Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO - Chapter 1683

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Chapter 1683: Became the Collusion Between Government and Criminals of F Country Just Like That?

“By the way.” Elvis looked at Lea, “He is now the second owner of the Fiery Flames, so the internal matters would be managed by him. If anything requires ideas, then his words would count, while I am responsible for acting on his words.”

Gu Mengmeng burst with laughter, looking at Elvis then at Lea, “So, you both are using your management styles of Saint Nazaire on Fiery Flames, completely controlling it like a tribe?”

“Something like that.” Elvis nodded, continuing, “However, the Fiery Flames are easier to manage than Saint Nazaire, because there are no troublesome females here.”

Gu Mengmeng nodded with understanding, her males had always been more tactful when dealing with males.

Lea composed himself, wagging his tail and sitting back beside Gu Mengmeng, smiling alluringly while lifting Gu Mengmeng’s chin, saying, “Mengmeng, when I was finding out about the internal information about Fiery Flames, I found something rather interesting.”

“Hmm?” Gu Mengmeng tilted her head looking at Lea, waiting for him to continue.

Lea’s pupils turned slightly, looking at Snake, “Although the Fiery Flames is the biggest gang of F country, but in many businesses it is controlled by others.

Since a gang the size of Fiery Flames was unwilling to become minions of the royal family, and neither was the royal family, who pretended to be pure and royal, willing to succumb to an underground gang, so the two restrained and controlled each other.

However, since Elvis and I have taken over this gang, it will be an industry of our Gu Family.

His Royal Highness will certainly take care of us some way or another, right?”

Gu Mengmeng followed Lea’s gaze and looked at Snake, bursting out in laughter, pinching Lea, “So you want Snake to use official authority for private interests, abusing his power?”

Lea nodded deeply, “Is it not right that it is easier to do things within the bureaucracy with some assistance? Furthermore, Elvis and I are managing Fiery Flames, but since when has our industry ever not been with respect to you? If he restricts Fiery Flames, he would only be blocking your wealth, and I do not believe our Royal Highness Prince Snake will do something so absurd like that.”

Gu Mengmeng sighed deeply with understanding.

This was the treaty that she had signed just now.

She said, if Lea wanted to do anything for her, she would support him too.

Taking action so quickly?

Snake did not feel that it was inappropriate in any way.

The reason was simple, because if he came forward to cooperate with the Fiery Flames, then there would not exist any tension or submission between the gang and the royal family, so both forces can be used by Gu Mengmeng.

Everything in this world should originally belong to Gu Mengmeng, so he thought there was nothing wrong with that.

He only plainly replied, “Just do things on the down low, do not put Twomeng in a difficult position.”

“That is a given.” Lea wagged his big tail, “coincidentally” landing in Gu Mengmeng’s arms.

Gu Mengmeng hugged Lea’s tail and carressed it a few times, feeling a smile creep on her face strangely.

She had just foolishly become the collusion between the government and criminals of F country just like that?

It felt like a dream.

“From today onwards, Xiao Meng and all the family members shall live here. Snake, do you have a problem with that?” Elvis asked under the position as the first partner.

Snake shook his head, expressing no disagreement.

This was the rule of the Beast World, that females should live in the territory of the first partner.

Elvis had no other way when he did not have his own territory. Now that he had, then they should naturally obey the rules of the Beast World.

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