.

Seeing Sheng An walking away from Sheng Hanjing, Sheng Yang also breathed a sigh of relief.

Sheng Hanjing didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Although he was happy that his sister was so protective of him, he wasn’t as weak as she thought.


Sheng Yuxi and Sheng An sat cross-legged on the carpet, picking up the game console.

Sheng An was having so much fun that he was yelling in excitement, but Sheng Yuxi was a little distracted. He kept leaning closer and closer to Sheng An while paying attention to his sister’s reaction.

However, his sister’s cold and soft face was indifferent. Sheng An shouted, “Brother Yuxi, stay away from me! How can I play with you like this?”

Sheng Yuxi was a little angry. Acting like a cute little puppy, he gritted his teeth and deliberately let out a growl to attract his sister’s attention.

“Brother Yuxi, you’re too mean. You didn’t go easy on me at all…” Sheng An felt aggrieved. Sheng Yuxi had always given in to him when he played games with him, unlike today.

Seeing that his sister still hadn’t responded, Sheng Yuxi scratched his head. Ignoring Sheng An, he yelled at Sheng Yang, “Sister, you’re too unfair!”

Sheng Yang raised her head when she heard that, her eyes blank.

Sheng Hanjing understood and shook his head with a helpless smile. Although he felt sorry for his younger brother, he still felt a little proud.


Sheng Yuxi returned to his room, still angry. He was anxiously pacing back and forth.

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