Ascendance of a Bookworm - Chapter 139

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"I heard from Fran that someone has broken up the library . "

"Yes, everything on both shelves was thrown to the floor, and there was not even a gap to step into . Isn't that a felony punishable by death?!"

I complained with a strong voice, but the Head Priest overruled me by waving his hand .

"Not that much, little fool . . . so, you already know who the culprit is?"

"Yes . As I was on my way to the library, a blue-robed priest who was going to leave the temple said to me, "there's no need to go out of my way to teach you . " so it must be him . "

"That being said, there are five blue-robed priests who are going to the Harvest Festival today . Which one do you mean?"

Although I saw several carriages, I did not expect that there were as many as five people going out today .

"I don't know . But I know his face . "

"They won't be back for about ten days . Will you remember then?"

The Head Priest asked me in a skeptical tone, and I gave him a vigorous nod .

"I shall never forget the man who did so to the library . "

"I'd be grateful if you'd forget . . . "

The Head Priest said with a long sigh, staring at me angrily . But even if I were to be stared at, I would never spare the foolish man who had done that . I decided to change the subject .

"By the way, what is the Harvest Festival? I've never heard of it . "

"Because it's not your thing . The Harvest Festival is a village festival in the territory, which is . . . "

The Head Priest then began to explain what the Harvest Festival was . His lengthy explanation even referred to myths, but in a word, it was an activity in which tax collectors and blue-robed priests went to the countryside to collect crops .

"Nominally it's about taxing the state and collecting offerings for the gods, but taking away crops like that is not a good thing for the countryside . "

"Don't be so explicit . Taking away the crops is not the whole of the Harvest Festival . The priests will hold various rituals for the villagers . "

The Head Priest coughed and glared at me . I guessed I had to be a little more tactful, but the aristocrat's choice of words was hard to learn .

"Are village rituals held in the autumn?"

"After the harvest, exactly . "

I saw . For from the time the snow melted until the autumn harvest, the farmers had no leisure . In winter, the farmers would be trapped in the snow, so they had a lot of leisure, but then the priests who held the rituals could not go to the countryside . Although the Harvest Festival was for tax purposes only, the timing was reasonable .

"Especially the Star-union . If the newlyweds do not attend this ritual and are not blessed and registered, they will not be recognized as a couple in the winter house, and there will be no new house or fields for the following spring . "

"What is a winter house?"

"It's a country house for the winter . Life in the city is very different from that in the country . In the summer, the farmers will live in separate houses in the fields to make it easier for them to farm . But in the winter, when they can't farm, they will live together in a large house in the center of the countryside . I don't know the details, though . "

I still didn't quite understand, but the Head Priest said he didn't know the details, so there’s no need to ask .

"So, the Harvest Festival isn't my thing?"

"Yes . At the meeting to decide who to send to the countryside, the Temple Chief shouted that sending you would reduce the crops they receive . "

I was not surprised that the Temple Chief, who had always seen me as a thorn in his side, would say that . I had been so busy that I had almost forgotten about him, but he did not seem to have forgotten me, which made me laugh and cry . The Harvest Festival was a valuable opportunity for the blue-robed priests to increase their income, so they must have agreed with the Temple Chief .

"Some of the countryside is so remote that a long journey can be a burden on your health . To make sure the spring blessing rituals go well, you’d better not to go to the Harvest Festival . "

I was a little puzzled by the answer of the Head Priest .

"Do you mean I'm going to the countryside in the spring?"

"Yes . You and I will be sent to ensure the power for the rituals . "

I knew the rituals were held in the spring, but I never knew they were held in the countryside .

"But I can't bear travelling in a carriage! "
"I know . But it's important to have rituals . We accepted all your conditions to get you into the temple because the rituals required your power . Have you forgotten?"

" . . . no . "

"That's good . As hard as it will be for you, don't forget how hard it will be for me to travel with you as your guardian . "

. . . Was the Head Priest destined to labor all his life? But I swallowed back these words that almost came out of my mouth . I must keep in mind that "misfortunes come from the mouth" .

"Actually, I am not at ease about handing you over to another priest . It would be safer for me to do it myself . "

"I'm sorry to trouble you . " I crossed my hands in front of my chest and bowed my head .

"Well, what are you going to do about the library?"

Hearing this, I raised my mouth and clenched my fist .

"A Blood Carnival, of course!"

"What are you talking about?"

"I meant to make an example of him by offering him a Blood Sacrifice . He's declared war on me by destroying the library . I must punish him!"

The action of that blue-robed priest was a clear declaration of war . I was asked by Fran to be a majestic master, and this was my chance .

"Calm down! His crimes are not enough to warrant a Blood Sacrifice, either by destroying the library or by keeping you out of the Harvest Festival . You are going too far!"

I thought it was just the right thing to do, but the Head Priest clearly didn't approve .

"Did he make a mess of the library just to keep me out of the Harvest Festival?"

"Well, probably . The collections in the library are arranged according to the order in which they are received, so he was trying to find fault with you for not being able to arrange them . To be honest, even I don't know what's in the library . "

I had an epiphany when the Head Priest said, "he was trying to find fault with you for not being able to arrange them . " This was a stark challenge . It was the last straw that the culprit thought I could not arrange the library!

"Then I'll take the challenge . "

"What do you mean?"

"I'll do the library . But as I don't know the order of the past, I'll do it my way . Please turn a blind eye . "

Came to think of it, wasn't this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me? I could take this opportunity to create my own library . I could manage all the books using a taxonomy . No one else wanted to clean up after that mess, so I could do whatever I wanted . In that case, I owed it to the culprit .

"If it is to trouble me, no one else will do it . After all, I am the one who uses the library most . "

"I'm a little worried about your sudden change of mood, but all right . After all, you're not going to be rude to the library, so I'll leave it to you . "

When I returned to the Head Priest's Office, Fran cast a worried look at me . He seemed worried that I would lose my temper . As soon as I saw him, an important thing occurred to me . I couldn't reach the top of the bookshelf, and neither could Gil and Delia, who worked as attendants . Fran would be tired if he was the only one to help me .

"Head Priest, may I ask the gray-robed priests of the orphanage to help me with the library? Besides, do you have a catalogue? If so, I shall know what is in the library . "

"OK . It is impossible to rely on the help of your attendants alone . Besides, I have only the catalogue of the part which I sent, and the rest I do not know . If there is, it is at the Temple Chief . "

With a catalog, I'll know how to use the taxonomy . I looked up in anticipation at the Head Priest .

"Could you lend it to me, please?"

"Yes . " On hearing this, Arnaud immediately handed me the catalogue . He was still a good and able attendant .

"Thank you, Head Priest . If you'll excuse me . "

When we got to the corridor, Fran asked me in fear:

"Master Maine, you seem to be in a good mood, don't you?"

"Haha, yes, I am in a good mood . I even want to thank the culprit and god!"

"May I ask why?"

"Now the library can be arranged as I please . There is nothing so delightful as that! Don't you think so?"

I had planned to search the library shelves for new reading goals . Now I can also arrange according to my preference, which is really killing two birds with one stone .

I finally feel like a librarian! Muster up my energy!

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