Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO - Chapter 1697

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Chapter 1697: Bitch! You Bitch!

“Bitch! You bitch!” That crazy woman raised her arm, pointing at Gu Mengmeng while trembling, roaring hysterically, “You are the one who caused us such harm, it is all your fault! I’m going to strangle you!”

Gu Mengmeng initially was stunned, but moved backwards shortly after.

Although Snake’s Beast King abilities were no longer present, his body still had muscle memories of battling.

She did not have the strength to easily send Wabei flying off like she used to, neither did she have the agility to avoid orc attacks, but she still had sufficient reflexes when faced with a normal woman who was filled with injuries all over.

The instant Gu Mengmeng tilted her body to avoid her attack, she felt a grip tighten around her waist before she was lifted up and protected in someone’s arms.

Meanwhile, that crazy woman was sent flying from Lea’s kick.

Shortly after, bodyguards rushed over to press that woman on the ground, looking up while waiting for Lea’s instructions.

Lea looked gloomy, using fluent F language to reply coldly, “Bring her back to the dungeon and watch her closely. If something like this happens again, I will shut you all into the dungeon together.”

The bodyguards had witnessed how Lea handled the three people in the dungeon, so they were sufficiently aware of how ruthless this man could get.

They could be regarded as people who had licked their blood at the tip of their blades and had gone through many things, but Lea had given them a new meaning to the word “horrifying”.

His viciousness was far from the extent of breaking arms or legs, the saying “a fuss about nothing” to him was merely a kind penalty to punish a little to prevent a lot.

So, with Lea’s words, no matter how warmly he was smiling at that moment, the bodyguards shivered in fear, not daring to disregard his words. They immediately nodded with agreement, before bringing the crazy woman down.

It was only after they left that Gu Mengmeng asked, “What’s wrong… with that woman?”

“It is just something in the gang, do not worry about it.” Lea answered briefly, as if it was a small matter not worth bringing up about.

Usually, Gu Mengmeng did not care to involve herself with matters of the gang, because the gang was different from a tribe in that it was not simply an individual governed body and could be controlled just by being concerned with its own family matters.

The matters between gangs were complex, disputes and interests far more deep than that of a tribe.

In other words, only Lea’s dexterity was able to handle everything in an orderly manner, so as to prevent any unnecessary frictions and fights.

In addition, the relationship with the royal family needs to be appropriate, for any wrong wording or clothing items could cause a wave of unhappiness.

So, Gu Mengmeng did not like to involve herself with the tribe, for she did not want to be an additional burden to her males.

However, this was an exception, for after the first time Lea mentioned the “Gang Internal Affairs” term, Gu Mengmeng asked him,”What does the gang have to do that involves a woman? Does a gang not have its own morality and rules? At least “one should not punish one’s family for one’s wrongdoings”.”

Lea took a deep breath, looking at Gu Mengmeng while shaking his head, “Mengmeng, back then I should not have agreed not to lie to you or hide anything to you.”

Gu Mengmeng raised her eyebrows, looking at Lea while tilting her head.

If it was just something in the gang, why would Lea have to lie or intentionally hide from her?

How is it possible!

So, that woman…

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