Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO - Chapter 1684

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Chapter 1684: Thank You For Fulfilling My Vanity

When they started off in that small room, Gu Mengmeng was unable to comprehend the concept of taking over the Fiery Flames. However, when the four men accompanied her to walk out of the room, she deeply understood what dark shock meant.

The place that Harold resided in was a very typical European castle-style building. Calling it a villa was insufficient to describe its grandeur, it resembled more like those kind of castles that the ancient European prince lived.

In terms of architectural styles and area, it was much more lavish than Snake’s house.

After all, royals have royal rules, no matter how rich you are, you cannot live more luxurious than the president. So despite the fact that Snake made the family so prosperous, they still had to be more low-key on the surface.

However, Harold was different. Fiery Flames was the king of the gangs, so his residence was extravagant in every aspect, and every detail strived to show the majesty of his godfather’s charisma of the underworld.

It was just that this old godfather, who had been in the game for decades, had finally touched someone he should not have disturbed, causing him his lethal consequence.

Otherwise, he could have continued being the king of the underworld in that building.

Harold aside, Gu Mengmeng only felt that walking in that building made her just want to use her hands to lift up her dress while running with glass shoes, as if she was a European princess.

Watching Gu Mengmeng’s expression, the four men behind her started smiling unknowingly.

For no reason, her happiness equated to the happiness of the whole family.

Anything she liked, equated to what the whole family liked.

Pushing open the doors of the old castle, Gu Mengmeng squinted her eyes, looking up to look at the sunshine on her face.

At the same time, a group of gangsters in black suits and sunglasses stood in front of the door, bowing their heads and shouted in unison, “Queen.”

That shout gave Gu Mengmeng a scare.

The last time there was this situation, it was when Lea announced that she was the Messenger of the Beast Deity in public on Saint Nazaire’s first offering ceremony in winter.

Although Saint Nazaire did not have as many people as here now, after all the volume of humans cannot be compared with beasts, so the effects now were pretty similar.

Gu Mengmeng felt a little uncomfortable in that instant, because she had not been this respected in many years.

Looking back at Elvis, he looked at her with loving eyes, “You are always on my shoulder, a level above me. Whether here, or in the Beast World.”

So, even though he is the King of Fiery Flames, he requested for all members to greet her before him when they see Gu Mengmeng.

He did not allow anyone to be more respected than Gu Mengmeng, not even allowing anyone to be on the same level.

Not even himself.

She had to be the highest form of being in the world.

Gu Mengmeng tiptoed, kissing Elvis on the cheek, “Thank you for fulfilling my vanity, I like it very much.”

Gu Mengmeng would no longer use the secular moral standards on herself, because she knew that rather than her being understanding, her partners preferred if she was absolutely unrestrained.

Vanity, arrogance, unreasonable traits were flaws normal men could not tolerate, but in the eyes of her men, they were precious treasures.

They feel deeply blessed to fulfill her vanity, arrogance and unreasonable traits.

Just like now, Gu Mengmeng admitted her vanity was fulfilled, which made Elvis feel there was meaning to the things that he had done, hence feeling bliss because of that.

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