Big Shot's Reincarnation Sweeps the World - Chapter 273

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Chapter 273: Like A Pet She Wanted To Protect

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When Sheng Hanjing returned home, he saw this unbelievable scene.

It made him wonder if he had walked through the wrong door. He looked around to make sure it was the right one.


Sheng An shouldn’t be in his house. He hated studying the most. He had been a poor student since he was a child, and he loved to play the most. Now, he was doing math problems in his house and was very focused. He didn’t look as bitter as he usually did either.

“Sheng An?” Sheng Hanjing called out in a gentle voice. He appeared uncertain.

Sheng An had no time to pay attention to him..

Sheng Hanjing called out to him again, to which Sheng An frowned and reluctantly responded with “Okay”. He was obviously annoyed by Sheng Hanjing.


Sheng Hanjing walked closer and saw Sheng An’s book.

He immediately recognized that this book was from his sister’s study.

He, Yuxi, and Eldest Brother didn’t have these books.

Sheng Hanjing stared at Sheng An and smiled. His sister really knew how to make a troublesome boy turn humble and be willing to study.


Even so, he still didn’t understand why Sheng An was in his house.

At this time, Sheng An suddenly raised his head weakly. His educational background was too poor, so even if he was determined, some questions were too difficult for him. He didn’t want Sheng Yang to notice.

When he suddenly saw Brother Hanjing, a genius student, he had an idea. “Brother Hanjing, teach me!”

He was still speaking in an arrogant tone.

After what had happened to his sister, Sheng Hanjing was no longer as nice to Sheng An. After all, he had crossed the Sheng family’s bottom line.

Hence, he shook his head and tried to walk straight to his room without saying anything.


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Sheng An was defeated, and for the third time today, he surrendered. “Brother Hanjing, please teach me.”

Sheng Hanjing didn’t move, wondering what his sister had done to Sheng An to make him so obsessed with the math book he hated so much.

Sheng Hanjing pursed his lips, and Sheng An went up to Sheng Hanjing. “Please teach me, Brother Hanjing.”

His eyes were sincere. Sheng Hanjing was a soft-hearted person. Thinking that he would just teach Sheng An a few questions, he sighed deeply. “Okay then.”

When he walked up to the pile of books, he discovered that although the titles of the books were simple, these were too difficult for Sheng An. His sister seemed to think highly of Sheng An.

Sheng Hanjing repeated his explanations several times, but Sheng An didn’t understand. Even so, Sheng Hanjing was warm and patient.

When Sheng Yang went downstairs, she saw Sheng Hanjing explaining the questions to Sheng An. Standing there quietly, she looked like a piece of shining jade.

Sheng Yang’s eyebrows suddenly twitched as she hurried over, separating the two of them and standing firmly between them.


Her eyes were fixed on Sheng An, as though she was protecting her son.

Sheng Hanjing looked at the back of his sister’s head blankly before breaking into a smile, feeling very happy.

His sister treated him like a pet she wanted to protect.

He was very honored.

He had always been the one protecting others. This was the first time someone was protecting him, and she was his beloved sister. It felt wonderful.

However, he felt that his sister was overprotective. How old was Sheng An? No matter how much he liked playing pranks, he wouldn’t dare to offend him.

Although Sheng Hanjing seemed gentle, he had a bottom line too.

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