Heavenly Jewel Change
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In a world where power means everything, and the strong trample the weak; there was a boy born from a Heavenly Jewel Master. Born in a small country which had to struggle to survive, the boy was expected to do great things. Alas he turned out to have

Hail the KingChapter 1275.4
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An ordinary student accidentally traveled into an other universe and became the king of a small kingdom. He had gotten a "Cheating Code" of life and was able to complete something extraordinary. This is the story about a king that was able to conquer

History’s Strongest Senior BrotherChapter 1583
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The first time Yan Zhaoge crossed worlds, he landed in a martial warrior civilization that was at the peak of prosperity. He ended up in the book storage building of the the Divine Palace, which collected and preserved the classics of the entire worl

History’s Number 1 Founder
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He time-traveled and got a system but Ling Feng's pressure is as big as a mountain.System main quest: Ling Feng creates a school, establishing history's number 1 sect, Ling Feng himself becoming the number 1 founder.And so to become history's number

High School DxD
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I, Hyoudou Issei, am a 2nd Year High school student and my age is equal to the number of years I haven't had a girlfriend. And, someone like me got a girlfriend! I'm sorry buddies, I will walk the path of becoming an adult before you guys! That's how

Heavenly StarChapter 335
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A mysterious teenager who lost his memories came to Tian Chen Continent, he was mistaken as the son of the Ye family from Tian Long country so he took and used this identity. His look on the world turns cold as he tried to get back his memories, only

Hedonist Sovereign
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Official synopsis: Doing quests, romancing beauties, fighting rich young masters and battling evil tyrants! His goal is very clear: to become the number one Hedonist Sovereign in the universe!Translator's synopsis: A rich young master, a hedonist, ha

Harry Potter and the Secret TreasuresChapter 678
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To put it simply, it's about a teenager named Ivan Mason, who reincarnated into the magical world of Harry Potter and goes to school at Hogwarts!

Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou!
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Ichinomiya Shingo, a young 25 years old, single, worker of firm company while thinking of tomorrow' busy working day goes to sleep. However the moment he woke up, it's a room unknown to him.He then learn that he is inside a 6 years-old boy and is tak

Hokage: Ryo’s PathChapter 482
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Surgeon Guan Ryo Is reborn in Naruto's world! Enjoy his trip as he uses his knowledge of the story to find his path in this troubled world and eventually stand at the top of Konoha!

Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou
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One day in a sunny leisure day, a woman visited my house and asked me if I'm interested in managing a dungeon along with support offer from goddess. But of course, I refused.Eh? I shouldn't ignore person in trouble, moreover if it's beautiful woman?

Heroes of MarvelChapter 707
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After an accidental electric shock, Jackson traversed into a parallel world filled with supreme beingsbeings whose might and strength could hold the skies on their shoulder.At first, Jackson preconceived the idea that he'd only traversed on the other

His Genius Wife is a SuperstarChapter 970
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A world-famous hacker and daughter of the most powerful criminal family who ruled the international Underworld for many generations is killed when their organization is annihilated in a single night.She is reborn into the body of Iris Long, a teenage

Heaven’s DevourerChapter 1828
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The Yanhuang Ancient Domain, vast without end, gave birth to many Celestials and Demons of antiquity tore Heaven and Earth apart and surpassed the control of the 3 Realms and 5 Elements over the endless years it has existed. Numerous Gods, more than

Heavenly Farmer
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Hello, Heir
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He is the heir of Di Hao Group; decisive, cold-blooded yet dotes on his wife a little too much."Husband, I think I want to rear a pet. What do you think we should rear?""Rear you.""Husband, I want to change bed sheets. Which material do you think is

Hello, Mr. Major GeneralChapter 1746
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Gu Nianzhi had no idea how to get the aloof and handsome Major General to fall in love with her.His eyes were dark and serious. "Seduce me. If you can do it, I'm yours."Gu Nianzhi: "!!!"

