Awakened Multi-talented Goddess Is Doted - Chapter 159

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Chapter 159: The Furious Mr. Li

Mu Sheng’s words came so suddenly that Li Hanchen was unable to conceal the shock on his face as he turned his face around swiftly.


Mu Sheng turned her head. “We were never a real married couple to begin with.”

The original owner of the body was made to marry Li Hanchen as an insult from the Li family, so Li Hanchen did not welcome the idea.

Now that Li Hanchen was on the path to recovery, there was no sense in staying in this fake marriage and holding him back.

Mu Sheng started thinking about her relationship with Li Hanchen because of the young woman hitting on him and after overhearing a conversation at the film location.

When Mu Sheng was sitting by the side resting, she was forced to listen to the film crew talking about a popular television drama that was currently airing for over 30 minutes.

Basically, the male lead was married to the female lead, but she did not love him and ended up holding him back.

“What on earth! This woman is too much. She is holding him back and making it impossible for the male lead to court the woman he loves.”

“Exactly. I hate her so much. She ruined her life and dragged the male lead down with her. Did you see the young woman who just confessed her love to him? The male lead had to reject her because of his wife. This is simply terrible.”

The more the film crew discussed the plot, the more they wanted to hang the male lead’s wife-in-name on the city wall as a show to the public.

Even though they were purely discussing the plot, Mu Sheng took it to heart.

Mu Sheng contemplated when she heard the story and felt she was just like the male lead’s hateful wife-in-name. She felt it was a bad idea to hold up Li Hanchen and that she should make space for some other woman he liked.

They had also agreed to get divorced after she was done treating Li Hanchen, and he had recovered fully.

Li Hanchen’s condition was more or less under control. After a few more operations, all he needed was recuperation.

Emotions surged through Li Hanchen’s heart, but he remained calm on the surface. He scrutinized Mu Sheng’s face as he tightened his grip on the steering wheel slightly. “When do you plan on moving out?”

Mu Sheng contemplated. “Isn’t it quite easy to get a place these days? When are we signing the divorce papers?”

Li Hanchen looked at Mu Sheng deeply and slowly analyzed her tone.

She did not sound anxious or excited and was simply speaking objectively.

Li Hanchen felt relieved. He turned and looked at her a little warmly. “The lawyer needs some time to work on it. Why don’t we sign the divorce papers in three days?”

“Okay.” Mu Sheng nodded. “Since we are going to get divorced, you don’t have to turn down girls if you see anyone you like. It’s fine for you to give it a shot at dating.”

Mu Sheng had heard the film crew talking about the male lead in the drama and saying this, so she decided to use it on Li Hanchen as well.

The moment Li Hanchen heard what she said, he raised his brows suddenly. “I am not interested in anyone.”

“Okay. I was just talking. You don’t have to take it to heart.” Mu Sheng pursed her lips.

Li Hanchen glanced at her. Despite the complicated emotions running through his heart and the anxiety he was suffering from, he opened his coat pocket. “Here, take a piece of candy.”

Mu Sheng reached her hand out hesitantly and took a piece of candy. “Thanks.”

Li Hanchen was so angry that he wanted to laugh.

After coming back from the film set, Mu Sheng brought up divorce and acted polite towards him. He gritted his teeth slightly as he said, “You’re welcome. Why don’t you go in first? I have something to handle, so I have to make a call.”

“Okay.” Mu Sheng opened the car door and got off.

Although Mu Sheng had already left the car, her faint scent lingered in the air inside the car, making Li Hanchen flustered.

Shortly after Mu Sheng got reborn, they had already talked about divorce.

Back then, Li Hanchen did not feel upset about it.

Now that she had brought it up today, it felt as though she was cutting the very flesh and bone from his body and just the thought of it was unbearable.

Li Hanchen sat in the car for almost 30 minutes with a complicated expression on his face. He finally called Qin Kai before getting out of the car and going into the villa.

Auntie Lin was watering the flowers in the yard when she saw the cold look on Li Hanchen’s face and could not help shaking her head.

Young Master always seemed so aloof. When was he going to win the girl over?

It was late at night, so it was time for a lot of live telecasters to start streaming.

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After poaching Cat Live’s anchor telecasters, Tiger Shark did major promotions to welcome them. Jiang Rou’er and the others got ready to work towards being a hit on their first night on Tiger Shark.

However, it was far from expectation.

Initially, Jiang Rou’er and the others thought all their fans would follow them to Tiger Shark after Cat Live announced closure. Also, they had received a lot of promotions from the new platform to validate these new live telecasters. Hence, they felt they would become main live telecasters in no time.

After Flourishing Age Group unexpectedly invested in Cat Live, they stopped losing viewership and only a few of their loyal fans followed them to the new platform while the rest of them stayed with Cat Live.

The Tiger Shark viewers did not know anything about these new live telecasters, so it was as good as starting from scratch.

Pumpkin and Jiaojiao had specialized skills, so they did not fare as badly.

In comparison, Jiang Rou’er was an average gamer and singer, so she was unable to attract new fans. After she started streaming, her popularity was no more than 10% of what she enjoyed at Cat Live.

Meanwhile, Mu Sheng’s channel was completely different in terms of atmosphere.

Now that so many major telecasters had bailed on Cat Live, Mu Sheng was officially the main event on the platform.

A lot of viewers swarmed to her channel to see both her and the CEO of Flourishing Age Group.

Not only did she not slide in terms of popularity, but it also skyrocketed.

[I just went over to Jiang Rou’er’s new channel. Now that she has lost the support of the old fans, her true ability is very revealing.]

[God Mu is incredible. Does this mean he single-handedly saved Cat Live? Where on earth did he manage to find such a powerful fan? Why didn’t I get to meet someone like him?]

[After this crisis, God Mu is legitimately the number one male telecaster on the platform. Life is always full of drama.]

After having a rough day working on the new platform, Jiang Rou’er picked up the keyboard and slammed it on the monitor the moment the camera was off.

The monitor cracked instantly.

“Damn it! Why didn’t you tell me that my popularity would be so low at the new platform?”

In the past, she was a main live telecaster on Cat Live. All she had to do was to wag her finger and everyone on the platform would know about it. Look at what happened now? She could not even compare to a rookie telecaster.

Her staff looked at each other powerlessly. It was not their idea to jump ship, but she had insisted on it.

“It’s all Mu’s fault. If it weren’t for him, this wouldn’t have happened to me.” Jiang Rou’er clenched her fists tightly with hatred in her eyes.

Regardless of Jiang Rou’er’s hatred, it failed to affect Mu Sheng whatsoever.

Meanwhile, Mu Sheng was feeling around as she walked in the darkness.

She did not know why the power suddenly went out in the villa.

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