Isekai Onsen e Youkoso!

Kamijou Takuma was one day caught up in a hero summoning with his whole class.While each and every one of Takuma's classmates got powerful abilities, Takuma got Drilling (Hole digging).Branded as useless, Takuma was driven out of the Royal Castle. Wh

I Became the Demon Lord and my Territory is an Uninhabited Island

Our protagonist Caam(?) is a man from Earth that was reincarnated into this world as a demon. In order to survive, he spared no effort in avoiding the sparks of battle and without noticing it, he became strong himself.Then, one day a demon that is st

It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute

"Finally, I have defeated the Evil Overlord,Now I have to participate in the war to save the alien princess,Then finally, it'll all be over and I can enjoy a quiet life!"Xun Shenxing returned to his Sakura Apartment and opened his favorited old compu

I Was Kicked out of the Hero’s Party Because I Wasn’t a True Companion so I Decided to Have a Slow Life at the Frontier

In a Fantasy world in which a young girl with the Divine Protection of the Hero battles against the Demon Lord. In that world, Red, the elder brother of that young girl Hero, possessing the Divine Protection of the Guide which only grants a high init

I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World!

What got summoned was the world's strongest sociopath.His ability is one that allows him to buy anything, [Heart of Gold].The Demon King is dead. Now, it's time to kill the hero.

Isekai Shoukan ni Makikomareta Obaachan

I got involved in a different world summoning of high school students, but since I'm unrelated, I shut myself in the forest. I planned to live my remaining years leisurely, but I seem to be able to use magic for some reason, so I think I will try lit

I Decided to Not Compete and Quietly Create Dolls Instead

Apparently, this looks like the fantasy world from the Otome game that I used to play in my previous life. "Me", Altrea, is the lively rival character who challenged the heroine again and again until she/I received painful backlashes. Like only chasi

Illimitable Until Death

"From today onwards, you will become the Envoy of one of the Main Gods in the Dimensions of Main Gods. You will travel from one world to another and through that, you will attain what others will never obtain in their entire life."The moment these wo

I Became a Hero in a Pandemic

Isolated temporary from society thanks to the flu, when I noticed it was already too late. The human race it had been defeated - by a zombie virus.

I Woke Up Piloting the Strongest Starship, so I Became a Space Mercenary

When I woke up, I found myself inside a spaceship.I guess you guys think I'm talking nonsense here, but I also have absolutely no clue about what exactly happened to me.I was really close to completely losing it, but fortunately, I managed to notice

I Know Everything

If heavens will not acknowledge Shen Huan, there will be millennia of darkness.This is a novel about a transmigrator that desires to achieve ultimate freedom, acquiring an unreliable System with a humorous effect.

Isekai Izakaya Nobu

Imagine there is a bar with many weird kind of food and drink that might bring you to another world! The bar, so-called "Nobu" is located in a alley of the old city Aiteria. At the very first step, diners feels like falling into another completely co

I Rose Suddenly in The Alternate World By Overwhelming Gacha With Luck!

It was a gacha experience in a world of swords and magic that the late Jinta Kazama reincarnated in after an accident. But after the reincarnation, a status abnormality was found. His [Luck] stat had a numerical value of [999,999], when its normal ma

Ice Fantasy

The story is set a hundred years after a war between the Empire of Snow (Ice Tribe) and the Fire Tribe, where the Fire Tribe was defeated. However, the war was fatal, leaving Prince Ka Suo and his younger half-brother Ying Kong Shi the only royal hei

I Will Quit the Entourage of the Villainess

When I noticed, I was a Villainess, Follower B!Are? Is this not the world of the game my daughter played before?!Suddenly, I the Earl's daughter Cosette regained my memories of a previous life was appalled by my mildly grand fatty body type and start

I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It?

Xu Zi Yan has a little brother, and that little brother is gay. As an older brother, he has always felt a bit regretful.One day he transmigrated into the inside of a novel and found himself with another chance to raise a younger brother.Immediately r

I’m OP, but I Began an Inn

A man died young and was sent to another world with a cheat-like power!?But, I don't really feel like doing anything amazing. I just want to start my own inn. Nevertheless, I'll aim for the #1 inn in the world!!

Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples

An young man has finally managed to become an immortal, able to lord over millions of souls. Taking advantage of his tremendous luck and fortune, he is the youngest immortal in history. He now wants to create his own sect and enjoy life!