High Comprehension Low Strength
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Taking up his father's post, protecting the goddess, an uncommon road for cultivating to immortality. The Xiao family's dandy Xiao Chen has degraded to being the trash son of the clan, his father's whereabouts unknown, his fiance become the mistress,

Haven OnlineChapter 259
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Edited By: Sweet DreamsYin Xinya's death was such a cosmic joke that he got a second chance to do do it again.In the past, his life and death was a tragic mess, but he swears this time everything will change. Watch as Xinya becomes the most coveted p

Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost
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In the prehistoric times, the 200,000 year of Tian Yuan, the flower deity Zi Fen dies after giving birth to a daughter. Before she passed, she fed her daughter the Unfeeling Pill, ordered her subordinates to keep the girl's birth story a secret and t

Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi
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This story tells the life of two people, a noble only in name and a older wife from the army, married on a tentative agreement. In the bone-chilling cold, they spend their time hunting, gutting, and cooking by the fireplace. Their daily life passes p

Harry Potter and the Rise of the Ordinary Person
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No family, no power, no inheritance a thrice-lacking protagonist. Just how will the seed rise up from the mud?Mmm! It all depends on how the author is feeling.

Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia
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Being called out by his sister, Hida Kizuna visited the Strategic Defense School Ataraxia. He met with the girl manipulating the magic conducting armour (Zeros), Chidorifuchi Aine. All of sudden, in front of his eyes, Aine was removing her clothes. "

Hakai Me no Yuuri
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The protagonist, having degenerated into a "loser" after being unable to find employment, gets caught up in someone else's attempt to commit suicide-by-train (jumping in front of a train) and ends up traveling to another world. The numerous cheat pow

Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait for Your DivorceChapter 87
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"Ben Wang says one, you cant reply two." In that case she would reply three. Nothing troublesome. "Ben Wang wants you go to east, you cant go to west." "Yes." She docilely nodded. If she couldnt go to east and west, going to south and north were also

Handsome CEO's Darling Wife
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"You're the moonlight that lights up the night's darkness~You're the rain that patches the dried up lands~You're the breath that keeps my heart alive~""Haha, hubby, you're becoming better at flattering me""As long as it is for you, I can become bette

Hidan no Aria
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Tokyo Butei High school It was a special school where armed detectives, also known as "Butei" are being brought up. Tohyama Kinji is a sophomore student who has the unique body which activates a "super mode" when it was stimulated by "something". He

Hagure Yuusha no Kichiku Bigaku
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Summoned into an alternate world of Alayzard, Ousawa Akatsuki helps defeat the demon lord, brings harmony back into the world and, under the demon lord's last request, takes the demon's only daughter back into Akatsuki's own world. It turns out that

Humans are the Strongest Race~Starting a Slow Life with an Elf Wife in a Different World
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Elf? Dwarf? No! Humans are the strongest!I was summoned into a different world where humans are the strongest living beings. In my previous world I was just a normal everyday salaryman, but in this new world I seem to have become a rare existence.I,

Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari
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An unfortunate high school student who died from an accident, Misasagi Ryou (). With God's whim, what he got from reincarnating to a different world, was one old booktaking in all kinds of books, it was the Unlimited Summoning Book that is said to be

Hazure Skill ‘Mapping’ wo Te ni Shita Ore wa, Saikyou Party to Tomo ni Dungeon ni Idomu
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Mapping'.For his 15th birthday, Note is gifted this inferior version of the skills World Map' and Area Map'. In other words, a trash skill.Soon after, Note's childhood friend obtains extremely powerful skills and abandons him.Having been thrown away

Heaven Awakening Path
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Infusion, Sound, Qi, Pivot, Strength, Essence, ExcellenceSoul's seven forces.Perception of these seven souls has produced countless strong people.However, in an ordinary courtyard, a youngster was facing a crisis of banishment.

Hakushaku to Yousei
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The story is set in Victorian England. It follows the adventures of 17-year-old Lydia Carlton, who is nicknamed the "Fairy Doctor" due to her interest in fairies. Her life takes a 180-degrees turn when she meets Edgar J.C Ashenbert, the "Legendary Bl

House Dad’s Literary LifeChapter 174
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"Da-da!" Right after transmigrating into a parallel world, Yang Yi was a bit stupefied upon seeing a adorable little girl calling him father. Fine, Xixi is 100% my daughter, but my child's mother is actually an aloof, absolute beauty who's a famous s

HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou
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Harassing Thief Girl
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Eiji a hikiNeet (a shut-in with no job , not in education, not in training and etc) died. The god offered a deal with eiji, either he goes to hell or be his representative. Eiji chose to be his Representative and got cheats. and his mission was to ha