Tang Jia San Shao Novels

Heavenly Jewel Change
Views: 2,598,899

In a world where power means everything, and the strong trample the weak; there was a boy born from a Heavenly Jewel Master. Born in a small country which had to struggle to survive, the boy was expected to do great things. Alas he turned out to have

Douluo Dalu
Views: 1,262,168

Tang Sect, the most famous martial arts sect of all. By stealing its most secret teachings to fulfill his dreams, Tang San committed an unforgivable crime. With his ambition attained, he hands his legacy to the sect and throws himself from the fearso

Shen Yin Wang Zuo
Views: 1,188,510

While the demons were rising, mankind was about to become extinct. Six temples rose, and protected the last of mankind. A young boy joins the temple as a knight to help his mother. During his journey of wonders and mischief in the world of temples an

Child of Light
Views: 403,777

Zhang Gong decides to learn light magic, a magic few show interest in and eventually becomes the legendary Grand Magister. While trying to end the continent's east and west separation in order to unite all of the different races, he becomes every rac

Magic Chef of Ice and Fire
Views: 361,641

Seven unique divine blades:The Snow Goddess's Sigh Blade of Morning Dew (Chen Lu)The Flame God's Roar Blade of True Sun (Zheng Yang)The Free Wind's Gentle Hymn Blade of Proud Sky (Ao Tian)The Earth's Waking Rhythm Blade of Long Life (Chang Sheng)

Douluo Dalu 2 – The Unrivaled Tang-Clan
Views: 211,517

A strange continent in another world,No magic, no battle qi, no martial arts, only martial spirits. Ten thousand years after the Tang clan was founded on the Douluo continent, the Tang clan has declined.A whole new generation of proud talents has bee

Mad God
Views: 103,916

A world where humans, beasts, demons, gods, dragons and pixies fight for supremacy; A war wheregreat beast warriors of the Baemon troop, the dragon knights that soar in the sky, and the demonrace that befell into the angel troops battle.A mixed blood

The Kind Death God
Views: 68,102

Growing up in a thief's den, Ah Dai remained innocent and kind. During one of his thieving runs, he was caught by a powerful alchemist, Ge Li Si, who took him along for his own reasons. Ah Dai's life was forever changed.Fate lead him to save the numb

Jiu Shen
Views: 55,130

Mixing cocktails at a level beyond anyone else in the world, a sommelier, the one known as the liquor god Li Jie Dong. He died at the age of thirty in order to taste the recently excavated wine from the Han Dynasty. When he awoke, he found himself in