I Am Overlord

Xiang Shaoyun is the young master of an influential and powerful sect and is blessed with an extreme latent talent in martial cultivation. From talent comes confidence, and from confidence comes a declaration to give all the so-called geniuses a head

Inch of Radiance

A flying daggerarrives, an inch of radiance appears; the Overlord has passed on a successor to the people of modern times!Flying dagger! A new type of cultivation path through flying daggers! The story revolves around an uniquely skilled "Xiao Li Fly

Isekai Majutsushi wa Mahou wo Tonaenai

The Magician named Yard was suddenly summoned in different world as a Hero.The sorcery in this world is behind compared to Yard who came from another world.The other summoned heroes are also unreliable.Furthermore, it is not possible to return to the

Infinite Stratos

In the near future, a Japanese scientist engineers a powered exoskeleton called "Infinite Stratos" (IS). Possessing technology and combat capabilities far more advanced than any other weapon system, the IS threatens to destabilize the world. Faced wi

Immortal Asura

Amongst creatures in the Three Realms, I am the Asura. Fighting against the Heaven and the Earth, I am an Immortal! A loser, instructed by Asura Technique accidentally, has embarked on a road of shaking the universe.

Is the Strongest in Another World a Hero? A Demon Lord? No! it’s a Fairy ~desu!

A girl who was drowned in the sea asleep died and was reincarnated in another world realized that she was fairy. why not a human? There was no explanation? Realizing she have already died it was an agreeable fairy that appeared before her. She was th

I’m the Evil Lord of an Intergalactic Empire!

Liam Sera Banfield is a reincarnator.He was reincarnated into a fantasy universe of swords and magic, but at a time that civilization was already making advancements into outer space.The setting takes place in an intergalactic empire, a space opera-l

I Can Speak with Animals and Demons

Wato Akira was sent to another world due to a foreigners anger. He hit his head and unfortunately died.[Why?]Sadly, the foreigner misunderstood the word's of encouragement [F I G H T!] as a sign of aggression, what a regrettable way to die. The godde

Isekai no mahou gengo ga doumitemo nihongo dattaken

One day due to an accident, Okata Kazuhiko, a university student living in Japan, drew closed the curtains on his short life. In the world he reincarnated as Gerald, he discovered that, for whatever reason, the language of magic was Japanese.Gerald,

I accidentally married a CEO

She needed a husband for a day, she end up with one for a lifetime. He needed a translator for a business deal, end up with a wife instead.Two people who have totally different back round from each other became tangled in a web of marriage accidental

Immortal Path to Heaven

"Master Ouyang, please smith a divine weapon for me!""Master Ouyang, you're the only person who can forge a weapon with seven attributes. Please make my dream come true!""Master Ouyang, could you""Ouyang my *ss! My surname is Ou!"Ou Yangming was an o

Interested in the One-Eyed Female General So I Joined the White Wolf Knight Order, but It Turned into a Harem?!

The wind-manipulating female general Ortasia is an extremely cruel person. Just saying her name would cause even those from her own country to tremble in fear. Then came a day that the invincible Ortasia had to finally pay for her sins on. Her comrad

I Am A Killer

This story is about a female assassin from ancient times who became a part of the modern military special forces.Mou Wa: I would like everyone to each take turns describing our Qin Xuan.A: Amazing martial arts, is a "bull" loli.B: Her face is always

Isekai Taneuma

After the whole class was summoned to another world it was not fantasy that awaited them. What awaited them was a cruel dark fantasy where humanity on the brink of destruction by the outbreak of monsters everywhere.What is awaiting the MC in this wor

I was Born as The King’s Daughter

Kim Soo Hee, an not so ordinary office lady, died on the way home to her ordinary husband Jin Soo. She was stabbed by her crazy stalker. Before she lost conciousness all she thought was about how she regretted for taking Jun Soo for granted and how s

I’m Hui Tai Lang

Synopsis from Silkpants Entente:Transmigrated to another world, bringing with him "Hui Tai Lang System" and becoming a wolf, since then he has been living wolves' packs life. Even though there are countless unclothed female wolves enticing in every p

I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

19 years old Davi, married a stranger whom she never seen at all to save her little brother. Until she found herself being bound with a certain mission.Her mission is to seduce her stone cold husband who is never romantically interested in any human